Jaina The Proudest of Moors [Infernal Shrines Patch] by VTSVirus

Jaina The Proudest of Moors [Infernal Shrines Patch]

By: VTSVirus
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015
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Build: Balanced Meta Dmg

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Into Top

Who is Jaina? She is a strong bursty mage who has the ability to 100% squishy Heroes while CCing her enemies and protecting her self from damage. Who am I? I am a Hots player who has been apart of hots since beta, but has only recently started to grind Hero League and I have done most of it with Jaina having a 69.1 WR with her I am currently at rank 4.

Streaming almost nightly till 12 EST Twitch.tv/VTSVirus
My Hotslog info

- Strong damage throughout the game
- Has Soft and Hard CC
- As the ability to destroy a whole team in one rotation WOMBO COMBO!

- Has no damage mitigation pre 13
- No real escape till 20
- Completely cooldown based
- Has a slight learning curve (3-6) games

Abilities Top

Passive Frostbite - All abilities chill targets, slowing movement by 25% and amplifying damage from your abilities by 50% for 4 seconds
This is where Your combo lives that damage increase is crucial for doing as much possible BURST

Q Frostbolt - Shoot a bolt that deals damage and chills the target
This is your primary harass ability it can be difficult to hit but with practice it becomes your greatest tool for applying you passive.

W Blizzard - Bombard an area with 2 waves of ice, each dealing damage. Each enemy hit is also chilled.
This spell is a huge part of what makes Jaina who she is. It allows her clear a whole wave, zone an area, and when comboed with other spells deal large amounts of damage to a group of enemy heroes.

E Cone of Cold - Deal damage in a cone in front of Jaina chilling enemy heroes hit
This spell has the highest damage ratio(excluding both waves of W) of all of her basic abilities so it should always be used after the enemy is chilled to make the most of the % damage increase

R(1) Summon Water Elemental - Summons a water elemental who's basic attacks chill targets and deal splash damage.
This spell used to be the go to heroic but after the nerf it has fallen to the side for me it just doesnt feel like it has the damage of Jaina 2nd heroic but more on that later. If you do not feel skilled with the other heroic by all means take this one.

R(2) Ring of Frost - Creates a Ring that damages and roots enemies
This spell is so viable now because of the recent nerfs to water elemental and buff to its cooldown. A good ring can turn a bad fight into a great one.

Talents Top

Tier 1
Deep Chill - This is the go to talent in this tier give more Soft Crowd-control no question about it.

Tier 2
Snowstorm - is the best talent here IMO bc it gives more zoning and makes it harder for them to dodge your 2nd wave of the ability
Envenom - I could see how this might seem good but Jaina is about getting in bursting and getting out and this just doesn't give much to the burst.

Tier 3
Frostbitten - an extra 15% damage need I say more?

Tier 4
O.K. so here is where I am probably going to make people angry but I honestly believe that ring is better than W.E.
Summon Water Elemental - Used to be good but has been nerfed thus no longer chilling everything around it when it spawns which is where most of the burst came from( remember we are all about that burst).

Ring of Frost - a Ring that does 200 damage at 10 and roots for 3 seconds! your read correctly 3 seconds of hard cc holy cow that's a lot. With the recent buff to consistency on its hit box as well lowering the CD 20s just makes it even better.

Tier 5
Improved Ice Block - 9/10 this is the talent I pick the ability to make your self invulerable for 3 seconds is huge lets you get a free 3 seconds out of your cool downs While not letting you take any damage. Which most times will allow me to get another rotation off which can sometimes win a fight.

Icy Veins - This is the odd ball that I pick occasionally. I only grab this when there are no heroes diving me and my team need the extra damage to melt them down. But most of the time there should always be at least one person trying to dive you. Which is why I usually take ice block. Remember kids dead DPS does 0 DPS

Tier 7
Northern Exposure - landing cone of cold on an enemy increases the damage they take by 25% that is for your entire team! Remember Burst is what we are after.

Numbing Blast - This talent is much like icy veins I don't pick it often but i do take it occasionally. mainly when fighting Illidan ugh hate that guy so slippery and has dashes so her slows aren't as effective. A good Numbing Blast with Ring can easily dispatch an Illidan

Tier 8
[Bolt of the Storm]] - As key to her kit as all of her basic abilities. The ability to re position is so nice on a champion with no escapes. This combined with Improved Ice Block should get you out of almost any sticky situation.


This video shows what I think to be proper use of Improved Ice Block Blizzard and Ring of Frost to lock down the entire enemy team and secure the victory. All game we were behind and just slightly hanging on to the game. This one Ring with Sgt. Hammer's good positioning we were able to nuke down their back line and push for the W.
Once Kael (their only major dmg source and the one who has been dealing the majority of their damage) was dead, the fight was just an easy clean up for my teammates.

Level breakdowns Top

Lvl 1-6
Jaina is a big lane bully. Burst she has to keep her distance bc one she has lost her buffer of space she is quickly dispatched. Your main harass combo is open with Frostbolt and follow up with Cone of Cold because cone is you highest damaging spell thus making the most of the % increase from your passive. Two or three rotations of this would easily be enough damage to net a kill or push the lane in your favor. Only use your Blizzard when you know you can hit both waves of the spell early or if you need that little extra boost for damage to secure a kill or push your opponent out of lane. Now something that a lot of people don't understand is you can win lane in a multiple of ways by but not limited to out roaming your opponent without losing out on experience(you have lane partner who can soak and clear from a distance), you kill your opponent granting you and your team more exp due to the kill and the most important way of all. Generating and experience lead by pushing your lane opponent out of lane and causing another teammate of his/hers to rotate to soak. this creates opportunities for picks ( remember Jaina excels on zoning and doing damage) so if you catch them in a choke point you can deal large amount of damage or even hold them out of the lane denying exp. Which is crucial because you scale so well in to he late game with this build.
Once you are level 7 you can clear a whole wave with Blizzard followed by Cone of Cold on the entire wave. this will allow you and your lane partner to roam as a two man gank squad with out losing out on experience. Be careful though because once your Blizzard is on cool-down you are slightly weaker damage wise.
Here is where this whole build comes together you are a cc team Destroying machine. from 10-12 you still have to play smart you are super squishy with no escapes but you have to ability to win a fight by yourself with good positioning and a great ult. When casting Ring of Frost think of a Venn diagram if you can have your ring over lap with your tanke line and their back line While not being in your own back line(if anyone is there Aka Illidan or Zeratul in which case you should have taken Numbing Blast and one rotation should make quick work of them while your ult is dealing with the rest of their team. I will go into this more later when I can upload some VODS.

Now lets talk about proper use of Ice Block. The ideal scenario is to Ice Block with all of your abilities on cool-down thus reducing each cool-down by 3 seconds(your cds still recharge while in your own stasis). Now I know that that is not always the case so try to have at least one if not two abilities on CD preferably Blizzard and Cone of Cold as they have the highest cool-downs of your basic abilities. Another tip for ice block is you can cancel it and bring yourself out of stasis early which most times especially at lower elo will surprise your opponent and catch them off guard.

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