A Bright concept by Buwaro_Elexion

A Bright concept

By: Buwaro_Elexion
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015
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Build: Her Excellency

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Threats to Brightwing with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Murky D'aww a baby murloc.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Lunara Any form of burst that can be made is dangerous, but her poison is her greatest asset, and you can counter that by simply being alive and casting your healing-augmented spells.
Muradin You can Blink Heal away from a lot of things, but not from stuns.
  No Threat
Zeratul Bursts cannot be countered effectively, watch out!
Nova Bursts cannot be countered effectively, watch out!

Introduction Top

Brightwing tends to be an underloved and underestimated hero, however when put to proper use, she is able to keep up and even excel beyond mainstream, high-output healers.

Arcane Flare keep this in your pocket as a fast way to reveal the hidden enemies if there are stealthers around, otherwise throw it whenever you can for maximum damage.

Polymorph A nice "Shut up" skill. A polymorphed enemy moves slower, too. Use this to stop a channeled skill (Such as Mosh Pit and Triple Tap.)

Pixie Dust Your primary skill for healing. It will provide blocks and speed boosts, too.

Tier 1 Top

Unfurling Spray highly overrated. Brightwing has a nice range already, and if you keep weaving around teammates in a big fight you tend to hit them all while staying more or less safe.

Hyper Shift A definite need. When one tower is complete in Ka's desert, teleporting to allies still vying for control of the other(s) is important, so why not make sure you can do it quickly?

Arcane Precision You are not a damage character, why are you considering this? If you are a support character, you are not trying to shoot people but rather make sure your people don't get too shot up.

Bribe I used to take this before Brightwing's talents were tweaked, but now there are better picks for first level.

Tier 2 Top

Manic Pixie A definite need, capable of doubling your healing output easily, especially in late game when you have Bouncy Dust.

Arcane Barrage If arcane flare wasn't such a sky-high volley of a skill, I could almost take it, but I see it mostly good for stationary targets. Also you have a more supporting option at this tier.

Peekaboo! No, not even if you are dealing with every possible stealth in the game in one match. Leave revealing support jobs to Kharazim and Tassadar.

Unstable Anomaly The damage isn't spectacular, use polymorph as a means to open them to more damage, not a skill to deal damage.

Tier 3 Top

Mistified A key power. Throw everything you've got (within reason as to who you target) when the fighting get's worse. The harder you try means the harder you heal, so to speak.

Phase Shield Just like Peekaboo, Don't. The bubble isn't particularly strong, and you have to use your escape/travel spell for one person.

Dream Shot I would love it, if it was not on the same tier as Mistified

Cleanse Powerful, but Mistified is a stronger choice for Brightwing.

Heroic (!) Top

Blink Heal A great escape tool, as well as short burst of healing. There is little more to say.

Emerald Wind Not the worst choice in the game, as it does do the same as Blink Heal does in terms of escape, but it is one shot to make up for your aiding your entire team in theory, but I find blink heal to be cooler. Also, Blink heal adds a pretty light effect to you, and Emerald Wind does not. Looks that kill, anyone?

Tier 5 Top

Sticky Flare Not bad, but not the best option in this level.

Pixie Boost an increase in speed works well for anyone involved.

Shield Dust You can honestly stop a Nova's Triple Tap from killing you or your buddy, provided they aren't terribly low on health already.

Ice Block I never have been a fan of immobility, even for invulnerability. IF that is your cup of tea, I suppose it could work out in your favor.

Tier 6 Top

Greater Polymorph I'm no damage dealer, but one second is one second. It has a lot of potential.

Bouncy Dust A talent that will put you a cut above the rest, allowing for two heroes to benefit form Manic Pixie.

Critterize similar to Greater Polymorph, it opens them to more damage, but I prefer to increase my healing instead of increase the team's damage against one target.

Hardened Focus Not a bad choice ever, but I feel that bouncy dust provides more utility and support than this does.

Final Top

Double Wyrumhole Despite it's cute name pun (Dragons are often called wyrms or wyrums in mythology), I have to say no. It will increase your healing output, but in a prolonged fight, there are greater choices.

Continuous Winds More knockback is always nice, but this isn't even available as a choice for you.

Revitalizing Mist This is a fantastic boost in healing output, if you are in a prolonged skirmish or full-out team fight.

Storm Shield a nice shield, but not your best for supporting Final Talents.

Rewind I'll have to be kind enough to say that it does have it's uses, but it is not your strongest pick, even with bouncy dust counted in. Unfortunate but true.

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