A Bright Idea by Ruddy Duckling

A Bright Idea

By: Ruddy Duckling
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2015
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Build: Tanky Healer

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Full Explanation Not Necessary Top

Seriously I got pissed looking at the top brightwing builds on google. So I'm making one that I feel is the best.

I soloed a Diablo with this build and won, so I'm fairly confident that this build will hold up.

Take it or leave it.

Arcane Precision Top

Jesus. The only good talent.
Bribe is situational at best.
The others suck ***.

Envenom Top

Get a bit of true damage so you are scary.

Gust of Healing Top

Best imo.

The others rely on your abilities, which may be on cooldown.

Better to add a heal that you can control freely, not to mention its a pretty strong heal.

Blink Heal Top

Good for team fights, which you should always be a part of.

allows you to escape as well as heal your allies. aka tank for a while as brightwing, then blink heal out of fight.

with polymorph, your heals, and your envenom, you are a damage and utility threat in teamfight, rather than just a helper.

Emerald wind is too situational. Sure you can ward people off, but who cares when you have heals. Let them come and die.

Phase Shield Top

850 shield to your allies when you get it.
That's a good amount of shield.
Do it to the tanks and profit.

Critterize Top

Polymorphed heroes take more damage.

Now you can take people out of fight and also make them weak.

Do this to the healers and the damage carries.

Rewind Top

double poly

double q

double e

double win

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