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Always Pack an Umbrella

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Li Li

Build: Hawaiian Fruit Punch Dispenser

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Threats to Li Li with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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  No Threat
E.T.C. Enough in kit CC to get the job done, if you position fine you shouldn't have to worry till around lvl 20 when he picks up Bolt and makes flashy plays.
Diablo Same as ETC, but his is targeted, and if he's on you and flipping you around he isn't on your damage dealers who are probably not dumb enough to get hit by random apocalypses
Tyrande The only thing she can do to stop you is possibly hit you with a stun, she's more vision utility than a threat to you alone. Be mindful of shadowstalks , pick your fights around starfalls not in them.
Uther Easy until he dies and just walks for you, or until 20 when Divine Storm covers the entire battlefield.
Zagara Does a lot of summon damage. Hunters + You = Sad panda. Just dodge the maw and you'll get your jugs.
Raynor Does a lot of single target damafe, you do a lot of single target healing but he doesn't have to swap his target if he doesn't want to while you're stuck healing the lowest target. His one knock back doesn't seem like much but great Raynor players always hit their mark and you shouldn't be off their list of top targets to nail with it.
Murky Octograb will catch someone out, can be you. March is something you need to work around. I don't think new Murky is too much of a thing but his heroics are to be respected and feared.
Nazeebo Ravenous spirit or broke, you cannot normally shrink ray him to negate the damage and Jugs doesn't always get the job done in keeping people alive through it due to not being able to cast other buffers like Protective Shield during its duration.
Malfurion Roots are powerful, so is silence, otherwise it's a flat heal battle which both have their perks.
Abathur Makes it harder to keep people healthy when free damage comes from anything that can be Symbioted, but his real threat comes from what target he clones and what he makes of it. Abathur and team dependent how strong he is.
Chen If Chen acquires Root on kick he can set up easy barrels to roll you out into his team, the barrel can't stop your Jugs but it does put you or teammates significantly out of postion. Storm Earth and Fire gives him a significant chance of body block and chase while offering him a buffer health bar.
Illidan Enough damage and chase to kill you, only one possible CC which you need to hold for if someone else gets hunted or before you do. Shrink Ray is enough to deter him if your team has mild amounts of focus.
Kerrigan High damage, make sure not to meet her alone otherwise in fights try to Shrink Ray her as she's an incredibly scary target, if she takes Rewind be careful on your jug placement as she can interrupt you with another wave of spells.
Arthas Enough stickiness to keep you from getting away as well as the damage, though no mobility so the chance of him holding onto you is slim unless you get caught and then frozen in place.
Tassadar This high up on the list because of the ability of walling off targets and doing so much damage with Archon especially post 20 when he has access to more range. Otherwise managable to some degree
Muradin Huge amount of disruption, and a gap closer to boot. Hard to get anything done with this guy, in the rare scenario where they go Avatar he can interrupt your Jugs by a single basic attack. Watch out for it.
Tychus Complete bully that will gun you down any chance he gets, he can't interrupt you in Odin which gives you a chance to Shrink Ray him if he's priming it in mid fight, otherwise try to focus on outhealing his damage on your team.
Valla Lots of damage and potential stun, both are not easy to handle and really relies on her positioning and your teams ability to react to her presence.
Nova Damage, assassination potential. Shield the target and shrink ray her if possible, if you remove her first burst of damage it puts you in the near clear for living the rewind overdrive combination.
Brightwing Polymorph and Emerald Wind prove really hard things to get around from an aggressive Brightwing. One that takes sprint can easy get in place after Phase Shift to ruin your Jugs and split your team enough that you may not be able to heal the priority team members.
Gazlowe Running through turrets hurts your team, its even harder for you to go through them and heal them, and then Gravobomb happens and they die, or you die, or everyone dies.
Zeratul Bomb slows and blink are annoying and keep you still, but his real threat is in Void Prison. It can remove you out of a fight as well as ruin your Jug heroic, as well as giving their team enough time to kill everyone else or set up for one large burst on the prison if multiple people are caught.
Stitches Fishing hook is the dumbest talent in the entire game to have with Gorge.
Tyrael Point and click Ultimate Interrupt, enough damage and mobility to keep the chase through Quick Feet.
Sonya Has hard CC and enough in pack'd damage to nearly 100-0 you, the CC keeps you in place long enough for someone else to deal the other 10% necessary to kill you. Keep clear of the front line when this girls on the battlefield and stay split from the ones you're trying to protect. You'll save no one if you get caught in AOE that wasn't aimed at you specifically.

Li Li

Build: Gimmick Anti-Assassin

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


******Guide going through fresh overall still in process of updating, reformatting everything over the course of the next week******

Hello, I am PunisherJJE and welcome to my guide on Li Li, the World Wanderer.

Li Li is a ranged support who excels as small bursts of healing constantly over a long period of time. All of her spells save for Cloud Serpent are completely positional based and require high understanding of where enemies and allies are moving so that you're almost always healing the primary target, or targeting a specific enemy or set of enemies.

As Li Li,your first objective is to ensure that your team has the chance of success, secondly is to ensure the survival of its members. Prioritizing the wrong person may save that persons life but cost you a fight, objective, or ultimately the game (Saving someone who has Resurgence instead of someone who doesn't late in a match)



Currently updating for the Jaina Patch from I believe the Chen patch, going to try and sort the information better and make it look a lot cleaner if possible. I'm going to try and do so without removing much if any of the information this is meant to be a guide not a skillset where I just show you a list of skills and expect you to pick it without question or explanation.

Shout Outs:

BabyNova - Believed in me, my skill as a player, and my judgement to allow and promote my use of Li Li.

SchAmToo - Promoting Skill Li, becoming so flawless with your abilities that you look skilled on a hero with no skillshots and can only target one ability.

MFPallytime - Good friend who supports everything I do and believes every hero has a place.

Li Li, World Wanderer Top

Base Stats

Health 835
Health Regen 1.7382
Mana 500
Mana Regen 3
Movement Speed 0.8
Attack Range 5.5
Attack Damage 20

Stats per level

Max Health 135
Health Regen 0.2812
Ranged Damage 6
Max Mana 10
Mana Regen 0.0976

Stats at level 20

Max Health 3535
Health Regen 7.6322
Max Mana 700
Max Mana Regen 4.952 (Without Conjurer's Pursuit)
Movement Speed 0.8
Attack Range 5.5
Attack Damage 140

Pros and Cons


    -Frequent healing in bursts instead of heals over time
    -Mana efficient in patch jobs (Heals under 20% of a persons HP) which makes her one of the best duo lane supports
    -Active cooldowns give her more presence in teamfights
    -Improves On-Hit DPS of Assassins
    -Can acquire a target heal on Serpent and Multiple Player Heal on Healing Brew to multiply Healing Per Second
    -Can acquire a 3 second cooldown Cleanse on Healing Brew that comes with bonus movespeed, which can stop the lock down of certain characters namely Tyrael who lock a target down followed by team dives.


    -No targeted healing on Healing Brew, ever.
    -No hard CC in kit, can only talent for slows.
    -Healing Heroic can be ineffective in AOE teamfights and is easily interrupted by certain Heroes with diving abilites and CC (Tyrael, Sonya, Zeratul, even a Stitches if he finds the silver lining)
    -Doesn't provide much if team is more specialist/spell based with lack of escapes, making her a niche pick with specific Assassins that love her.
    -Very little damage output without talented for damage and still only work just enough as a deterrent for melee assassins
    -Suffers mana problems when having to heal yourself high enough for your Healing Brew to apply to other allies, occurs in long teamfights
    -Has a hard time out healing Malfurion or Brightwing in teamfights if Jug of 1,000 cups is constantly interrupted.
    -Doesn't respond to huge burst well, Uther seems to hold the best in the push a button and he's basically brought back from the dead, Brightwing similarly with Polymorph disabling a foe at a distance as well as Blink Heal/Protective Shield, where as Li Li has to use her Q W with Protective Shield and Jug just to get someone out of burst that would kill them by only a few hundred HP over their full health.

When to pick Li Li

- Team relies on on-hit assassins such as Raynor, Illidan, Tychus, On-Hit Valla, On-Hit Falstad
- Enough team threats to pull away the focus from you to keep channeled Jugs and continued Sustain
- Enemy team isn't made of enough heroes that can get on top of you/a front line that will keep your Assassin safe, with you positioned behind your assassin only moving up when entirely necessary.
- Teams in the middle ground of being tanky and being squishy to avoid being bursted without draining a large amount of enemy cooldowns, but having enough damage on the team that isn't spell based to make use of Li Li's kit.


(Q) Healing Brew

30 Mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Heals ally with the lowest Health (prioritizing Heroes) for 470 (70 + 20 per level) Health

This is your main healing tool, starting at 113 HP per Q at level 1, 270 at level 10, and 470 at level 20. The heal isn't amazing at making a low health ally come back to life, but it is easily reusable due to it's low 3 second cooldown. This ability get's a couple very potent upgrades to it.

I wrote a big note concerning the importance of positioning under this spoiler, it is very important and I highly suggest looking at it.


(W) Cloud Serpent

40 Mana
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Summon a Cloud Serpent to assist an ally, mirroring the attacks of the Hero, doing 95 (19 + 4 per level) damage. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Damage contributing skill that can used on most heroes effectively as long as they're basic attacking, this is best used on your Assassins such as Tychus or Raynor, or melee assassins such as Illidan. The skill is less useful on hit and run heroes or spell casters such as Kerrigan.

(E) Blinding Wind

50 Mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Throw a cloud of Blinding Wind at the 3 nearest enemies (prioritizing Heroes), dealing 580 (124 + 24 per level) damage. Targets miss their next Basic Attack in the next 4 seconds.

Small utility and damage spell, Li Li's primary use is healing and spamming this ability on cooldown tends to drain mana. Positioning it is very important, when in skirmishes you are confident in winning, attack and move torwards your opponent between Basic attacks to ensure Blinding Wind hits the hero even if they use a mobility spell to get away, the extra hundred-sum damage can be the difference between a kill or not. The blind on single auto is fantastic, certain heroes like Raynor, Zeratul, or Falstad tend to hit very hard with their basic attacks. The blind works on Dragon Knight and Garden Terror and can save a structure/teammate 600~ Health

(Trait) Fast Feet

Upon taking damage, gain 15% Movement Speed for 1 second.


I mean uhh, take damage, move faster. Not much to be said, it's harder to catch you, and gives you a small ability to dodge skillshots. I would say this, along with the quick sustain of Healing Brew gives LI Li a really high amount of survivability as a support.

(R1) Jug of 1,000 Cups

100 Mana
Heroic Ability
Cooldown: 70 seconds

Rapidly heals the most injured nearby allies (prioritizing Heroes), restoring a total of 2740 (840 + 96 per level) Health and 120 Mana over 6 seconds. Restores no Mana when targeting you.

Decent healing heroic. It can only heal the lowest target at any given time, the ability is interruptable, and because of this channel you cannot cast any other spells during the duration(including talent spells). It's healing can be less reliable than using a rotation of spells and you cannot willingly cancel the ability in order to use a rotation of basic and active spells.

The range buff it recieved in the Jaina Patch did substantially boost it's good attributes, it heals quite a bit and the range allows you sit way farther back from harm and get the full channel off. The range is about as far as Tyraels Judgment so if you think about it if you're sitting at the max range to heal your priority team members, Tyrael would need to be behind them to even consider using JUSTICE on you and that is amazing as it means you're practically safe from reasonably ranged crowd controls.

To put this in perspective of where this heroic stands in comparison to other healers, Malfurions Tranqulity is as follows

(R) Tranquility
100 Mana
Heroic Ability
Cooldown: 100 seconds

Heals 200 (29 + 9 per level) Health per second to nearby allies over 10 seconds.

At level 10 this ability is healing 109 health a second to ALL targets in its range, it cannot be interrupted, Malfurion is free to cast other spells during its duration. It does heal less per single target at a max of 1090 on a single target at level 10, Li LI does around 1800 healing and 120 mana overall throughout her heroic, it can be 400 on one target before the next lowest health target causes it to redirect, but Malfurion can provide 1k healing to his entire team for collectively 5k healing, and heal minions and mercs as well, while being able to cast Regrowth and Innervate.

There is however a few things that Jug of 1,000 cups has over Tranquiltiy and I will list them off
Rate of Heal: Jug will heal one target faster. Tranqulity may get more overall healing but it won't keep someone on the verge of death from dying as Jug of 1,000 cups might.
Cooldown: It's just shorter. Tranq is a teamfight winner but it's not up as often.
Range: The range is much higher on this patch than Tranquility you can save people from long ranges
Safety: Malf has to encompass his team in his heals and while he can use abilites his positioning still needs to keep his team in his circle, Li Li can only heal one person at a time so she can position herself to be on the edge of her range for that one person. This leads to Malf being in more danger at times than Li Li.

*I will that the last point can be subjective as if your in a winning position you can position more close and aggressively in which Malf has the advantage of casting spells and that means Entangling Roots to capitalize on aggressive behavior*

This ability is mandatory in almost every case. Even on double support teams chances are the other supports non-healing heroic is stronger than Water Dragon and will be more beneficial to go Jugs and allow the ally to go Blood Lust, Twilight Dream, Emerald Wind etc.

(R2) Water Dragon

100 Mana
Heroic Ability
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Summons a Water Dragon that deals 760 (285 + 25 per level) damage to the nearest enemy Hero and half to nearby enemies. They are also slowed by 0(-40)% for 3 seconds.

Damage ultimate, but the same concept applies as Blinding wind, it targets the nearest hero in it's range as it prepares. It takes about a 0.5 second channel time at the start then you're free to use your other abilities while it targets a hero out, allowing you to use your abilities during this heroic when compared to jugs. Due to it's targeting the only MVP targets you're catching out are solo, or melee assassins diving in on a player such as Illidan.

It's slow also works as a decent soft engage as it can't miss, but it still is hard to say to take this over Jugs in nearly any situation unless you have 3 hard healing supports.


Conjurer's Pursuit - Mana Regeneration. It's the easiest way to keep up with any sustained fight or prolong use of abilities. The 0.5 base regen bonus it gives for giving the talent accelerated it's early game potential and this ability scales great late game. If you have 10 stacks that's 2.5 + 0.5 = 3 mana more per second so the talent by itself is providing one Healing Brew per 10 seconds which adds up when your out of combat. Overall one of the easiest yet highly effective talents you can have for Li LI


Protective Shield is a strong talent. Even after it's nerf it's one of the only ways to save someone in an emergency, the shield with a Healing Brew tends to be enough health to allow for you to start up Jug of 1,000 Cups and keep someone full of life.


The Good Stuff became a lot stronger with the scaling buff to Healing Brew from the Jaina Patch. At Level 13 when you pick this talent up you heal 330 HP per Healing Brew, The Good Stuff will increase it to 412.5, overall a 82.5 increase. When compared to Bringer of Gifts which increases healing by 100% in one burst and is targeted, The Good Stuff is attached to Healing Brew which is nearly 1/3 the cooldown so if you can cast 3 Healing Brew in the time it takes to get a second Cloud Serpent you heal for 75% more in that time frame, this with Two For One increases the healing 150% per every rotation of Cloud Serpent. Lastly it is less mana consuming which is always a huge problem with Li Li even with Conjurer's Pursuit I often find if I win a prolong fight it's because I just barely squeezed out with enough mana to keep who I needed to alive.


Jug of 1,000 Cups is easily what makes Li Li viable right now. It's healing strength got buffed, it's range made it usable and it can cover an entire battle field to always heal who you need to heal. The cooldown is short and it costs a bit more than 2 Two For One or 3 Healing Brew but has a much higher effect. The key to using this ability can in it's range, timing, and positioning. It's also a good idea to exhaust all of your other cooldowns before using this heroic unless you need to use at max range immediately to save someone.


Shrink Ray is one of the strongest abilities in the game. Halving the damage of someone generally removes all threat they have, if they plan to kill someone in X amount of time or in 1 rotation you double the amount of time and # of spells needed for them to do what they want. You basically throw a wrench in your plans. It catches people out, it removes damage, it's cooldown isn't long. A near perfect ability.


Two For One flat out doubles the health you give out for every press of Q, and only for half as much mana as casting two [Healing Brews]. The only problem it has is that both [Healing Brew] cannot go to a single target. The upsides are that it heals more members of the team in the shortest time span possible while also *preventing you from only healing yourself*


Jug of 1,000,000 Cups - Out of everything in this tier this talent feels the most necessary. It has longer range of use than Storm Shield, it doubles the rate of healing which means it takes less time for the heals to get across and doubles the healing output at the end of the day. It tends to keep anyone alive which means you making Resurgence less appealing. And Bolt doesn't do much for Li Li as it is.


Build Explanations Top

Full Support Build

Conjurer's Pursuit - Mana Regen, sustain your fights.
Protective Shield - Save Ally/Self
The Good Stuff - Increased healing in moderation
Jug of 1,000 Cups - Better support heroic
Shrink Ray - Catch potential/Neutralize damage
Two For One - Double Healing
Jug of 1,000,000 Cups - Double Healing from heroic

Damage Build

Conjurer's Pursuit - Mana sustain for spamming Cloud Serpent and Blinding Winds more for their damage
Envenom - Burst potential, just a good chunk of damage
Bringer of Gifts - Only talent that helps you offensively
Water Dragon - Offensive Heroic
Shrink Ray - Helps you duel significantly more
Herbal Cleanse - Properly time heal prevents you from being CC'd locked in fights. Otherwise Timeless Creature or even consider Stoneskin
Double Dragon - Double the Dragons double the damage, but only if they stay in range of it. Resurgence and Blink also work.

Stages of the Game Top

Early game is one of your weakest phases of the game if you don't have the right lane. You excel at keeping bad laners afloat, like Illidan, and good laners to go ballistic, such as Raynor or Sonya.

THIS IS IMPORANT if you enter a lane that is just static, you aren't healing, you don't need to exert much pressure to zone, or you're with someone who's just shoving to turret in no danger, leave that lane. Go somewhere that needs your help, if you have a Valla who's at half health from laning against Zagara you're more needed there than sitting in a bush in top. This game is all about rotations and just because you don't have msssive gank potential or merc-ing capabilities doesn't mean you shouldn't try to help out from as early in the game as possible.

Keep in your head how much healing your Healing Brew does in early levels and use it just as often as required to top someone off in health without wasting mana. In example, if your ally is missing 80 HP you shouldn't use Healing Brew just yet, wait till they take around 33 more damage and you will get max effectiveness out of your brew, otherwise you'll be using spells much more often and drain your resources too fast. I do however make some exceptions for self healing depending on how aggressive the laner, keeping yourself topped off can decide an early engagement, due to having to use a brew and then wait 3 seconds for the next to be available instead of starting off being able to donate your ally a hundred health.

Cloud Serpent works well when your laner goes aggressive, and right when you turn around aggression (the point where you stop kiting an enemies aggression and start going aggressive at them due to their extension) Likewise, Blinding Wind works well as soon as your opponent goes aggressive to save 1 Basic Attack of health, and I like to use at the absolute end of aggression, the moment when you're about to pull away.

Regardless of your laning situation try and always work torwards your level 1 Talent, if you took Bribe be aware of how many stacks you have, if you have 1 stack of it check the bottom left to see if you're near the 40 mark that defines your second stack and always know what Siege Giant camp you can get to create the most pressure with the minimal amount of risk of being seen and dying. It's not like Gazlowe where people are actively going to seek you out to prevent you from bribing due to how fast it is so if you see all enemy players in lanes and you can avoid enemy vision, consider taking their Siege Giant camp to deny them or one that will create the most amount of pressure away from your opponents. An example of this is Dragonshire, one persons in mid, one persons bottom, three are top trying to get that shrine. You have 2 people bottom, one of which being you, taking their giants can be a great move as it denies the enemy, then you and your laner can work on getting the giants under the shrine while the enemy laner is working on clearing the giants you bribed.

Active cooldowns basically define your presence in early objective fights such as Tributes, Shrines, encounters in the mines. Chest fights are too early and turn in fights are unpredictable when they will occur and when they are worth having due to how much time you'd have to invest out of lane to stop a channel that won't amount to much unless you can kill the person with the coins. Protective Shield buffers the damage off of your assassins as they go in, one of the strongest save tools you can have to get someone out of a fight so that you can cause over extensions from enemy players trying to secure a kill. Healing Ward offers a fair amount of team sustain, but placement of it is key and it's effect is slow to start before it does end up doing up 30% of the area's total HP. Envenom is the most aggressive choice but Envenom is risky due to not being able to save your teammates. In later fights where the enemy team is focusing your damage hard, yeah you can envenom the Sonya but it won't be a 600 HP shield you can pass to her target.

Level 10 is the high point of any game and brings up the most power plays. Try to group with more players around this time whether ahead or behind as a support with no wave clear soaking EXP doesn't become as beneficial as anyone else who does. Stay relatively in the middle or back of your group, as the medic you want to be positioned just where the enemy can't reach you and if they can you are far enough away to get away alive. This holds true for most of the game and of course does change on positional situations such as stopping objective channels and holding merc camp control points which can put you of position by this design.

Jugs is a hard heroic to use, due to being able to interrupt you would want to hold off on casting it until you've casted your heals at least once, and made use of your level 4 active (With Envenom being more of an exception) as you won't have the ability to use in heroic.

It's good to use it when:
-You know your team isn't going to be behind you when you activate it. Generally if you're behind a Valla and she is taking some focus, if she is going to Vault behind you and puts you next on the list to get CC'd you may want to stick to basic cooldowns if possible as holding a channel for a target that can get out without it put you in line to get CC'd at the start.
-Engage heroics such as Judgement, Leap, Void Prison has been burned and it makes it less likely to be interrupted.
-Big damage/AOE heroics have been used such as Archon, Strafe, Hyperion, or Ravenous Spirit. This is the exception to rule 2 as keeping your team alive through big cooldowns is a must. If you position well enough you can still heal allies around the outer ring and pull engage tools and CC torwards you alone which can often time save dying teammates from the lock up.

The hardest objectives to fight with jugs tend to be certain Tribute fights where players make use of the many corridors and spaces and flank. Garden Terrors have a lot of health and now cause a lot of team disruption which can wreck teams, being reliant on a channel it's important to know where your placed as the seed bomb polymorph goes off three times

Coin turn in's are more scary for the people up front who have to move through fog of war, especially the vents near turn in being death traps, but when fights break out they are more controlled in that area with not too many reliable flanking area's unless the enemy team decides not to stay grouped. Dragon Shrines are generally won by how many people you send to that one shrine but you dont necessarily have to be on the shrine or in either bush to be healing your ally over the wall, but fighting the Dragon Knight you need to try and be behind the wall or just close enough that if he starts ramping up his charge on you during Jugs you can duck far enough behind it where it doesn't clip you. Mines you want to buddy up with someone if it's going to be a spread clear or group altogether. Li Li's lack of mobility in the mines doesn't make her a good gatherer in the event she's found by multiple players.

Your healing after 16 either doubles or becomes a very potent cleanse giving her a lot more teamfight presence. If you take Two for One you do end up experiencing more mana problems when healing singular targets when handling poke but makes the all in fights slightly easier. Shrink Ray actually becomes a rather strong cooldown this late in the game as it does do a fair job at either shutting someones damage off, preventing a front liner from getting in without use of mobility spells, prevents someone from getting out without use of mobility spells.

Death timers become long enough that preventing someones death or securing a kill however necessary ends up opening power plays through number of players. Be observent over how long death timers are, and one thing I want to say is that active cooldowns are 60 seconds, if you are dead for 30 seconds or more and it takes 20-30 more seconds for more hard engagement to break out just use your cooldowns if your going to die. If you have an Illidan on you and your going to die anyways through chase still Shrink Ray him, it might delay him long enough for your team to get a kill on the other side. You'll revive and have it back up by the time something else goes down.

Play to your level 20's talent. If you take Resurgence, don't be afraid to die if it saves someone else or extends someone else's life long enough to get a kill. You might not think 2 for 1 is a worthwhile trade but you have resurgence and then at that point it's dependent on how long it takes you to get back to your team and how much they'll need you in that lull of having to run back with full HP and Mana.

Bolt opens up a near infinite number of plays, which with Li Li seems odd due to her lack of disruption. Yet it still gets you escapes, get's you with your team over terrain, gets you in position to heal the priority target, get's you away from hard engage, get's you in position to deal that last 200 damage to get that 60 second death timer kill.

Jugs of 1Mil cups means you have higher reliance on your positioning to not get it interrupted but increased it's healing potential by 100%. While Storm Shield does a similar job with less risk, but is a shield that falls after a short time and is better to handle AOE dealt in a short time period.

If you've been following what I've said earlier you've been grouped up since around lvl 10 and will hardly ever, mostly never be off on your own unless you're the only survivor from a teamfight. Stay with your team, if you dont like their calls try and communicate better ones through short sentences and a few pings, if you spam pings and sit around typing more than you are playing chances are people aren't listening. Even if a play looks bad, if your team fully commits, please commit too. A bad choice where your team wipes 4-0 with you being the only survivor is worst than you going 5-2 because Li Li cannot hold towers, do mercs without protection/vision, or clear waves in order to soak enough exp to have been worth the team wipe without your commitment.

In Conclusion Top

Li Li is a very niche support that isn't the best fit for solo queue. Her lack of CC and overbearing reliance on her team at all stages of the game make her a shakey pick, yet with one or two friends with heroes that promote her kit makes the team shine more as a whole when compared to other support picks.

In short, her sustained healing early makes it relatively easy to keep weak laners alive or being able to live through rough lanes. Strong laners become stronger as they are more open to trades that are immediately patched off. Pre-10 objective fights she ends up bringing a fair amount of survivability to her team which goes a long way in extended fights. Heroic positioning is the most important thing to do as Water Dragon puts you forward, while if you're not far enough back with Jugs you get interrupted.Her late game still exists but tends to fall off as she doesn't provide too much more than healing and it doesn't often outlast burst or sustained damage after a certain point.

While I don't think Li Li is the strongest hero in the game I feel her place isn't so bottom of the barrel as others make it out to seem. Thank you for reading my guide, if you have any questions or feedback on the guide or Li Li herself you can leave it in a comment below and I will be checking back frequently to reply.

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