An actually competent guide to The Betrayer. by Iaotle

An actually competent guide to The Betrayer.

By: Iaotle
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2016
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Build: The only build you'll ever need.

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Threats to Illidan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Sgt. Hammer Sgt. Hammer doesn't stress you, but you can't kill her early on without her taking about 70% of your HP off on your way to her, plus her ability to boost out of your range.
Chen Chen just outdrinks your damage. Get away from him and try to get some stun backup before engaging. Staying in one place just puts you in a vulnerable spot for enemy ganks.
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  No Threat
Arthas Arthas isn't really ever picked in the current meta, but you have to account for him as well. The only thing you need to fear from him is his Frozen Tempest, which slows you down and negates your healing.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tychus Tychus will beat you over the head with his Frag Grenade and his Overkill. These aren't blocked by your Evasion, so be very careful and try to get him to waste both of these abilities before you engage him. Once this is done he proves easy to kill.

How NOT to play Illidan. Top

This is probably the most important thing to know before starting your road to victory as Illidan. Never, NEVER build Illidan with Stoneskin, Shadow Shield, Reflexive Block, Sixth Sense. These are all talents that make you more tanky and do absolutely nothing to aid you in your primary role as an assassin. Having an untalented Evasion is MORE than enough for most fights, and you just use Metamorphosis to get away/into a teamfight when you're taking too much heat.

What you need to do: Top

Since you're pretty much crazy into damage, all you do before an objective spawns is try to secure a few creep waves to put a couple points of damage into your Seasoned Marksman talent. If you're under pressure it's best to use Sweeping Strike to get out of it along with Evasion. Soaking is still very good, and still gives you stacks on Seasoned Marksman. Try not to activate Evasion prematurely, it has a decent cooldown period (15 seconds) and you won't be able to use it for a little while after it wears off.

If you know when to run away, and when to take teamfights, you'll die VERY rarely, and kill most heroes 1x1. Be very careful on the Evasion timings when you engage heroes like Raynor and Tychus.

If your team is occupied doing an objective, you can easily solo Siege Giants (and only siege giants, the khazra will own you) after you get Follow Through. This will force the enemy to deal with the push, and open you to do other things.

Do not devote yourself entirely to farm, though, as you still need to secure kills, and there's no better assassin for that. Your Dive and Sweeping Strike are pretty much insane, their cooldown lowers to ~2 seconds, which means getting away from you is NEVER going to work.

Varying the build: Top

All you really can change are the Giant Killer and the Blood for Blood talents. They're good, but you can swap them out for, say, Lunge, or Second Sweep - for more mobility (if you end up needing it). Again, you should never need stuff like Stoneskin, just because your evasion allows for more than enough tanking capability. Let someone like Diablo take the damage while you bring down the cavalry.

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