An early halloween character by Crazy face

An early halloween character

By: Crazy face
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2016
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So Xul has been quite the experience for me and these are the talents i like picking. They all provide good debuffs and sologanking. When i sologank people with this build i easily wipe them out because of how cursed they are. They literally cant do anything. People might say why not go backlash instead of shade but thats because shade provides so much extra damage soaking for you, you dont even know. I survived so many situations with that and it works even against not auto attack heroes. Though all his picks for his talent 1 tree are quite remarkable. Still experimenting with backlash and seeing if it really lives up to its potential. The strategy here is you can debuff their whole entire team while doing insane amounts of damage. The amount of poison damage scares them and the fact they can barley attack is funny to watch. Shade is nice, i dont really see anyone taking it, i think its the best out of the 3.

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