Andy's Tassadar by dot.tekk

Andy's Tassadar

By: dot.tekk
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2015
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Build: Assassins killer

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Introduction... Top

This is a support build with an enormous impact during team fights. When not on CD's capable of soloing enemy assassins.

Early/Mid Game... Top

Focus on pushing lane creeps with psionic storm (hit as much as you can for free cast) and granting a clearvision and shields to your initiators. Once you get the ultimate, use it mostly as an offensive tool and counter ganking and focus on shielding mailnly your allies not yourself.

Lategame... Top

Once youll get to tier 5 and 6 talents, your role should change to initiator...
Use your Oracle truevision to set up a good fight then go in. Wait till you get around half life, pop your invisibility and go behind your enemies and pop your ultimate avatar ability -> DPS enemy Assassins as much as you can and focus on shielding focused target. If you drop under 15% health you will be autovmatically invisibled and healed to around 50% HP and by the time your dimensional shift may be out of CD for another 40% HP. In most cases the teamfight is already over at this time either you winning or loosing all your allies. In common I end up matches with max 2 deaths.

I love to play with E.T.C. as my ally because his ulti can stunlock 2 or 3 enemies and our AOE damage from avatar can tear apart them all.

GL and HF.

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