Another option to Siegue Zagara by Noidused

Another option to Siegue Zagara

By: Noidused
Last Updated: May 18, 2016
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first 2 skill for tumors
to improve hp regeneration, have visibility and save some mana for the rest of skills
you have to use the D all as you can. its free :)

3rd skill: improve baneling to make extra damage to minions and structures I preffer this skill instead of banneling masacre (lvl16) to use 2 hidralisk for TF or pushing with more units

lvl 10 skill: Nydus
best option t keep moving betwen lanes or recovering HP around map, also could be used as bodyblock in some cases ;)

lvl 13 and 16 skill: grooved spines and brood expansion
more units to push. helpful on TF and pushing. personally I prefer to keep hidralisk instead of changing to mutalisk because the damaged and range increased (helpfull with teleport units)

lvl 20: broodling nest
too much units: 6 broodlings, 2 hidralisks, 2 roachs. and your units and mercs of your line
using this combo during an active objetive could change the balance of the game. enemy have to decide if they will take objetives or defend their towers

pros of this build: full push, you can take camps alone and could get on TF if you are on tumor areas, high mobility on lanes by tumors and nydus
cons: you will be focused, so dont go alone if you have enemy sthealts units

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