Anti-Furry Build by Nailgun Jesus

Anti-Furry Build

By: Nailgun Jesus
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2016
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Threats to Greymane with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Artanis This guy makes all Protoss Zealots look bad. He's hardly a threat so pretty much just right click him.
Brightwing This Faerie Dragon is a furry herself. She'll transform you into various animals. Disgusting.
Arthas This guy isn't what he was in WotLK anymore. Just right click him and kite. ez
  No Threat
Anub'arak This guy has some stuns here and there but what is really disturbing is his cocoon fetish.
Diablo Diabolical is barely a threat and you can easily kite him with your pistol, your one pistol. Why does Greymane have that sword again?
Azmodan This guy is a total scumbag. He'll try to 1v1 you rust with his marinara beam.
  No Threat
Chen This drunk will tank all your shots with his trait, but that doesn't matter because you must pad stats to make yourself look good on the score screen.
  No Threat
Cho Chode'Gall will try to pull you then cumshot all over you. So watch out, and remember: never give in to the furry fandom within you.
Abathur If this guy is on your team, he's gonna try and convert you to a furry. Asking, "Why don't you go Worgen form?"

Anti-Furry Build Top

ok here's how you play this bulid: you never use E ability and right click everything you can. oh and don't press R again after using revoler ult

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