Fear the Fur! by Jackroyal

Fear the Fur!

By: Jackroyal
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016
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Build: Straight Worgen Build

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Worgen Talents Top

Wolfheart I pick this over Viciousness because as long as you're attacking, Wolfheart will persist.

Insatiable Best choice for longer up-time and more use of abilities...

Wizened Duelist I've been toying between this and Quicksilver Bullets due to the inconsistency of Duelist.

Go for the Throat I prefer this over Marked for the Kill so far as long as I'm running with someone else that can apply vulnerable, also does higher overall damage unless you take Gilnean Roulette @ Tier 7 but I feel that isn't the most effective use of a T7 skill...

Running Wild This is mostly what I run, trying to mess with Visceral Attacks in a different build but so far find Running Wild to be my preferred talent so far here.

Alpha Killer I feel this is the most consistent damage bonus on this tier unless paired with someone that has a steady debuff to apply, then I go Executioner

Tooth and Claw For a pure Worgen build this is usually my main choice. I'm still trying out Unleashed but just havent had as much success with it as Tooth and Claw


I've been having a lot of success (and a lot of fun) with this Worgen build! Wolfheart and Insatiable can keep Inner Beast up indefinitely as long as you're attacking. Wizened Duelist makes for incredible end game damage as long as you stay alive. Also worth noting on that note... Greymane has no talents for Health regen making it important to play a little defensive and careful at least in early gameplay while not running with a decent healer. Running Wild helps for a bit more mobility. Alpha Killer and Tooth and Claw make you an incredible powerhouse in end game hero figts!

As a basic strategy I've been following, I like to start any action in human form with Inner Beast and a quick Gilnean Cocktail followed by Darkflight to close the gap and an instant Razor Swipe because as soon as you switch forms you Q is automatically off cooldown.

This has been my first ever guide, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

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