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Greymane Hit and Run

By: Bearded Yak Pirate
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2016
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I will update this as I go - This is my first guide; I hope you find it helpful and comprehensive.

I find that with Greymane - it is all about the Poke damage. For me this is most fun and rewarding game play style Greymane has to offer. He is all about dashing to dispatch fleeing targets and crushing Spirits and Morale all at the same time. We will use his Darkflight & Go for the Throat abilities to quickly catch fleeing opponents, and using his Disengage & Eyes in the Dark ability to successful escape; especially in instances where others would call off the chase. This build is all about crazed dashes and bold moves.

It is important to note that Greymane is SQUISHY - timing must be mastered - and though we make bold and crazed moves to dispatch fleeing kills - we simply can not deny all caution; specifically in the time between engagements or soaking lanes. Distance and a rather heavy defensive style game play must be maintained until the moment in which a killing combo presents it's self.

Tier 1

Wolfheart - In my opinion/experience; this is the most "well rounded" and overall best choice for this tier. This makes Inner Beast almost infinite with little to no down time between engagements. Which will be key for clearing lanes as well as solo fights.

Perfect Aim - I have had success with this in early game - but find it isn't needed as much late game; once we have the T3 Incendiary Elixir perk. Though this can prove useful on such maps as Tomb of the Spider Queen or Infernal Shrines

Tier 2

Eyes in the Dark - This is going to be imperative for escapes, specifically when you have pushed in or pursued too far - this allows for us to extend our pursuits and escape successfully

Insatiable - This is a good off choice - which combined with Wolfheart would allow for almost limitless Inner Beast and allow for less down time between engagements. Choose this if you are struggling with mana, especially early to mid game w/ Greymane

Tier 3

Incendiary Elixir - This is one of the imperative choices for the "Hit and Run" tactic. Though not the highest DPS gain in this tier, the versatility and ability to use Gilnean Cocktail on misses allows us to use that splash damage and AOE to extend our reach on pursuits. This allows us to hit/kill targets that otherwise may escape.

Wizened Duelist - Obviously the best DPS gain in this tier - especially for late game engagements. However it is not my preferred choice given it can be rather inconsistent given Greymane is extremely squishy and with no active regens. With a well rounded/experienced group this can provide amazing gains and would be my priority choice for the "Hit and Run" tactic - anything less though and I would simply caution to consider passing it up.

Tier 4

Go for the Throat - I prefer this over Marked for the Kill, as it allows me to bounce around/re-position within engagements more readily. Use for fleeing kills or multiple targets that can be combo'd for best success. Unless you have a well rounded team or colleague to help focus targets this will most likely be the highest DPS choice for this tier.

Marked for the Kill - This can be a steady performer in the "Hit and Run" tactic especially paired with a skilled colleague to focus down marked targets. The ability to leap at the marked target allows for haste in dispatching fleeing targets and greater range/field movement over both Go for the Throat & Darkflight. Additionally - paired with the T2 Eyes in the Dark choice we can more often then not escape situations where we otherwise would call off chase due to the range between us and the target or their position on the field.

Tier 5

Running Wild - Hands down the best choice in this tier for the "Hit and Run" tactic. This allows us to cover more ground both with pursuits of kills as well as exiting those engagements. This paired with the T2 Eyes in the Dark ability greatly increases our chances for a successful escape - the added disengage range and 4 second stealth will allow us to successfully survive those crazed dashes/pursuits that we otherwise would turn away from.

Tier 6

Concentrated Blast - Given this build is all about poke damage - I feel this paired with Incendiary Elixir lends the best versatility within our tool belt for that concept. This will give us that extra "umph" when dispatching a fleeing kill.

Relentless Predator - Depending on the composition of the opposing team this could quickly become the priority choice within this tier for the "Hit and Run" tactic - though the reason I do not mark this as such in the build is that I find I am still able to mitigate most of these scenarios with Disengage & Eyes in the Dark - in instances where I can't: most the time the fate was sealed regardless the reduction of the stun/slow/root/etc.

Tier 7

Hunter's Blunderbuss - Best overall DPS/Versatility for this tier. This will allow us to quickly dispatch mercenary camps, mop lanes etc. It is important to note that this will also be a great tool in team fights as you are able to affect a larger group of the opposing team while still being able to maintain a distance. Paired with Inner Beast You got yourself a nice little "street sweeper". Placement and Target Selection will be imperative to successfully use this tool - as the attacks splash backwards from the target.

Unleashed - Though in theory this is the prime choice - I find that in practice it simply does not work as intended. In this build we are all about "over reaching", however I find this ability is more often then not an over reach. We simply don't see enough instances where the extended free casts become a benefit as more often then not the timing will be off - or the placement of jumping targets can quickly become an over reach as the targets most likely will learn to flee in opposing directions. I feel most all of the time I can complete the same amount of work using the standard 2 charges from Go for the Throat. **I will state though - that in the certain instances where this does line up - nothing provides more of a thrill or hysterical laughter then a checker board style execution of the opposing team. Talk about a morale crush.

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