Anub'arak, the betrayer by Senjuro

Anub'arak, the betrayer

By: Senjuro
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2014
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Build: The Impaler, crowd control king

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Overview Top

This build is all about CC and Disabling. Our aim will be to disable second line heroes like supports and glasscannons while soaking damage and getting out alive, if possible.

Skills. the Who and the Why Top

Extended Spikes

If we want to reach 2nd line heroes this talent is a must have


Again, more range and more reusability on one of our backbones, a must have

Bed of Barbs

It adds Slow and DoT to Impale, no comments.

Web blast

This is going to be our main disabling tool. It renders a hero useless for 5 seconds, normally the duration of a teamfight or even more.

Chitinous plating

Level 13 is our talent situational playground, choose what you think you need most taking into consideration your team needs. I chose Chitinous Plating to be more tanky, but you can choose Burning Rage if you think your team needs a little more dps, or Spell Shield if enemy team got too much AoE damage. Symbiotic Armor i think its only needed in a beetle focused build, not here.


This talent is what this build is all about, doubles the damage and area of effect of Burrow Charge


More power to Web Blast. Tteamfight is taking too long? its ok no problem.

The How Top

What to do

Position is key

always try to position yourself so you hit more than one target with your Impale and Burrow Charge

Do your job, do it right, get out alive

Anub'arak's tools let him get in and out of the battle, keep this in mind.
In the next clip i turned back to fight when i saw my valla entering the field from the north, then i realized that she didnt accept the engage so i got to get out of troubles.

Buy time for your mates to finish the job

What NOT to do

As you will see, i landed 1st Burrow Charge perfect, but only hit Tassadar with Impale. If i were in a better position, for example below the shrine i would had landed both heroes.
Second Burrow Charge was a complete waste, totally unnecesary and predictable.

Pros / Cons Top


- Crowd Control
- Tanky (not as tanky as other build, but able to soak damage)
- Hard to flee from him


- Low dps
- Their Q and E are skillshots, is not hard to dodge them.

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