Artanis the Ganker (swapper) by Cockator

Artanis the Ganker (swapper)

By: Cockator
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2016
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Build: Artanis Swapper

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So after the buff to artanis i thought about ways to optimise his potential. This build is the result.

A controversal build that focuses on ganker and roamer mid game (lvl 10 and above) and excells as the game prgresses. From lvl 1 and to 10 you can either farm marksmanstacks on lane or take and roam with allies.

The combo is the following: Put ulti on hero in range for swap. Swap target enemyhero (enemy hero is now slowed 30% movement speed for 3 seconds) and attack with 40% increased attackspeed from which also makes you get cooldown of your passive.

At lvl 13 you can swap an additional enemyhero but the real tresure here is the 6 second cooldown reduction. Now you can cast it twice in one gank = (30% slow on enemy hero) x2,(40% attackspeed on artanis for 4 seconds) x2. Massive damage.

PS: I tried jerking around with shild builds but with no success, but this build has proven itself very useful.




Seasoned Marksman is good as it gives u extra damage which is well needed when you are ganking or pulling people out of a fight. Getting between 35-50 extra damage adds upp when you get 40% extra attackspeed


Chrono Surge gives you 40% extra attackspeed which helps out alot when you want to survive or deal damage. Hell, why not both?


Tired of waiting for murky to initaite? Sindragosa never coming to your aid? Say no more!

This is where thinkgs get interesting. Already at this level you can gank and roam abit. It might not be as successive as when you have Purifier Beam but with a one or two allies it can do the trick. Warp Sickness slows your opponent 30% for 4 seconds, that is a long slow. when you get your ultimate, Purifier Beam, i think you can see where this is heading.


Here is where the magic kicks in. Now we have a 30% slow on our opponent when we swap them for 4 seconds and we also have a 40% increase in our attackspeed. When you use Purifier Beam on a opponent now and swap them, the Beam will hit them for about 4 seconds (or more if you bodyblock) PLUS you attack faster and apply more damage to them.


This Trait is not as important as the other ones but it helpes out alot as it gives two great upsides. You can zone out 2 enemy heroes from a team fight and you get a 6 seconds cooldown reduction on your Phase Prism
6 seconds cooldown reduction will ensure you to be able to cast this ability twice in a gank/teamfight/escape attempt.


Here we are, almost done with our grand plan. You start with your ultimate on an enemy hero quickly followed by a Phase Rism , now with zealot charge you charge right into your slowed opponent dealing 2 fast strikes followed by the 40% attack speed buff. But wait! The enemy hero is trying to escape! So you use your Phase Prism again! (6s off cooldown) and charges right at him with another 40% attack speed buff as he is slowed 30%.


To tip the icecream with cream we add this talent to our arsenal. It works well since you nuke enemies with your Purifier Beam while they are slowed by ! You could also take the As it is a good slow and MOAR damage. It's all up to your playstyle!

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