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Arthanis - In Depth Guide

By: Cybergurke
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2015
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Who is Arthanis Top

Arthanis is a hard hitting melee warrior from the StarCraft II universe. He uses his psychic blades to bring
death over his opponents and his relies heavily on his basic attacks. At low health he gains a massive shield and has high sustain during team fights.

- insane damage
- relatively low cooldowns
- great mobility
- good sustain
- no crowd controll
- easy to lock-down
- no escape ability
- no self heal
When the First Contact War ended, Aiur had been conquered by the zerg Swarm. The protoss stood on the brink of oblivion, at risk of seeing their civilization disappear entirely. It was Artanis, a young executor, who prevented a bloody civil war and guided both the Khalai and Nerazim factions through the chaos of the Brood War. Now, with the Golden Armada at his command, he intends to take back Aiur and prepare his people for the final battle against an ancient and indomitable enemy.

Skills Top

Blade Dash is his Q ability. It has some insane basic damage for a warrior and grants Arthanis great mobility. Although you cant escape with this ability because you will return to the point you casted the ability after a short time.
Twin Blades is Arthanis W ability. It has a very low cooldown of only 4 seconds and deals resonable damage to his enemys. It is based on auto attacks so any abilitys that power up his basic attacks will also make this ability a lot stronger.
Phase Prism is Arthanis last basic ability. It is a skillshot in a straight line and deals normal damage to the first enemy hero hit also it changes Arthanis position with theirs which will be very useful to teleport an opposing heroes right into your team and burst it down quickly. It also lets you steal merc camps pretty effectivly and provides some grat utility. The problems with this ability are that it has a relatively high cooldown and although Arthanis is specified as a warrior, he is no tank and takes a huge risk by teleporting into the enemy team. So you have to be very carefull with this ability but if you learn how to use it correct you will be able to lead your team to victory.
As his first heroic he has a powerfull beam shooting at a targeted enemy hero and with global range.
The problem is even though the ray follows his target he does that only very slow and the enemy will be able to escape if he dosn't get stunned or locked-down in any other way. It also has a very high cooldown of 80 seconds.

Suppresion Pulse is Arthanis second heroic and is way more powerfull than the first one. It deals okey damage in a big area and blindes all opponents hit for 4 seconds. Like the Purifier Beam you can cast it anywhere on the map as long as you have vision over the targeted area. It also will clear the fog of war on the area you casted it and unstealthes (what Zeratul and Nova do or just enemys hiding in the bush) any enemy hit.
Shield Overload is Arthanis combat trait. Much like Johanna he gains a shield, but instead of activating his trait he shields automatically when his health drops under 50%. This has an 20 second cooldown which can be reduced by his auto attacks. (Each atk -4 seconds). Also keep in mind that Twin Blades uses auto attacks so a single use of this ability will reduce Shield Overload's cooldwon by 8 seconds.

Quick Overview Top

Before we head into the talent section here is a short video about Arthanis:

The Talents. Top

Red: not reccomendet
Yellow: good in some situations
Green: good overall Seasoned Marksman is a very strong taelnt and should be the main choice on lv. 1, especially on maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen or Infernal Shrines. If the enemy team has a lot of AA-heroes like Raynor or Valla Reactive Parry should be a talent for you.
Khaydarian Resonance is a very good talent aswell BUT both Seasoned Marksman and Reactive Parry are way better in the most situations.
Amateur Opponent is also good but should only be picked if you already have good damage but no waveclear - in this situation Amateur Opponent will be really good.Chrono Surge is defenetly your main choice. It provides a lot of extra damage and is even more powerfull when combined with Seasoned Marksman. Templar's Zeal seems to be good but is only effective while you are under 50% of your health - and with only 50% hp remaining you usally try to disengage and not jump right into the opposing team.
Shield Battery is somewhat of a trap. In a fight you wont be able to use the full duration of your shield and since you already have so much "cdr" (cooldown-reduction) you would whaste a full talent by picking this. Follow Through is like 100% the BEST talent on lv. 7. It has so much synergy with Twin Blades and Chrono Surge. With this you will deal insanly high amounts of damage and turn around team fights.Suppression Pulse used to be the better heroic. It disables basic attacks for all enemys hit and negated the whole potencial of heroes like Raynor, The Butcher and even Valla.
Purifier Beam just moves to slow and should only be used to snipe heroes at low health or kill an Abathur.Both Phase Bulwark and Triple Strike are great talents.
Pick Phase Bulwark if you get focused often and need more sustain and Triple Strike if you need a little bit more damage in team fights.
Burning Rage is a great talent as well but you will deal way more damage with the other Triple Strike.
The problem with Gravition Vortex is that Phase Prism does not work the way this talent is build. You wonna be able to take out one hero to secure your team an easy takedown - with Gravition Vortex you will have to fight two heroes which will make it much harder for your team to take advantage of that ability and you take a much higher risk than you normaly do.Psionic Wound is great if your team has a lot of burst since your enemys will die even faster. Titan Killer is extremly powerfull if you are up against tanks like Stiches (since the last patch Stiches hp will be crazy in the late game) or Muradin.
Zealot Charge is good to chase an specific enemy or kil heroes with great mobility like Li Li or Valla.The second charge on Suppression Pulse will make it so you have it ready every teamfight. If you think you need more damage and/or crowed controll pick Nexus Blades.
Force of Will is also a great ability - but should be picked if you constantly lose team fights.
NOTE: Force of Will turns out to be really strong at any situation. Its also rated as "good overall"

Thanks for reading. Top

Arthanis is out and this is my guide hope you like it.

If you like this guide feel free to vote for it or give me feedback in the "Discussion" section.

I'm Cybergruke - thanks for reading - and signing out

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