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By: AuTpBoGrotz
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Hi my name is Kevin“AuTpBoGrotz“ Trau, and I am the leader and main support player of Team AuT pBo (Professional Board & Onlinegaming). Once Heroes of the Storm was announced, i was selected to alpha test the game. I am playing every support char in Heroes of the Storm. Our team is located in austria.

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Uther Uther, the Lightbringer, is a support hero from the Warcraft franchise.[1] The first paladin and founder of the Order of the Silver Hand, Uther is a faithful servant of the Light. Dispensing justice with the swing of his hammer, Uther is a bastion of truth and an unflinching symbol of the Alliance. Uther uses his abilities to heal his allies and stun his enemies. He persists after death to continue aiding his team.


- 2 healing spells
- 1 healing and dmg spell (Holy radicance)
- 2 stuns
- Ulty stun with very long range at lvl 20 (late game)
- Stays in battle after getting killed for 10 sec (Eternal Devotion)


- Normal Stun with short range
- Long cooldowns


Upon dying, become an Invulnerable spirit for 10 seconds, and your Abilities and Basic Attacks do 50% healing and damage.

Heal an ally for 1030 (194 + 44 per level) Health.

Heal all allies in a line for 480 (100 + 20 per level) Health, dealing 350 (65 + 15 per level) damage to enemies.

Deal 200 (48 + 8 per level) damage and stuns the target for 1 second.


Make an allied Hero Invulnerable and increase their Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds.

Deal 75 damage and stun nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds.


UtherChoose - Conjurers's Pursuit:

Conjurer's Pursuit is a very solid and safe choice. Just collect Regeneration Globes and get more mana (mana regeneration). So this helps you to add some extra healing/extra stun in the early game. In late game this will help you with spamming spells in long combats.


UtherChoose - Protective Shield:

After taking Conjurer's Pursuit to stop any mana problems at Level 4 you take Protective Shield. The Shield is like a third heal and helps your tanks getting more life. It even protects you and your running teammates (assassins, specialists) if you are getting focused.


UtherChoose - Cleanse:

Cleanse is one of the best spells in Heroes of the Storm. It can counter many heroic abilitys with just a little klick and protect you and your teammates for 1 second. Even slows, little stuns and freezing can be cleared. This spell can make the differnce between winning or losing a battle.


UtherChoose - Divine Storm:

Divine Storm = AOE Stun. Klick and stun as many heroes as possible or stun heroes in your back line and focus them with your mates. Stun them again with hammer of justice and heal your mates/dmg your opponent with Holy Radiance. This combo can lead your team easy in a 4vs5 or 3vs5 situation.


UtherChoose - Shrink Ray:

Shrink Ray can be very helpful in fights and take dmg heroes out of fight. You can even use it to run away or to slow your enemy to finish them off. Together with your stun and healing abilities your now a game changer!


UtherChoose - Gathering Radiance:

Gathering Radiance helps you to push lanes and even puts your healing/dmg spell on a higher level. You can even use Hardend focus if you are feeling safe, but i think its better to take the solid and safe choice. If you are falling under 80% life you get nothing.


UtherChoose - Divine Hurricane:

Now you can stun the whole enemy team and lead your team to victory. If you are feeling safe you can even take Storm Shield and protect your whole team. (20% life advantage)


Early-, Mid- and Late Game:

You can play Uther together with another hero with stun abilities. An early kill can lead in a big advantage for your junglers or even to take an objective easy. If you are alone against 2 enemys you have to play very passive and stay in contact with your team. Dont forget to use your healing/dmg spell (Holy Radiance) wisely. A good Uther player can heal his minions/teamate and damage the enemy minions/heroes!

Also try to keep stacking the regeneration globes when possible!


During the midgame you try to push together with your team. Until you are getting level 10 its very important to group up. Divine Storm can be a big advantage in teamfight and lead the mid game to your side. Its also okay to use your ulty to help one of your teammates to escape. Often this leads in a 4vs5 situation for your team and changes the fight. Again, dont forget to use your healing/dmg spell (Holy Radicance) correctly!


In late game its very important to stay together with your team. One death from you as an support can lead in a lost game. Heal your team with Holy Radiance or help some low life teammates with Holy Light. With Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm you can change the whole fight and even help to focuse a hero or help your assassins/specialists to stay alive. Get a good position behind your tanks and teammates. Try not to get focused!

With Protective Shield, Cleanse, Shrink Ray and your stuns you got so many possibilities to be a game changer, use them!



At Blackheart's Bay you should stay in top/mid lane. There you have access to 2 lane's and there regeneration globes. You can even collect coins for your team at the little pirate camps. After collecting coins stay at your team and heal them, they will lose there fights without u!

Dont forget to help your team at the cest to collect more coins!


At Cursed Hallow mid lane is a very good choice. Its very important to collect tributes and group up, without a healer your team will lose the fight and the tribute. When you get a curse, push together with your team. If the enemy team trys to stop u, use Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm to stun them and finish them off.

There is a funny thing with Divine Shield on this map. If your teammate is gathering a tribute for 2 seconds you can cast divine shield to safe the tribute. So Divine Shield could be a possibility on this map.


On Dragons Shire normally you are playing 1-1-3 at the lanes. So the best thinig is to play uther together with other teammates because of your healing, your healing/dmg spells and even your stun. You are even possible to cover the lane if your teammates like to do some camps to get a bigger advantage. Dont forget to heal your minions and golems/knights with Holy Radiance.

There is even a funny thing with Divine Shield on this map. If your teammate is trying to get the dragon knight for 2 seconds you can cast divine shield to safe the knight. So Divine Shield could be a possibility on this map.


As Garden of Terror is the biggest map in Heroes of the Storm, try to stay at the lane and collect as many regeneration globes as possible. If you feel safe you can clear the little plants and help your teammates at the end of a camp to collect the regeneration globes. Dont take the plant of terror, because you are the main healer of your team and your team would even lose your stun abilities. On the other side try to heal your teammates who want to damage the enemy plant of terror and dont try to do it yourself.


At The Haunted Mines with uther you should stay together. So try to stay in the lane with 2-3 teammates and get in contact with your team if you are playing public. When the mines open you have to group up and collect together. Uther can collect skulls very fast with Holy Radaince. Help your team clearing the golem because of the regeneration globes. Push together with your golem and heal your minions and mercenaries. This will help your golem stay alive longer.

The Haunted Mines is the smallest map in Heroes of the Storm, so stay together with your team!

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