Actives Uther (The true support) by DeepTerror

Actives Uther (The true support)

By: DeepTerror
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2015
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Build: Actives Uther (My favorite)

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Build: Actives Uther #2

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Why should i listen to you? Top

After a month of being stuck in Rank 5, i finally made it to Rank 1 by spamming Uther with this build, you basically have 8 abilities at your disposal with a pseudo-rewind, which is good since Uther's basic abilities have 10+ second cooldowns and is annoying to run out of stuff to do besides being a damage sponge.

You might not feel comfortable when you start using this build (too many buttons), but you will get the hang of it eventually, if you have not changed your hero secondary abilities in the hotkeys, do it, saves a lot of trouble.


* Godlike peel and sustain

* Great lockdown

* Very versatile

* Good survive-ability

* Free elo for when you have to support


* No damage

Abilities Top

Eternal Devotion

If you die you become a spirit that heals people, it sounds stupid but it has it's benefits, like if you run out of mana and abilities to use but your allies need healing you can kill yourself and give out free healing every second as a last resort, or when people use all their **** on you, you can still be of use and when you play Uther you are gonna realize soon that your allies' life is more important than yours.

If you die and there is no ally close to you, you can heal minions (it's something)

Get Redemption and you can comeback after it's effect, which is too good to let it pass, since you are usually gonna need to sacrifice yourself every now and then to help your teammates, keep in mind that if you get cough you need to move into save spots to not let it go to waste, it can only be used once every 3 minutes and it can't be turned off

Holy Light

It's a heal (duh), it's pretty bad early but it scales hard late, so do not trade brainlessly and spam it whenever is off cooldowns, it will drain your mana and you are gonna need to back. Mid-late with enough orbs is basically manaless but you still need to prioritize who to heal, in most cases it won't be you. (you are a paladin, saving others is more important than saving yourself)

Get Benediction at level 16 and you got a pseudo-ancestralhealing, except this one let's you choose two targets, a lot of the heal isn't wasted and doesn't have delay.

Holy Radiance

It's an AoE heal and an AoE damage, the only thing you have to aim with Uther, it sucks but is cheap, and you are gonna need it for AoE heal mostly, since the damage is pretty low (higher than E at least) and you can't clear waves with it, if you have mana to spare, you really need to heal badly and q is on cooldown or you need any form of damage, use it, otherwise is a waste.

This is the last ability you want to use with Benediction so use it only in extreme situations, usually when your team for some reason wants you to clear a wave of minions by yourself or when you need damage asap

Hammer of Justice

Is point-and-click a stun, it doesn't sound exciting but is arguably one of the best basic abilities in the game, asides from stoping heroes it also stops casting abilities Valla's strife and can lock down those pesky Zeratuls and Illidans.

With Benediction the lockdown is even better, add divinestorm and is a 3.5 second of **** you, it doesn't get any better than that

Divine Shield

It's an invulnerability with a movement speed boost, but what a lot of people don't know is that it also makes you unstoppable (immune to cc), while the most common use for this is to save allies at low health, you can also use it to let tanks soak burst, to prevent channeling abilities from getting interrupted (like E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit) or to let your assassins murder everyone with nothing they can do besides running away.

This abilities is a MUST against Zeratul

Divine Storm

It's an AoE stun, i only use this in AoE comps or if i really want to make a hero in particular suffer (like Nova), everywhere else is not efficient enough, is exciting for sure, but you really NEED to keep your assassins alive and i have trust issues with their positioning, so before picking this, consider very hard if it justifies seeing your assassins die most fights

Talents Top

Level 1

As Uther you need mana, lots of mana, pretty self-explanatory.

If you, for some reason, don't want free mana then get Block since Fist of Justice is bad (unless the enemy is stupid or a bot, you usually won't get a lot of auto attacks on them) and Reach is even worse

Level 4

Is a shield (duh), this and Q makes Uther the best healer in the game, early game it has more strenghs than your Q so is nice to have something extra to help with while you collect regen gloves, remember that this has no mana cost so if you want to heal but preserve mana for another ability then use this. Also in fights ALWAYS USE SHIELD FIRST BEFORE YOUR HEALING since the healing is permanent, the shield isn't.

Also the rest of the talents are ****, except Amplified Healing, but that's counter intutive unless you are the only tank in the team and need to tank stuff (in which case you shouldn't follow this guide in the first place)

Level 7

It makes people unstoppable for 1 second, like Divine Shield you can use it to prevent incoming CC before it's too late, it also bypasses displacements, arguably the strongest talent in the game.

You can also take Clairvoyance if you need vision badly, or if the enemy has no CC at all

Everything else sucks

Level 10

Check the abilities' text

Level 13

Instant shutdown to everything but tanks and healers, use it on dps and they are useless, or you can use it to catch up people for a guaranteed stun, it also let's you bypass taking Spell Shield since it basically does the same thing but better.

Blessed Champion is hard to pull off and Holy Shock is counter intutive

Level 16

Pseudo-rewind which is bonkers for some like Uther, you do a lot of stuff with it (check the abilities' text) and is an emergency button for when you run out of mana and need to use a basic ability

Take Imposing Presence instead if they have 3 dps that hate paladins

Kill yourself if you take Hardened Focus

Level 20

Like i said in the abilities' text, reviving is too good to let it pass, and it allows you to commit and fight like a man, it also let's you take revenge on the ****er that wasted his **** on you

If the enemy team can melt your entire team in one go, to the point where reviving is useless, take Storm Shield instead.

What do i do? Top


If you wanna sit in a lane just heal and gather gloves, use your stun if the enemy is close to you enough, remember you will be at full health in seconds, even more so with Protective Shield.

If you are against Brightwing or Li Li, don't bother, just suck their poke until there is an ally to help you kill them, then rape them mercilessly

You can roam if you want, you might get some neat kills since you can't miss your stun, but always watch out for your allies before ganking, especially the ones that trade awfully and have low damage.

Mid game

While you are not in your full form yet, skirmishes usually will go in your favor if you use your abilities correctly, if you take Divine Storm then you should win almost all of the fights unless something went terribly wrong.

If someone with huge burst damage jumps on your assassin (like Zeratul, Nova or Thrall) Divine Shield immediatly, do not get cocky and use it when your ally is at 1 hp, is completely pointless and dumb.

Otherwise, use it to let tanks soak even more damage while not getting CCd.

Late game

Now this is where things get fun, always be ready to use Benediction whether you need your pseudo- Ancestral Healing or your double stun to lock down ****ty Jainas, Novas and Kael'thases, and use your Shrink Ray the second you see a damage dealer to make them useless.

Knowing when to use your Cleanse and Divine Shield/ Divine Storm will be extremely important to victory, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ASSASSINS ALONE, they are special, and you must take really good care of them if you want to win.

The job of a Paladin

Which is the key to play Uther, your allies life is more important than yours, if you can help an ally survive, do it, even if it kills you

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