Shupler's Super Duper Uther ... Guide by Shupler

Shupler's Super Duper Uther ... Guide

By: Shupler
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2016
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Introduction Top

Hello everyone my name is Shupler and I play for HOTS as a support. Here I will showcase my Comprehensive guide to playing the Support Hero Uther. I will first talk about his strengths and weaknesses, talent build, then overall playstyle.

Uther's Strengths Top

Uther's strength lies in his burst, single target heals. In team comps with a primary assassin ( Kerrigan, The Butcher, Illidan, Greymane, Sonya {sometimes}) he is great at keeping that assassin alive to do enough damage where it turns the team fight in your favor. His eternal divination allows him to heal through fights and gives reason to be up in the front in team fights (I�??ll explain later). Uther�??s CC is valued against assassins such as Zeratul, The Butcher and Kerrigan and can be the difference in letting your teammate escape. Holy Radiance is great for lane counter pushing (I�??ll explain later). Uther also has great utility with his talents that allows him to take advantage of multiple scenarios to punish the enemy team.

Uther's Weaknesses Top

Uther weakness lies in lack of aoe or multiple target heals, enemy teams with stong aoe damage can really put a hurt on Uther�??s team. Also, his single burst heals have a relatively long cooldown, almost making him a one and done healer, he can lack sustain compared to other healers out there . Elongated team fights will most likely favor the other team.

Talent 1 - Conjurers Pursuit Top

  • Another problem with Uther that I did not mention in his weaknesses is that he runs out of mana relatively quickly. Conjurer's Pursuit , although nerfed in my opinion, still has value since Uther just does need mana that badly.
  • This is probably the next best talent, Sometimes warriors can be far ahead of you, and that extra range can allow you to heal them without risking being out of position, but this is rare and holy light's range is already decent enough imo.
  • 40% may seem like a big deal, but Hammer of Justice doesn't do much damage. This abilities strength comes from the cc.
  • Block can work fine for early game laning, but it does nothing for team fights, you always should start out in the back line and if you're in the back line you're not likely to get hit.

Talent 2 �??Protective Shield Top

  • This talent simply allows for more healing. In battle it will be more than likely that a teammate will be in trouble even after exhausting your two heals. This talent gives you extra cushion in between heal cooldowns. It has a long cooldown, but it still out ways your other talents at this level.
  • Sometimes I see others pick this talent, but imo it's just not worth it. Holy Radiance already has a great aoe size. You shouldn't have trouble landing it.
  • The main flaw with this talent is your going to be in the back line for team fights. Only really useful when you are laning.
  • Unless your by yourself, you most likely won't/shouldn't be healing yourself. This is also a talent only really utilized in laning phase.

Talent 3 �?? Cleanse Top

  • Although this talent has been nerfed, it is still quite useful in game where CC moves are very powerful. His other talents at this level should only be considered if the enemy team has no CC.
  • IF THERE IS NO CC, this is probably next best generic talent. The cooldown reduction is the real reason as Conjurer's Pursuit should be starting to make a bit of difference by now.
  • IF THERE IS NO CC, this talent is good for punishing and locking down an enemy for your team to come in on. However this situation in rare since Uther should be in the backline.
  • IF THERE IS NO CC, and the enemy team has Zagara and/or an invisy (most likely Zeratul), then this may be a good choice. You can decreep the map and potentially reveal enemies without having to use mana and without placing holy radiance on cooldown.
  • IF THERE IS NO CC, and the enemy team has a dive comp, this talent can be useful. knowing the enemies position before they dive can allow your team to be in better positioning to defend or even discourage the dive comp from engaging all together.

Talent 4 �?? Divine Shield Top

  • Always always always get this ult. If you get the other ult you are trolling. The only reason to ever consider Divine Storm as an option is QM when you are paired with an overwhelming amount of healers in your composition.
  • You dirty dirty trollololololololololol.

Talent 5 �?? Shrink Ray Top

  • I love this talent, it can be used in a lot of different ways. Illidan Metamorphosis, The Butcher Furnace Blast, Kerrigan Maelstrom, Sonya Wrath of the Berserker, Greymane when diving in as a Worgen are all prime targets for this talent. If none of these characters for the enemy team are present, Jaina, Kael'thas, Raynor and Valla are good targets to help reduce their damage during team fights. This talent can even be used to punish Muradin and Zeratul for being out of position when they are attempting to hop over a wall.
  • This talent somewhat counters aoe damage but its a bit too cumbersome to use. you have to auto attack something for this to work which is awkward since you should be starting out in the back line and by the time you get to auto the players who need it may not be in range.
  • This talent isn't that worth it for the same reason Block isn't. You should be in the back line and thus hopefully not tanking the aoe damage. If the enemy team has both Kael'thas and Jaina this might be considerable but shrink ray still reduces damage to anyone on your team rather than just yourself.
  • You're a healer not a damage dealer so don't do this. You should be in the back line which also means you may not be in range to use this on an escaping target, and if you use this to do dps then you just put your main burst heal on cool down to do so.

Talent 6 - Benediction Top

  • Benediction allows Uthers already wide utility to be even greater. The reduced mana cost stacks great with conjurer's spirit and highly increases Uther�??s sustain. You can further punish an out of position enemies with double stuns, and During team fights you can choose choose between two Holy Lights or two Holy Radiances depending if you need more aoe heals or burst.
  • For almost the same reasons you shouldn't take Holy Shock, you shouldn't take this as well.
  • This would actually be a really great talent for Uther if Benediction wasn't there. Benediction is just too good a talent to pass up.
  • I don't recommend this talent for the same reasons I don't recommend Block and Spell Shield.

Talent 7 - Redemption Top

  • This talent is almost too good to be true it gives you even more healing by coming back from eternal divination and allows Uther to be a lot more aggressive in team fights (I will still explain later).
  • This is a good talent. Redemption is just too good to pass up though.
  • If you can select this talent you are a TROLLOOLOLOLOLOLOOLLO.
  • Storm Shield is a good talent. Redemption is still just too good to pass up.

Early Game Lane phase Top

The sad truth about Uther is that in most 1v1 lane matchups he will lose. For the most part you are just lane soaking. It is ideal to only utilize auto attacks and Holy Radiance to depush your lane. If you can�??t auto attack without taking significant damage it is ok to pull back. If your opponent has an aoe damage spell wait for them to use it before using Holy Radiance. This way you can undue some damage to your minions while applying damage to theirs. If your opponent has a channel spell try and save your stun for that, if not wait to use it for a teammate gank on the lane or to survive a gank on yourself. If you play this style you should be able to conserve mana as it is desperately needed by Uther early game, and a quick well tap should put you ready for the first map objective.

Team fights Top

For the most part you want to start by positioning yourself in the back line. Always try to pop benediction right before the engagement. Utilize you Holy Light and Holy Radiance as best you can, if someone is still taking damage in between cool downs apply Protective Shield. Once all your basic abilities have gone to cool down then move to melee range and start being a little aggressive. Hit where needed but for the most part in between cool downs you should be looking to body block for you teammates (either for kills or peels) and stunning enemies out of channeling abilities or to help lock them down. Try not to use Divine Shield on yourself, even if you�??re going down put it on someone you think needs it next and apply as much eternal divination heals as possible, If you have Redemption and you�??re confident your team can survive long enough you may even consider saving Divine Shield for when you come back alive. From the start of the team fight you should be looking for an optimal Shrink Ray.

Goodbye Top

I hope you enjoyed this guide and are able to take something away from it.

If you liked this guide please follow me on twitter @ShuplerHOTS

For more gaming content, feel free to check out my twitch account, Shupler

Happy Gaming

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