[UPDATED 3/24 2.0]Combat Medic! - A Manly Guide for the New Jesus by MusicJazz

[UPDATED 3/24 2.0]Combat Medic! - A Manly Guide for the New Jesus

By: MusicJazz
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2015
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Build: Combat Medic - Jesus

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Threats to Uther with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer Most Hammers want NOTHING to do with your hammer (Hehehe). THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! Most run away from you by pressing Z if they are in siege, so make sure you save your stun for when she does. Makes it easier on you and your team to keep her from taking off.
  No Threat
Abathur Abathur is in a weird spot right now. He's an incredible asset to a team that knows that they even have him. You really wont be fighting him since he's so mobile and long range. You'll just have to put up with his stabs and what not. Just an annoyance.
Azmodan Azmodan is kind of a sitting duck. Yes he can spawn minions, but his damage really isn't that impressive. You can interrupt his E which is his only real DPS. Any quick stun into Q combo will send him running. Just don't let him go crazy on your towers! That's his specialty!
Brightwing Brightwing drops some mad constant heals all day every day. Too bad she's a stupid fairy with no strong damage capabilities! Despite this, she's still quite disruptive. Keeping her on lockdown is second priority from prime damage dealers.
Kerrigan Kerrigan isn't a severe threat. She can be very disruptive and durable, but she also has to be really close to wreck. Show her the hammer and she'll probably be out of commission.
Malfurion Malfurion is really sad. He's a cool character with poor healing potential. His heals take a while to fully heal and his ult is his real big draw. He's overall pretty easy to down if you play it right and dodge his grass.
Raynor This man is kinda eh. He can do high damage, but it takes him a while to do it. In long team fights he can really poop on you and your team, so if you find an opportunity, kill him...just remember he is very durable without heavy firepower.
Thrall Thrall is kinda overrated. Yeah he can do good damage, but if he's interrupted then he loses all his momentum and is easy to kill.
Sonya As she sings beautifully, down comes a vicious woman about to tear your anus! Despite this, she's pretty easy to keep off. Just don't stay in her range of her hooks.
Tyrael He's kinda weak in my opinion, but he can sure stick around and be annoying. The longer you stick around in a fight while ignoring him, the more you'll feel like he's annoying. I usually just ignore him unless he's trying to clean up kills.
Diablo Diablo is kind of an asshole, but he doesn't do lots of damage. He's just very disruptive. Lucky for you, you're also as disruptive. In small fights, keep him locked down and away from your key damage dealers, but in bigger fights always keep the big damage dealers locked down.
Gazlowe Gazlowe is really quite dangerous on the right hands. His turrets will really mess you up if you stay too long. His talent at 20 with his saw hands will also wreck you. Thankfully he's a fragile one, so if you manage to dodge all his zoning bombs and cannons to stun him, he'll probably die.
Nova She's a pest. A good one can really cripple you or your team, so make sure you get her if you spot her. Once she's stunned, she's not getting away from you.
Tyrande Dangerous and weak at the same time. Don't underestimate her damage potential. A good one can stun you on point while marking you to get pooped on. Most are terrible with her, so a solid stun will let your team eat her.
Falstad Falstad is fragile. Catch him and he'll probably die. However, he's definitely the definition of glass cannon. If you don't play it right, your health will drop in a blink, and a well placed Hinterland Blast will keep you on your toes when healing allies. Try to keep him pinned down.
Jaina Jaina is alright. Most Jainas I see are pretty bad, but a good one is pretty annoying and dangerous. Leaving her alone would probably be a mistake, so don't miss a chance to stun her for your team.
Murky Heh, Murky. A controversial "troll" character. Honestly, I've seen good Murky's (including myself) absolutely devastate. If they talent for maximum team potential, they can keep you slowed for ages, get away from any stun, and siege heavily or disable a single person for a long time. It would be a mistake to keep him around for too long. Considering he's easy to down, make sure you do for the sake of your team...especially if you find his egg.
Tassadar A support with damage, crazy shields, and a great escape. You'll usually have to kill him or scare him away if you ever want to do damage to an enemy due to his annoying shields.
Anub'arak You don't really see many Anubs, but a good one is something to be reckoned with. Just like Diablo, they can be very disruptive and are even more durable due to the heals. Anubs damage is moderate and without his heals, can be downed pretty easily. If you find that he's without burrow and out of place, bring the pain.
Arthas Arthas is good. Real good. He can heal. AND DEAL DAMAGE! LIKE A MAN. LIKE YOU! Except he's selfish, he doesn't share his heals. Despite this, he has ridiculous amounts of CC, Damage, and Durability. His damage only gets severe if ignored for too long, so make fights short and quick to kill this dude. He's nothing without a team.
Muradin Muradin will be a pain in the ass. Remember about those hammers? Well he's got 2...and he can stun more than you. Yep, he beats you at this game, but you got something he doesn't - HEALS!...well, targetable heals. Keep him off you, keep him off your team, and just heal away his shenanigans.
The Lost Vikings Vikings are good...people just suck terribly with them. The fat one is the one you should steer clear from. As one unit, they can really do some serious work. Alone, it's easy to kill them. If you can stun the fat one, you can separate the other 2 weaker ones making it easier for your team.
Zagara This chick is a terror for your poor poor structures...and allies too. She is an extremely capable damage dealer in the right hands. Breaking her creep tumors will halt her mobility, making it easier to catch her.
Chen Ugh. This panda is good, I'll admit that. He has a perma shield pretty much if being used by a good player. He has great CC and great damage potential. For the most part you DO NOT want to focus on him, but keep tabs on him. If you see him start slapping your Valla around, make sure you hammer him to give her some space. Keep him off your damage dealers. That's about all you can do with him.
E.T.C. ROCK ON! Also quite annoying. Same strategy as Chen applies.
Li Li HRRGH. One of the strongest healers in the game in my opinion. Her 1000 jugs can be interrupted though. Make SURE you interrupt it. In a teamfight it's usually about which healer can heal the best. Make sure it's you!!!
Rehgar Another very strong healer. His totems and single target insta-full life-heal will out do your heals any day. He's also quite hard to catch due to him thinking he's Jacob from Twilight. If you catch him slippin, slap him cuz he's pretty vulnerable! Just don't expect him to keep him there too long since he can just run away.
Tychus This man gives no mercy. His damage output is crazy, and he recently got buffed with his Odin. In exchange, he's easier to kill. Stunning him will ruin everything he does pretty much, so DO IT.
Zeratul Good Zeratul's will always be too far from your reach of your beautiful hammer. Make sure you keep your allies healed up with any damage this asshole drops. It's disgusting, so keep an eye.
Illidan Illadan is the craziest of ninjas. He's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He'll hop all over your team like crazy if he's good. Since his damage potential is really good, you want to make sure you put a stop to all the hopping...for your teams sake.
Nazeebo AE-EE-EE! Do ya heer da call? Da spirits wispa him, and dey giv him great strength. Ravenous spirits ar veri dangerous. Stun if you do not wish to join da spirits.
Stitches Mhmmm. He got hooks. He got stuns. He got suppresses that drag you with him. He's crazy good, and I'm not talking Tony the Tiger status here. Keep him stunned if you can.
Valla Yikes, her damage is wild...and so is her mobility. Thankfully most people run out of mana with her before they realize it, so use it to your advantage to get close. Stopping her momentum will be the key to beating one of the strongest damage dealers in the game.
Sylvanas She's ridiculously dangerous. She's able to obliterate minion waves and mercs without even a scratch. Her damage is also disgusting, along with her super disruptive arrow, she is a new character that you have to be careful with!

Versions & Edits Top

Version 2.0 -

You'd think the new patch destroyed our hopes and dreams for combat medic Uther...BUT DONT COUNT HIM OUT, AS HE IS NOW COMBAT MEDIC JESUS!!!

-Added Sylvanas to threats
-Changed Talents
-Added new strategies

Version 1.9 - The new patch has absolutely changed Uther, so give me some time to tweak the guide and see if a combat oriented Uther is still viable.
Version 1.5 - No buffs or nerfs on Uther really. I just added some quick tips in the threats on how to deal with every hero in the game.

Version 1.6 - Added a new section with an explanation on your mindset and how often to use stuns/hammers.

Intro Top

HEY! Thanks for dropping by and checking out this guide. My name is MusicJazz, and I'm an avid MOBA player. I've played League of Legends, SMITE, and DOTA 2 since Beta and Heroes since Alpha. I can't say I have any pro team experience since I don't have friends that are at that level, but I can say that I don't suck. If that is enough for credentials, then onto the guide.

Combat Medic Uther Top

Uther is a boss. He's a great healer and the only true combat medic. With the right talents, Uther can be more than just another healer. Your goal as Combat Medic Uther (CMU for short) is to be a MAN and fight in the front lines.

"But MusicJazz, Uther is a healer. He should stay in the back, heal, and dish out CC when he can"


This is a manly guide for manly men (and manly women)! If you want to make this a viable build, your view on medics has to change with Uther. You'll BE in the front lines. You'll BE dishing out damage. And most importantly, you'll still BE a healer. If all that sounds good to you, onto the Pro's and Con's:

-Manly as hell. Look at that beard. Amplify this with Lumberjack Uther skin.
-Great CC
-Great Healing potential
-Has a great passive
-Great damage
-Great sustain and health

-No escapes or mobility
-Easy to kite
-Is team dependent

Skills Top

Upon dying, become an Invulnerable spirit for 10 seconds, and gain the ability to use Flash of Light, a small burst heal on a 1.5 second cool down.
Heal an ally for 1030 (194 + 44 per level) Health.
Heal all allies in a line for 480 (100 + 20 per level) Health, dealing 350 (65 + 15 per level) damage to enemies.
Deal 200 (48 + 8 per level) damage and stuns the target for 1 second.

Ultimate Skills Top

Make an allied Hero Invulnerable and increase their Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
Deal 75 damage and stun nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Skills Explained Top

This passive is quite alright. Basically when you die, you are able to use Flash of Light which is basically like a heal loaded up onto a machine gun and set on auto-fire. You'll be healing loads when you die, but this also allows you to have a second coming - AKA BECOME JESUS! (see SWEET *** TALENTS)
Amazing heal. Not only does it heal a lot for single target, but it also does a lot of damage too! (see SWEET *** TALENTS section)
Fantastic ability. Not only can you hurt enemies, but you can also heal allies as well. You get double benefits for your destructive goals! This wont be our main skill though... our main skill is..!!!
DO YOU HEAR THAT? That's the sound of JUSTICE slamming straight into your enemies SKULL! Aint it sweet? This baby is the main focus of this build. To be in the front lines as a combat medic means to deal damage and help allies. What better way to help allies than by dealing damage with a hammer and STUNNING the enemy for a second? "But MusicJazz, it's just a secon-"


That second is enough to save a friendly hero! That second is enough for your Zagara to cast Devouring Maw. That second is your life! Cherish it, use it, be it.
It's pretty cool I guess. It allows you to make a friendly (and yourself with a talent) invulnerable (AKA God) and increase your movement speed. This is good and all, but for the first phases of the game, it only helps one hero. YOU WANT TO HELP THE WHOLE TEAM! THIS IS A TEAM GAME, DAMN IT! YOU NEED SOMETHING BETTER AND MORE REASONS TO KEEP SPEWING MY BIASED VIEWS!


Now THAT is a good skill. It deals DAMAGE. It stuns ANYTHING AROUND YOU. It STUNS for 1.5!!!!! seconds. I WILL not emphasize the extra .5 ...you all know my stance on the single second from Hammer of Justice.


Fist of Justice - LEVEL 1 - NO MORE 40% DAMAGE ON HAMMER ;_; ...BUT! WE GET TO KEEP OUR CONSISTENT HAMMERS EARLY! Every time you attack will lower Hammer of Justice's cool down, SO GET WHACKING! There's no reason to sit around and wait for it to cool down. MAKE IT COOL DOWN AND SLAP SOME FIENDS!

Hammer of the Lightbringer - LEVEL 4 - To play Combat Medic Uther as of the current patch, you'll need this baby. Every time you hit someone/something you get some mana back. Tag this along with Fist of Justice and you're practically given absolutely no reason to go in and go HAM.

Burden of Guilt - LEVEL 7 - Your hammer not only STUNS, but it also SLOWS! It's an added 2 seconds of CC. HOLY LORD NOTHING should be escaping you with this. NOTHING!


Holy Shock - LEVEL 13 - Aw yeah! We get this baby earlier in levels as of this patch! This basically uses the healing amount from your Q, halves it, and makes it into damage. It also reduces the cool down if you use it on enemies. IT'S DEVASTATING! Be careful though, you want to gague your mana use as you're going crazy with this. You DO NOT want to be out of mana in a team fight, and you DO NOT want to be without a heal when your ream mates need it the most. Use it when your opponents don't stand a chance, WHICH SHOULD BE ALWAYS, DAMN IT!!!

Benediction - LEVEL 16 - SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! Activate this to reduce the mana cost of abilities and the cool down by 10 seconds! That's literally a perfect opportunity for a chain stun with Hammer of Justice, or 2 heals with your Q. The opportunities are absolutely endless! USE IT! It's on a low CD and you can prime it up before hopping into battle. It's effect wont wear off until you use an ability, but the cool down wont start ticking till you use the ability.

Redemption - LEVEL 20 - Redemption quite literally transforms you into Jesus. You do holy favors, die, heal while dead, and then come back from the dead where your spirit was. Sound familiar? Yes. You're Jesus. You practically become unkillable at this point (despite dying the fact that you'll have to die to use this), so whenever you get targeted, you'll be just fine. We take this over Divine Hurricane since despite its range nerf, you should still have no problem getting in there and at least stunning a few people.

Short Summary on How to Play CMU Top

To keep this short of a TL;DR situation, here's the summary:

Early game you're weak. Your heals are strong, but your damage capabilities are limited. Stay with your laning partner/minions and absorb that exp. You are capable of going aggressive as long as you have a friendly that'll assist. That's where Hammer of Justice comes in. Stun and poke. The mana cost and cooldown is so low that you may as well abuse it as much as you can.

Mid to late game you just become something to be reckoned with. You'll be disrupting enemies left and right, healing allies with W and Q and initiating with Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm. You'll be able to 1 v 1 almost every assassin and every specialist. The only exceptions I see are possibly Zeratul and Gazlowe at level 20 since both are capable of out DPSing you with burst. Otherwise, you'll be able to stun lock with Benediction, and damage and heal yourself to victory in any 1 v 1 situation if it comes to it. You'll just be a huge pain in the *** in any other situation.

MIND SET! + Hammers + JESUS Top

What mind set should you have with CMU? In my opinion, you should be the complete opposite of conservative. You should be going absolutely nuts. However, there is a catch. Yes this build focuses on hammer usage and damage, and yes I say to go in all the time. This mind set only works if you're smart with managing the resources you are given to you and have a deep understanding of how much mana you have, how much mana skills cost, as well as making those decisions on weather to heal allies or damage the enemies in those crazy team fights. When you feel like you've mastered those aspects, everything should be clear to you. But some pointers to those finding the enlightenment of manliness:

-Use Hammers WHENEVER you have a chance to do serious damage to an enemy. Early game that'll be when you have a team mate to bring the pain. Middle to late game, that'll be always.

-Your Hammer is your lowest mana cost AND your lowest cool down. USE IT TO ENGAGE. ALWAYS.

-Don't forget about Benediction! It's ability to let you stun lock an enemy is absolutely KEY! I've done crazy things like land 2 hammers and then a divine storm to kill high priority targets. It's an absolute must to make sure you use it in any fight! NO EXCUSE!

-Your W should be the only thing to be used carefully. It is a great asset in team fights and should be used to do a mixed bag of damage dealing and healing at the same time. Positioning is key.

-Be aware of your mana. If you go in with full mana, GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Once you start dropping below 1/3, start acting more conservative, especially if you feel like a team fight is dragging on.

-Divine Storm. Try to use it on 2 people at minimum. This is mid game. If the game drags on into late game because both teams are real good, DO NOT be afraid to use Divine Storm on a single person. The punishment of the enemy team losing one character for a whole 50+ seconds is much more than losing the benefit of stunning multiple people. The skill is also on practically a 60 second cool down. It'll be up by every team fight, so being conservative with it isn't an option.

-If you die, HEAL ALLIES OR MINIONS! Don't just stand there cold fish! You're still useful, and once you hit 20, you'll come back from the dead to be back in action ready to kick some ***!!

Important Heroes You Should Be Stunning! Top

Here I'll mention who you should be stunning FIRST as they are high priority targets:

Valla - Always interrupt this chick. I don't remember if her ult can be interrupted, but at least stop her movement.

E.T.C. - This guy will stun your entire team. If he manages to not stun you while ult him, HAMMER HIM! It'll interrupt him.

Nazeebo - His ravenous spirit is crazy. Its really good in team fights and deals LOADS of damage. Get to him and stun him, before it's too late...even if it means death. Remember, you're never truly dead ;)

lili - if she's using her 1000 jugs ult, stun her out of it. It heals for a lot, and in a team fight, she desperately needs it to keep up with you.

Stitches - only stun him if he's trying to swallow up and take away an ally. The shorter distance he can travel, the better

Sylvanas - she is crazy mobile, and amazingly good in good hands. Put her out of her miserable curse!



Closing Remarks Top

If you've stuck around this far, you're a boss. Play this build for fun, tell me what you think, add some comments down below, and give me some feedback. This is my first ever guide for anything ever, so hopefully it was as entertaining to read as it was to write. Add me in game if you want to play ( MusicJazz ). If you like this guide, feel free to vote on it so others can bask in its glory. If this does well enough, I'll consider doing another unusual guide for other characters as well.


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