Auto Attack Build Valla (Hatred Build) by AlbertDoug

Auto Attack Build Valla (Hatred Build)

By: AlbertDoug
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018
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Build: Hatred Build

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Diablo Staying away from walls, Diablo can not come near you since you will kite him out.
Dehaka When you see Dehaka use his drag, you can target him knowing you will be safe from a CC. Using Burrow can allow you to ULT after it and making an easy kill
Leoric Having no Hard CC, makes him really easy to keep your distance and killing him fairly quickly
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Johanna Having a blind is a big deal to Valla. But that all she has, she still gets kited and can not really do anything to you in team fights.
Li Li She is very annoying and having the blind is also why she can stop you from doing you max damage
Artanis Having an ULT that makes you blind for seconds is a huge deal in a team fight. This can cause you to lose your stacks.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zeratul Having Stealth does not allow you to auto attack him. Using your spell is the only way to reveal him. As well as having Blink which allows him to escape.
Valeera She is same as Zeratul except she does not Blink instead she has Cheap Shot, which stuns and blinds you. Making you useless and an easy to target to kill
Nova Being a stealth ranged assassin is something that is hard for Valla to do something about it. Her clones can cause you to ult by accident and wasting it. Her damage is very high that she can most of the times one shot you.
Genji Genji has a great amount of dashes, making it very hard to land [[Rain of Vengeance]] and his reflect will damage you. You are basically a sitting duck.
Cassia Her blind is a huge part that makes cassia dangerous. But her passive Blinding Light makes her do more a lot of damage. Due to this, you can not life steal and dying very fast.
Kerrigan Her shield gives her a lot of surviablity and her CC is a real strong weapons against assassins. As well as kitting against her is very difficult.

Who am I? Top

I am Albertdoug, an auto attack assassins player. ADC I been playing Valla for a year and a half and been playing Heroes for 2 years. Played over 450 games and have a Positive winrate of 62.7%. Climbed from Silver 3 to Diamond 5 with the practice and skill I have learn from playing Valla. I am here to teach all the small techniques that Valla has that can be the difference from a normal Valla and an Insane Valla player.

Purpose of Valla Top

Valla is a DPS Assassin that focuses on auto attacking for her damage. She is meant to be Hyper Carry: A assassins that scales really well toward the late game due to her Hatred, Manticore and Rancor.

How to Play Valla Top

Playing Valla requires a lot of mechanical skills, such as Kiting: Moving consistently between autos to dodge abilities and using her range to the fullest potential. Valla has the lowest health pool in the game as a assassin. So make sure to stay extra safe. While playing Valla you need to keep track of passive Hatred. This allows her to do more damage the longer she is a team fight. Attacking minions is a great way to keep your passive or to start stacking it. (structure and camps as well). Allowing to start a fight better and have some passive such as Tempered by Discipline and Rancor. Letting you have life steal and extra attack speed before the fight starts. Resulting in an easier fight with rising your chances of winning. Your Position matters a lot when playing Valla. You must always be in position to use your Vault when you find your self in a situation to escape or create some distance between you and an enemy. Do not be afraid to use your Vault to finish a kill since your Death Dealer can allow for some nice finisher and would be off cool down. Try to stay away from tight corners or small corridors when fighting since it is a bad spot, making you vulnerable to no escape or getting CC from a Diablo. Best spots for you to fight are open areas such as Battlefield of Eternity or Sky Temple. Be careful not to focus squishy or someone who is in their back line when it is dangerous. Instead, attack the person who is closest to you. That way you will not have to dodge as many skills shots. When you feel like you getting pressured or multiple people coming, Use Rain of Vengeance to apply a stun. This allows you to reposition or walk back while your team comes in. It can also be useful to chain CC to lockdown enemy. Rain of Vengeance should never be used to just do damage since it is important to have self peel.

Talent Choices Top

Level 1:
Hot Pursuit
This talent is key to playing her as a Auto Attacker. The movement speed is the best thing about this talent. Allowing to kite easier and as well as catching up to heroes running away. With additional movement speed, dodging skill shots will be easier, kiting tanks who have no movement speeds will be a breeze. The mana regen is usefull as well by almost never being OOM.
This talent is literally GARBAGE. This not provide any benefits when completing the quest. Caltrops have no effect in fights or in laning phase. Lowering the cool down is not worth missing out the movement speed and mana regen you receive from Hot Pursuit. As well as your Vault will be refreshed instantly if getting a kill from Lvl 7 Death Dealer
Monster Hunter
This can useful at times if you are going to take camps often. The problem with this talent is that it brings nothing when it comes to fighting. Valla is a monster at fighting in team fights and taking a talent that does not provide something for fighting can be detrimental.

Level 4
Creed of the Hunter
This talent is key to her late game. First let's talk about the passive, give permanent 10% attack speed. This plays a big a role into later in the game, increasing her attack speed make her dish out a bunch of damage and in combination with Rancor This becomes very deadly. As well helping you in the early game. The quest is also part of the late game build. Not only does increase you attack damage but it is the only talent that give you attack damage. No other talents gives Valla attack damage. This quest is not hard to stack since you are already gaining attack speed for this talent. This scales excellent with attack speed and health damage. This talent is a must take
This ability is good to cause some high burst damage. Making your Multishot do an additional 40% damage. The only downfall is that it is in a 12 second cool down. Your auto attacks will do more when taking Creed of the Hunter overall. You would have to wait on a cooldown to do some high damage instead on relying on something very reliable (Auto Attack))
Puncturing Arrow
This is a really good talent to take if you are going Hungering Arrow build. This combine with other talents such as Repeating Arrow and Siphoning Arrow. But this does not scale in the late game as much as going the other talents. Your mid game will be good and late game will ok but not as good as it can be if taken Creed of the Hunter

Level 7
Death Dealer
Out of all her talents, this one is for sure one of the hardest to use but very rewarding. This makes your next auto attack 140% stronger when using Vault and having 10 stacks of Hatred before hand. This does NOT mean go in when ever your Vault is off cool down or to get a kill that will you make you go out of positioning. Using this ability as finisher for who ever is safe to auto attack becomes powerful, showing some burst and having no cool down.
Repeating Arrow
This talent is good except not when going this build because your Hungering Arrow will not be your main damage tool. Talent can be used in a build focusing Hungering Arrow. This is a different play style and losing a lot of power into the late game.
This ability does not help in single target sustained damage. This ability can be misleading at points. The grenades are in the middle and the edges of Multishot meaning you will not always get the 2 second cooldown on Multishot. I do not recommend this talent.

Level 10
Rain of Vengeance
This ultimate is a huge part of Valla kit. This allows her ultimate to be used in many situations and proper usage can be vital to surviving and winning team fight. Can be used in many way, self-peeling, CC stacking, stopping channels Ex. E.T.C. stopping Mosh Pit. Having 2 charges can helpful in case your first charge is dodge or misused, you have an opportunity to still peel for you self. Having a low cool down ensure that you have this ultimate every team fight. HAS A DELAY, IT IS NOT INSTANT

Level 13
Tempered by Discipline
Taking this talent will increase my survivability when auto attacking from safe distance. Auto attacking will heal you for 25% of your auto attack damage after acquiring 10 stacks of hatred. This helps your support as well as they will not have to focus as much and give you team the heals instead of you. Having this talents will also not make you have to recall for healing since you can heal of the minions or structures and Hot Pursuit can regen your mana as well. This talent should be taken when the enemy team composition does not have a great deal of burst damage and instead sustained damage such as Raynor or Fenix
Gloom is an great talent that is very situational. If the enemy team has a great amount of spell damage, taking talent will be a lifesaver when going against Kael'thas or Li-Ming. After the mages use their abilities, they have nothing to attack you with until their cool downs are back up. Within that time frame, you can kill them and win the team fight.

Siphoning Arrow
Hungering Arrow will you heal for 75% percent of the damage dealt, without having to stack to hatred. The healing will be instant. Sounds good but it can be awful if missed or in long team. You will only recieve healing when Hungering Arrow is hitting and not after, losing her sustained healing from Tempered by Discipline or the spell armor from Gloom. Do not recommend taking this talent.

Level 16
Now this where the real damage start to show. Granting you 5% of additional health damage on top of Attack damage. This talent is very easy to use and requires just to auto attack. As well as not having to stack your Hatred to activate it, makes it a huge bonus. This is when you can start shredding tanks and making them feels like squishies. As well as armor will be 100% ignored and heroes like Garrosh will be really easy to kill. This talent is one of her reason why she is a hyper carry, due to being able to damage to everyone whether it is a tank or an assassin. With proper positioning and attacking safe targets, this is where you can carry the team fight and carry the game to victory.
Seething Hatred
Being able to stack can be good but is just not as powerful as Manticore. You do not need a longer time to keep passive. Auto attacking minions from time to time to keep it active, is better than taking up a powerful level 16 talent. This can be taken in very situational times (1/100 games). This would be when the enemy team have no tank(For whatever reason)
Frost Shot
Self explanatory, this talent does not bring anything towards your auto attacks. Taking this talent while having the other talents already chosen will be make Frost Shot even more useless. It is also in a talent tier where Manticore is placed. Never take this talent while going this build.

Level 20
Important Note: I will not be talking about the ULT upgrade since they have no place in this build
After taking all the other talents, this is where it all comes down together. Rancor is the reason why this build exist and why it makes it so outstanding to play it. You become a monster with all the attack speed you gain and activating your Manticore way faster. This late game talent is what make you a hyper carry and if in a team fight, your position is good, nothing will appreciate getting hit 2.5 times per second for 300+ damage. You will be able to turn fights around in seconds or forcing their tanks to back out of the fight, making 4v5.
Farflight Quiver
This can be chosen on your view of the match. If the enemy is running a pick comp or a CC comp, having long range to help you to stay away from them and be safer. If you die then you will be no good toward the team fight. Being safe is better than not being able to dish out damage. I recommend this to practice her when trying out this build.

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