Azmodan, Death Dealer by Jeroth

Azmodan, Death Dealer

By: Jeroth
Last Updated: May 28, 2015
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Build: Scorched Earth & Hell From Above

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Overview Top

Often overlooked and under-considered, Azmodan is a powerful pushing and team fight dominating force.

Empowered with an enormous health point supply, Azmodan can take a serious beating and still make it out alive. The only issue with Azmodan is his mini mana pool that requires constant recalls to base - which in the end might lower your lane experience, but if played right and the rest of the team can carry for that lost experience for a short while - you will be providing enormous siege damage, tons of final blows, and major pushing power.

Azmodan is a well balanced hero with enormous control over the map. The Globe of Annihilation is not only a powerful crowd control talent, but also can be used to illuminate distant areas, to check if the other team is going for a boss, or to find heroes hidden in the brush.

In the early game, it is important to crush the healing fountains in the front row as fast as you can, whilst also controlling the lanes. By the time you get Infernal Globe, you should be attacking fountains with your spare globes. This will force the heroes to retreat to other lanes and or give you more time to push the towers and gates when they need healing.

More to come...

Tips Top

Tips For Total Domination
  • Delay your Globe of Annihilation during team fights to catch the runners.
  • In team fights, be sure to let out your Demon Warriors before you channel All Shall Burn.
  • Send out your Demon Warriors into hiding areas and blind spots before moving forward.
  • Your Globe of Annihilation illuminates the field it travels over - use this to your advantage.
  • Focus on taking out healing fountains early when you have extra moments to spare a Globe of Annihilation.
  • When you acquire Demonic Invasion, take out the front three fountains if still existing.
  • Always channel the gate before the towers, this will let more minions hit from all angles.
  • Develop a ping system with your team if they need a final Globe of Annihilation to destroy a runner.
  • Don't spend too long pushing a lane - keep your eyes open and get out early.

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