Azmodan Solo Core Fun build. by Trogdog

Azmodan Solo Core Fun build.

By: Trogdog
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2016
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Build: Solo Push

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Threats to Azmodan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li Li Can't do anything to stop you since you're not AA Based
Abathur Does very little to protect core the shield he provides sucks so have fun against him.
Illidan Depending on his ult he can be just as scary as the butcher but if he doesnt take the hunt he cant do much damage to you. Just make sure to take Imposing presence against him.
Tassadar Forcewall can hold back your siege for what... 2 seconds? He has no interrupts. There is only one problem with him and thats his aoe lighting thing.
Tyrande Her stun is pretty avoidable, just be careful and she wont cause you trouble
Thrall His root won't interrupt so he's not as much as a worry, but he can do some decent damage to you.
Falstad With march of sin you can take him back in your lane, if he uses mighty gust he can ruin your push
Malfurion His root can be hard on you, the only problem is when he takes the silence... It does a lot of Aoe damage to minions and interupts your laser
Johanna If you can avoid her stun while attacking core she cant do damage.
Kerrigan Harder to land stun but can do a lot of damage
Uther His stun inst a charge like the others, but it will interrupt you and you wont kill core.
Diablo Other 2 stuns man but they aren't ranged
Muradin His stun is easy to land wont do much damage.
Greymane No cc but his damage output with screw you up.
Sonya Her spear is pretty easy to land and she has high damage output.
The Lost Vikings Level 16 if the big one takes the stun they can screw you up.
Tyrael Very mobile can do some damage to you, it's only his stun that will absolutely destroy you.
Anub'arak His stuns are skillshots and not charges but he has 2 so be wary.
Brightwing ABSOLUTE PAIN. Her poly morph interrupts you and she has some aoe to deal with your minions.
E.T.C. Stun, Pushback, Moshpit... So many interrupts, won't do much damage to you though he requires team mates to kill you.
Nazeebo Pretty good at stopping your siege, if you can avoid his zombie wall you should be fine.
Stitches His hook + gorge can mess you up but if you don't get hooked you're golden.
Gazlowe His turrets are a problem against your siege, he has a wombo combo of stun bomb + gravo bomb, he can stop your siege and you from reaching core.
The Butcher He'll mess up your core push since it's not a skillshot stun, and he can burst you down insanely fast
Kael'thas His phoenix, his stuns, his chain bombs, his aoe damage... He will wipe out your minions and you before you can do real damage.

Overview Top

This build is useful against a team that has little to no cc (specifically stuns or interupts) This is for fun when you want to solo push the core without help from an outside source.

Talents Top

Tier 1 Talents

Master of Destruction: YES
This will allow you to destroy their core 25% more efficiently and makes your mana cost go down by 37.5%
Bribe: Situational
This goes great with Mercenary lord, But if you're impatient and don't want to wait for a wave of minions I'd go with master of destruction.

Tier 2 talents

Mercenary Lord: YES
The core does 50% less damage to you.
Gluttony: Situational
Gluttony can be great for 1v1ing with azmodan because it gives you a better advantage in 1v1 and teamfights but Merc Lord grants you a better push and core doesnt do as much damage.

Tier 3 Talents

Bound Minion: YES
Bound minion is great for pushing when on a objective or unable to physically push lane, also It works great on catapults late game.
Infused Power: YES
Another charge of Laser can be useful for a total of 155% of the default laser (Combined with Master of Destruction) It brings keeps and cores down faster but doesn't have better minion pushing power

Tier 4 Talents (Ultimate)

Demonic Invasion: YES
This ult is huge against structures you can 1v1 a keep without minion support, You could also 1v1 core but I wouldn't recommend it, instead wait for a minion wave and then cast it on core + General + Laser
Black Pool: NO
Black pool can be great in fights and against minions but when you're moving with march of sin it's not as effective, and to cast another blackpool you'd need to stop channeling laser.

Tier 5 talents

March of Sin: YES! With march of sin you can avoid heroes by circling around core and also chase heroes while channeling on them I see no other alternate.

Tier 6 Talents

Demonic Smite: YES
Helps you push down lanes faster, End of story.
Imposing Presence: Situational
If you have a Illidan on the other team this is great against him or any other AA based user.

Tier 7 Talents

Perishing Flame YES
Cast on core = More damage = Faster Win = Happy Azmodan.
Forced Recruitment Situational
Doesnt help with core damage, use this if you want more control over lanes.

Early, Mid, and Late Game Top

Levels 1-9
Level 1-10 is pretty simple just soak, help in team fights, and push lanes
Levels 10-19
This is where it gets interesting, you can keep sieging but because of ults you must be careful... Getting a pushing buddy is nice on these levels.
Levels 20+
This is the point where you should have Tier 1 and Tier 2 forts down on at least one of their lanes you wanna try to not be detected, get a minion wave to core cast ult + general laser and you can do so much damage to core sometimes winning.

Conclusion Top

Azmodan can be an absolute pain if he gets to the core, using this build you can easily get to the core and do some damage or possibly destroy it. I wouldn't use this build on ranked because usually the other team is smart enough to pick someone with stuns and they could completely destroy you.

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