Banshee Queen's Wrath by SpdaSaint

Banshee Queen's Wrath

By: SpdaSaint
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2015
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Build: Sylvanas, Queen of the Forsaken

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This is the common war cry given everytime Sylvanas' ghastly subjects, the Forsaken, ride out into battle. Maybe, using this guide, you too will be victorious for Sylvanas.

I won't go too much into "who can she fight" or "where can can she fight" right now; she is simply too new. However, using this build I found that Sylvanas can become a VERY dangerous powerhouse in team fights with potential to clear enemy creep waves instantly in the later game.

Level 1:

Although With the Wind might seem more optimal for team fighting, chances are that you'll be shoving lanes as Sylvanas for long intervals of time. Therefore, Barbed Shot is a viable talent choice. If you must use your Withering Fire to help clear lane minions, it will prove much more effective than ordinarily.

Level 4:

Now we get to the part that just makes Sylvanas so very fun and diverse with her talents. Normally, so many things will be dying around you that Overflowing Quiver will be the default choice; I mean, why not? Free damage, right? However, there will be times that it will not be the best choice; dependent on your ability, situation and preference, Ranger's Ambush or Envenom may prove better choices.

Level 7:

Now I know what some might be thinking: "Follow Through? That's like the lamest talent in this tier."

Not so; in fact, it's probably the most powerful talent on this tier. Did you know that Follow Through can be triggered after EVERY CHARGE of Withering Fire? Yes, you read that correctly; it is possible to benefit from Follow Through auto attacks 5+ times in a row during a team fight; this equates to very strong pressure by Sylvanas. While this makes Follow Through the "default" choice for this tier, Life Drain is also tempting due to the unique nature of Shadow Dagger's splitting effect. If neither of these are viable for the situation, you can make like Gazlowe and grab Unstable Poison or Mercenary Lord and begin either pushing lanes like a madman or shoving with buffed camps. Shade Form is probably the most situational talent here; while it does offer Sylvanas 3 seconds of invisibility, its use would be limited, as Haunting Wave is very obvious when cast.

This is by far Sylvanas' most complex tier; it will likely generate many interesting builds in the future.

Level 10:

Wailing Arrow... shoot into teamfight as a skillshot, detonate on top of 2 or more enemy heroes, making them easy to lock down or surround while damaging them at the same time? Ding-ding-ding-ding, we've got a winner!

Level 13:

AKA the "how to improve your survivability / effectiveness" tier. Dependant on your situation, the default choices would be entirely dependent on slowing down a mobile team of enemy heroes with Overwhelming Affliction or staying one step ahead of death (again) using Evasive Fire. Spell Shield is probably the least effective talent available here; while Sylvanas does have Haunting Wave she can escape with, it is significantly delayed in a fight. Only take Splinter Shot if you're absolutely certain you can get away with running for the extra damage.

Level 16:

This is where Sylvanas can become truly dangerous. By default, the choice that many will pick here, with good reason, is Cold Embrace. While it reduces the effective range of Shadow Dagger, the results of the effect are very potent; this not only gives Sylvanas enough power to INSTANTLY clear a creep wave, but also makes her very deadly in team fights. More often than not, by the time your victim realizes he's been "dagger'd", it's too late; he's next to his team-mates, and the effect spreads to them.

Other choices that are viable here vary in priority. If you're finding that Sylvie is getting locked down frequently, Will of the Forsaken is just as potent as the WoW ability which spawned it, allowing you to sprint and deny any chance of a pursuer to follow you quickly without mounting up first. Blood for Blood is also a viable choice, although one should be careful with using it as it will place Sylvanas potentially within reach of enemy range. Windrunner is a viable talent as well if you wish to make frequent use of escapes over walls or diving in and out of team fights, but it is entirely dependent on very quick reflexes and is rendered null if you are stunned or locked out.

Level 20:

By default, Deafening Blast will be the choice many will make; a Wailing Arrow that is 1.5 to 2 times as potent is a very powerful tool, and a well-placed arrow could prove to be a death knell for any opposing team. However, if you still struggle with getting away despite the multiple options Sylvanas has for mobility, Bolt of the Storm is also a very viable talent to choose. Fury of the Storm is obviously the least viable talent here, but I suppose if you really, really REALLY needed the wave clear this could be very powerful on Sylvanas.

This is my first guide, so sorry if it's not flashy or awesome or even that helpful; nevertheless, I hope it helps players enjoy the Banshee Queen.

And remember... "VICTORY FOR SYLVANAS!"

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