Be Like Mike Falstad by Michael Jordan

Be Like Mike Falstad

By: Michael Jordan
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2016
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Build: Be Like Mike with Mike's Falstad!

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Introduction Top

You're fast and thorough, and sharp as a tack. You know Falstad can't take big hits, so you strike like lightning and disappear that fast. You know his escape is slow to cool down, so you move faster than anyone else and never get hit. You play him like a basketball ninja sniper. You fly like the wind. You drop that bomb. You're gone again. They never knew what hit them. But YOU know, because you've got what it takes. You're going the distance.

Be Like Mike.

Guide build link:

Level 1: Gathering Storm Top

All of the level 1 choices are viable in the right situation, and are compatible with Mike. But getting MORE HAMMER DAMAGE is more viable than the rest, more of the time. Having 50 extra damage on the hammer may not sound like much, but when you're hitting 4 people with it 2x each as the hammer flies forward and back, suddenly you've done 400 extra damage and now they fear you. The power of AOE damage is situational, but powerful and easy to underestimate. This extra damage also applies to every minion when you hit them in a line. Be like Mike and you'll annihilate minion waves AND other players.

Choosing Seasoned Marksman at level 1 requires you to have 2 close lanes that can be farmed for minions all game, and a loyal teammate who will help you farm them until you can do it yourself (after level 7 boomerang), AND a lack of other teammates who are going to steal your minion kills before you get there. So if you've got no teammates (bad teammates), then you might find yourself choosing to buff the hammer instead. Mike doesn't need anybody else!

Level 4: Flow Rider Top

Being able to SHOOT 2X MORE OFTEN is what makes Mike tick. Go to the net. When you aren't shooting, you aren't in the game. Get in the game.

Level 7: BOOMerang Top

Level 4 and Level 7 multiply. Now you've got 2X MORE BOOM. There's no other choice. Go HARD to that net!

Level 10: Mighty Gust Top

Hinterland Blast is okay, but Mike's Falstad is not lacking for damage. He's lacking for survivability. Mighty Gust is secretly the biggest heal in the game. It's for when you absolutely, positively must save EVERY PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM from themselves. Carry the game like Mike.

Level 13: Crippling Hammer Top

Extra damage or shield sounds good. But you're already too lethal for anyone to beat you, and too fast to get hit. DOUBLING THE SLOW on your already-doubled hammers means you're the most dreaded opponent in the game. Keep moving now, because they all want you dead. Good thing they'll never catch you.

Level 16: Aerie Gusts Top

You think you know fast? You don't know fast. This EXTRA SPEED TALENT increases both your effective damage done AND your effective health. Any time you get slowed or use your escape, you're quickly back to full speed and can't be caught. You're so fast, no one knows what hit them. Now you're really starting to be like Mike.

Level 20: Epic Mount Top

This pick is always situational, but IT'S ALWAYS A SITUATION FOR EPIC MOUNT! Wind Tunnel might enable a clutch save. But Epic Mount WILL enable clutch saves, again and again. You don't just use it to refill your mana frequently. You use it to juke and jive short distances in fights, delivering offensive and defensive moves including Mighty Gust at your leisure. Everyone else in the game looks slow to you.

Conclusion Top

Now you're racing and pacing and plotting the course. You're going the distance. Be Like Mike.

Note: The purpose of buffing the enemy movement slow at 13 and your movement speed increase at 16 is to help you set up incredible plays. If you find yourself without teammates to set up (they have no offense, no defense, no stuns), then you may NEED to take the stun at 16 to enhance your independent kill ability. Which then means you NEED the shield at 13 for your defense. See:

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