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Best Sylv NA

By: Crysi102
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017
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Build: How to Sylvanas

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Threats to Kael'thas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Lt. Morales You can oneshot her with a well placed combo. Just don't go too far forward to do it.
Sgt. Hammer She sits still for your combo, what could be easier?
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Varian If Varian goes tank, or goes twinblade with any kind of healers or shields, he can be a hazard to work around
Cassia She can be either a complete pain in the behind or a cakewalk. Just don't eat her Valk and you're fine.
  No Threat
Illidan This guy flips around so much it can be hard to hit your Q without predicting. Try to avoid him if you can, and don't miss your E.
  No Threat

Chapter -1 - Why Push? Top

To be completely honest, this started as an in-joke with my friends. I tend to focus a lot on pushing and counterpushing when I play, so they've nicknamed me the "Best Sylv NA." That's where the title of this guide comes from.

Jokes aside, I want to turn this guide into something more realistic, so that people can see the value behind what I do when I play. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not amazing at this game. Despite playing since the beta, I'm only a level 50 or so at the moment (speaking on 6/20/17, that is). However, I play with and against people with levels over 500. Once I get ranked, I'll update this section with my rank and other qualifications.

Point is, I will be slowly updating this guide as I learn more about what makes it work and not work. I'll be updating difficulties and matchups as I go and all that fun stuff. So please bear with me.

Until this gets finished, feel free to enjoy the only halfway joking guide for Kael'thas: Best Sylv NA

Chapter Zero - Proof of Pushing Top

Below lays proof of the pushing. It works. Trust me.

Chapter One - How to Push Top

With this build, you are a Sylvanas. Though you are not as good early game, you should look to waveclear as much as you can. Your D infusion on your W is a great way to do this. An infused W and one Q will wipe out a full wave 90% of the time. Do that.

Chapter Two - When to Push Top

Different maps have different flows. Learn them. When one of the gimmicks... I mean objectives goes live, be ready to contest it. Unless multiple people on your team is dead, then give it up and move onto the next step.

If you win an objective, push with the advantage it gives you. Unless there is a backdoor happening. Look at your minimap for that. Go stop that. That's a bad thing to let happen.

If more of your structures are alive than the enemy has, it's generally a good thing. Work on that.

Chapter Three - Pushing is Winning Top

There is always an advantage to pushing a fort. Do that. It helps. Unless it doesn't. You'll catch onto the difference.

Chapter Four - Pushing to Win Top

Go to a fort. Press D. Hover over a wall, gate, or outer tower. Press W. Slide your mouse between a gate and an outer tower. Press Q. Once everything blows up, press W one more time. Walk back.

Do you need mana?
Yes? - Go back and get more mana.
No? - Repeat the steps in this chapter again.

Rinse, Repeat. Victory.

Chapter Five - Pushing Heroes Top

You can push heroes just like forts. Just. Do the same thing you did, but add an R in at the center of the team. That'll do it for ya.

They'll die.

Unless they don't. At which point, press E and run away.


Kite away.

But mostly run.

Then do your combo again.

If they aren't dead by that point, I can't help you.

Chapter Six - The End of Pushing Top

When you push to the core.

You're done.

That's it.

Do that.

It's good.

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