Kael'thas bombs by Stomy

Kael'thas bombs

By: Stomy
Last Updated: May 12, 2015
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Build: Fire Cleave a la bombs

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Kael'thas and me Top

Hey guys Stomy here. I have been playing since the alpha. Obviously noone has a lot of exp on this guy. But i think this build works pretty well.

Talent choices Top

So the theme of this build is The bomb. This thing does good damage little to mana and can jump like crazy. Of course you get the fission bomb talent for increased damage chain bomb so it jumps and I like backdraft because you can slow the whole dang team. The main goal is to trait your bomb and double tap someone in the group. it will jump to all of them big damage slows them all and can jump to minions and back. Also this allows you to instaclear waves and kill mercs incredibly fast. for the siege camps trait it and put on on both. it will keep bouncing and kill it quick. I prefer pyro on some maps. its crazy good damage and the aoe goes nicely with the bombs. the phoenix works well with area maps. (sky temple for instance). I wont go to in depth on this but there ya go.. had good experiences with this build.

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