Bouncy Brightwing by Carcinognic

Bouncy Brightwing

By: Carcinognic
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2015
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This is my first guide, so don't berate me too much. But I'm open to suggestions.

On to the useful things. Brightwing does amazing support, but he assumes your team isn't going to swan dive and feed. You job is to hang out in the back and well, support. Brightwing takes a little getting used to and your team needs to have a clue. For quick matches, Rehgar might be a better choice since he has more forgivabile reprecussions. But for ranked matches, Bbrightwing is where it's at. For flavor, you'll find Brightwing quotes throughout. It's scary how tormented this cheerful looking guy is.

"It's time to attack the bad people. Join me."

Check out the following link to a video of Brightwing quotes.

Level 1 Top

Hyper Shift. Sure the range from Unfurling Spray could be nice, but you should be able to manage your distance to make it work just fine. The big thing with BW is that he can move all over the place. What if you could make that happen more often. Heals for everyone!! This lets you bounce around the map that much more. "I shall come to help you now."

Level 4 Top

Manic Pixie. We're not trying to be a dps class. Not much more to say there.
"Be careful friends. The bad people are near us."

Level 7 Top

Phase Shield. So remember that whole thing about Brightwing being able to bounce all over the place. Now you can shield all those people you jumped to. "I'm going to captuere a mercenary camp because it will help us." Phase Shift. "Do you think we should attack now?" Phase Shift. "I do..."

Level 10 Top

Blink Heal. Back to the previous statement. We're not supposed to be a dps. Leave that to the other people on your team. "You sure are good at murder."

Play notes: Blink Heal is good for getting out of bad situtations. We can't all be perfect. Sometimes you get to deep. Other times they surround you. As long as there is someone within range of your Blink Heal, you can escape... (provided they aren't getting smashed on, too) "Need to go away from here... very fast."

Level 13 Top

Shield Dust. stasis is horrible. You heal by being active. Pixie Boost The boost from Pixie Dust is more than enough. Sticky Flare doesn't work out so well because Brightwing goes through mana pretty quick so you'd want to conserve it. Shield Dust lets them run in head first with a shield. It's like a swan dive with a bike helmet. "Ouchy time."

Level 16 Top

Bouncy Dust. This is where he starts getting efficient. He can put two boosts at a time. Combine that with Manic Pixie and finally mana starts being a little easier to manage. Even if you're using Pixie Dust on yourself to run away for the speed boost, now someone else gets it for FREE!! "This will only hurt until you die."

Level 20 Top

Storm Shield. We can't heal ourself very well at all. So we have to hide behind the people who are supposed to take it in the face. This ability works in two ways.
1) We're surrounded. There's no one to Blink Heal to... "You are scary creature I am scared of." Pixie Dust, Storm Shield, flee!
2) Team fight!! Pixie Dust Storm Shield "Let us make their insides... their outsides."


"Brightwing no like. Things like you should not talk."

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