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Brightwing For Beginners

By: TSDdaz
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2015
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Stitches While you still need to be wary of hooks, [[Brightwing]] is a great counter to [[Stitches]] because he can throw down a [[Polymorph]] right after the hook lands.
Chen [[Chen]] is usually viewed as being super annoying due to his drink trait, but a simple [[Polymorph]] makes it easy for your team to burst him down.
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Nova Always always always watch out for [[Nova]]. Unlike most supports, [[Brightwing]] doesn't have a talent to give vision and because of her low self sustain, a [[Nova]] can easily get the jump on you and burst you down.
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Intro Top

I'm Dazboss and I'm the primary Support player for Team TSD. I'm not claiming to be a super pro player, but I know my way around the Support heroes. A couple of weeks ago, Brightwing was in the free rotation, and I saw a ton of bad Brightwing players. I can see her being a really cool hero to a lot of new players because of her Phase Shift and I mean c'mon she's just super cute. A lot of people classify Brightwing as a really tough Support to use properly and I don't disagree, but if they're going to put her in the rotation, there will definitely be people playing her for the first time so I'm offering what I think is a solid guide for the beginner Brightwing player.

Brightwing Pros and Cons Top

+Solid healing with Soothing Mist
+Fantastic counter to a lot of enemy heroics with Polymorph
+Able to almost instantly help out allies with Phase Shift
+ Pixie Dust has a lot of uses

-Very squishy
-Has no burst until level 10
- Blink Heal doesn't heal much for a Heroic
-A lot slower than other heroes
- Phase Shift can be interrupted

Basic Abilities Top

(Trait) Soothing Mist This is Brightwing's only form of healing right from the start. It's great because it doesn't cost you and mana, which is usually something Support heroes need to worry about. The only problem is that you have no control over it and sometimes it's on cooldown when you really need to heal an ally or yourself.

(Q) Arcane Flare This skill is Brightwing's main source of damage. The output is pretty low, but that's expected from a Support. I find that it's really great for laneing at the beginning of the game, and if you can get really good at landing it, you can snipe off a low enemy hero.

(W) Polymorph This is why people play Brightwing. Polymorph is a fantastic move for stopping enemies from killing you or your allies, or for disrupting their Heroics. The skill is knowing who and when to Polymorph.

(E) Pixie Dust This is a great ability for a couple of reasons. Though it does block two enemy basic attacks, you'll be using it for the speed boost 80% of the time. Whether it's to help you or an ally escape death, or pushing an ally in for that killing blow, Pixie Dust can make or break fights.

(Mount) Phase Shift Brightwing can't mount so she is a lot slower than other heroes. To make up for it, she has the unique ability to teleport on top of another ally. This ability can be used once every 30 seconds and know who to Phase Shift onto and when is what makes or breaks a good Brightwing player.

(R) Blink Heal One of Brightwing's Heroic abilities and the easiest to know when to use. You use it to teleport to a nearby ally and heal them for a moderate amount of health, simple as that. It starts with two charges and the rebuild over 10 seconds. For this beginner build, I highly recommend this Heroic because it's simple to use. Just pop it on the ally who needs health and prioritize squishies over tanks.

(R) Emerald Wind Brightwing's other Heroic ability is a little more difficult to master. Emerald Wind can be an enormous asset to your team and can save your entire team from a wipe if used correctly. I recommend this Heroic if the opposing team has three or more tanky Warriors, but because this is a beginner's guide, I realistically don't recommend it at all. Blink Heal will probably work better for you.

Talents Tier 1 Top

Bribe YES This is my go to level 1 talent 90% of the time. Bribe can be really useful on a lot of maps because grabbing mercenaries is such an important part of the game. Sure, on some maps, mercs matter less, but I've also just never been a fan of the other talents at this level.

Path Of The Wizard NO To put it simply, this talent stinks for Brightwing. I'm not even sure why it exists. Usually Supports run out of mana a lot, but because Brightwing's passive heal doesn't cost any, you shouldn't have any problem with mana.

Arcane Precision NO You're a Support, you're not worrying much about your damage output. Sure, it'll help you clear lanes faster, but that really shouldn't be your priority.

Shield Dust MAYBE Ok so this is the one talent that I think is a maybe to take instead of Bribe. On Haunted Mines where there aren't many merc camps and the other team is really auto attack dependant, I'd consider taking it. But that's probably the only scenario.

Talents Tire 2 Top

Anti-magic Powder NO This talent might look like it's good, but it really isn't. Most of the time you'll be using Pixie Dust for the speed boost, and even when you use it for the extra block, there are much better talents in this tier.

Protective Shield YES Basically and extra heal. Protective Shield is a fantastic option for Brightwing since she doesn't have any targeted heal until level 10. I recommend this talent 90% of the time.

Envenom MAYBE The other 10% of the time, I recommend Envenom. Sometimes you're looking for a quick win, usually on Haunted Mines and in that case, Envenom can be really strong. But because this is a beginner guide, I still highly recommend Protective Shield.

Promote NO Yeah no. If you're pushing lane enough to make use of this talent, you're playing horribly wrong.

Talents Tier 3 Top

Regenerative Rains YES Ok so I'm very aware of how good Cleanse is, but because this is a beginner guide, this is the talent I recommend. This gives you and extra heal whenever you use an ability, which is great because Brightwing generally heals less than other Supports and if you're not using abilities, you're doing something wrong.

Gust of Healing NO This looks a lot better than it is. The cooldown time is way too harsh and if you're looking for extra heals, Regenerative Rains is the way to go.

Calldown: MULE NO If you've watched the Blizzcon vids, you've seen MULE used to great effect, but playing at a basic level, it's not worth the take, especially if you're not a very experienced player.

Cleanse MAYBE Yeah yeah yeah I know this is the best talent at this tier, but I can be tough to use properly. Cleanse can definitely make or break fights, but if you're a beginner, you'll generally end up wasting this talent because you won't be able to react fast enough.

Talents Tier 4 Top

Blink Heal YES This is where most of your healing is going to come from after level 10. The cooldown on Blink Heal is very short so it's a really good talent for beginners, and even at a higher level. You're a Support, so heals are a big deal and your allies will thank you for blinking in to save them from dying.

Emerald Wind MAYBE Like I said above, this talent can be insanely good, but it's pretty situational. Knowing when to use the perfect Emerald Wind will make your allies WANT your Brightwing. If you're a beginner, I recommend this talent only if there are three or more tanky Warriors on the other team. It's great for pushing enemies back to save your allies, or in some pretty skilled situations, separating an enemy from the group for a takedown. But as a beginner, you're definitely better off with Blink Heal as the safe pick.

Talents Tier 5 Top

Sprint YES Sprint is a pretty good escape mechanism for a hero who really doesn't have any. If you somehow get caught out, maybe it's off bribing a merc camp or picking up seeds, Sprint can be really useful for getting away. It also combos well with Blink Heal if you have to blink in to heal a Warrior who's in the middle of a fight.

Sticky Flare NO This talent really isn't good. You should rarely ever be chasing down an enemy hero alone, and when you're helping someone else chase, Pixie Dust is a far more reliable chase mechanism.

Phase Shield NO Don't be fooled by this talent. The shield really isn't big enough to make a significant difference and realistically, if the rest of your team is in the middle of a fight and you have to phase in, you were already doing something wrong by not being with them in the first place.

Ice Block NO I've never been an Ice Block fan. It's really really situational and I see it taken by a ton of bad Brightwing players who use it and all it does is delay their death by a few seconds. If you want an escape, just take Sprint.

Rewind MAYBE See here's the thing about Rewind, it's not good for new players. Like really not good. I find that new players generally do better taking skills that don't require really quick thinking. In the middle of a team fight, it's a lot easier if a beginner Brightwing can just focus on healing and not having to worry about using Polymorph then rewinding into another one. But at a higher level, it's probably the best at this tier.

Talents Tier 6 Top

Critterize YES Yeah this is a good talent. Slightly less good if you're solo queueing cause there's a chance that your team mates didn't check your talents and they don't know to instantly focus the polymorphed enemy, but it's still the best talent here. And if you're playing with friends, make sure you call out who's being polymorphed so everyone else knows to focus them.

Hardened Focus NO Good, but not good enough to pass on Critterize.

Sticky Powder NO The slow is nice, but again Critterize is better.

Stoneskin NO Even if the other team is focusing you every time there's a fight, with Sprint and Pixie Dust you should be able to escape easy enough without having to take this over Critterize.

Talents Tier 7 Top

Storm Shield YES Yes yes a thousand times yes. Storm Shield is great in a team fight and it can allow your team to wipe your enemies and still survive. Take this especially if you went Blink Heal for your Heroic.

Ysera's Blessing NO One extra stack of Blink Heal? Not nearly good enough to pass on Storm Shield for.

Bolt of the Storm MAYBE If you decide not to go with Sprint at Tier 5, you could maybe justify taking Bolt, but realistically, Storm Shield is just better here.

Continuous Winds MAYBE This was another one that was used at Blizzcon pretty skillfully, but Emerald Wind is less of a beginner Heroic so since you'll be taking Blink Heal most of the time, you shouldn't worry about this.

Tips Top

-Try to make sure you stay with a Warrior or Assassin at all times unless you're going off to bribe a merc camp

-Try to always be aware of what's going on in the rest of the map and be ready to phase shift onto allies who need help. One of the biggest things that makes a bad Brightwing player is someone with poor map awareness

-Don't get caught out alone due to the lack of escape

-If the other team has a Lili or a Malfurion keeping their them alive in fights, don't be afraid to Polymorph the Support over the Warrior or Assassin

-In the late game, try to never be alone, Brightwing is at her best when with her allies

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