Brightwing Solo Healer Build LEORIC PATCH by fearlesspug

Brightwing Solo Healer Build LEORIC PATCH

By: fearlesspug
Last Updated: Aug 10, 2015
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Tier 1 Arcane Precision Top

So you will start off getting Arcane Precision over Unfurling Spray as while playing Brighting your best bet is to stay within range of whoever you are laning with in order to make sure that Soothing Mist is always within range. Arcane Precision is great for adding damage that Brightwing can use early game to help your team with early game laning. When using Arcane Flare, it's always a good idea if possible to stay in a bush while casting in order for the other team to not see your cast, as if they see your cast they can almost always escape in time. Try to limit Arcane Flare early game though, as it does use a large amount of mana for early game. Another trick with Arcane Flare, is to wait till an enemy is low on health and to cast it on their healing well. Sometimes you might even be able to get picks just by casting it on the other teams healing well at the right moment.

Tier 2 Manic Pixie Top

When you reach Tier 2, it's best to pickup Manic Pixie in order to help heal allies while being close to them in order to achieve maximum healing in the early stage of the game. Before level 10, Brightwing can really only do passive healing for the most so it's best to try and maximize healing when you can. This can also be useful, as you can help allies disengage from a fight while giving them a little healing so that they can stay in the fight longer.

Tier 3 Mistified Top

When you get to Tier 3, pickup Mistified so that you can keep your passive heals on a quicker cooldown while you are doing your basic attacks. Now in the game, you should be laning as close to your ally as possible in order to keep passively healing them while doing siege damage to minions and casting Arcane Flare on enemies every once and awhile.

Tier 4 Blink Heal Top

So now that you have reached level 10, you can now maximize your healing as you can now use Blink Heal which is Brightwing's main ability for healing. Blink Heal has two charges, which you can use to best heal your teammates while in a team fight. Blink Heal is also nice, as it allows you to quickly teleport to nearby friendly heroes in order to get away from high dps enemy heroes.

Tier 5 Shield Dust Top

While Brightwing does not have a single shield to place on allies like she use to, Shield Dust is a great pickup ability as it allows you to help allies escape from ganks and team fights as when you cast Sheild Dust in a ally they take %50 less ability damage in order to help keep them alive. You could then use Blink Heal on them to give them a quick health boost, in order to ensure that they stay alive. Don't forget you can also cast this on yourself which can help you keep yourself alive while escaping.

Tier 6 Critterize Top

This is a great team fight ability, as it allows you to not only shutdown heroes such as Illidan but tanks from casting shields or healing abilities. With Critterize, polymorphed eneimes take %25 more damage which allows you to quickly shut down and help kill enemies trying to escape or jump in on a group fight.

Tier 7 Double Wyrmhole Top

This ability allows you to quickly jump around in a team fight in order to maximize your healing status. With Double Wyrmhole, you receive a free temporary charge of Blink Heal that allows you to double your Blink Heal ability in a team fight. Storm Shield is also a good ability for late game team fights, so if you have two supports on a team you might wanna grab that instead, but if you are the only healer on your team go for Double Wyrmhole.

Threats Top

Brightwing for the most part, does not really have any threats to worry about as you can Polymorph any dangers and quickly either Blink Heal or Pixie Dust yourself in order to quickly escape.

General Strats Top

For the first ten levels, you are going to want to play carefully as you will not have Blink Heal to save yourself, so you wanna stay in the back as much as possible and try to assist your team in getting early picks. Until you get level 10, you can really only passively heal so you want to stay close to the team tank or any other hero that needs healing. Once you get Blink Heal, feel free to teleport around healing allies as needed, and to assist with ganking when ever possible. While Brightwing may not be the greatest healer in the current patch, she has the greatest mobility that allows her to quickly allow allies to escape from any situation and to jump to allies in threat of dying. While your recharge on your base teleport is small, try to not jump into any situations where you cannot escape in order to save an ally, as once you use your healing abilities and Pixie Dust, you will not be able to escape and will fall victim to stuns and roots and you will be killed. So for the most part, save allies as much as possible but know your limits as Brightwing is all about positioning in order to better help your allies.

Conclusion Top

While Birghtwing is without a doubt the most challanging healer in the current patch, when she is played correctly she is really rewarding as you can almost always save allies from dying while shutting down enemy pushes with polymorph and allowing allies to escape to live and fight another day.

My experience with Brightwing Top

I have been playing Brightwing for a few months now, and have logged over 70+ games with her including ranked games. While she is not as powerful as she use to be, she is still a threat to enemy teams while providing great healing and escapes to allies.

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