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About Nazeebo Top

Hero Trait

Voodoo RitualWhenever you attack an enemy, you poison the enemy you attacked doing damage over time (DOT). Also, if a poisoned enemy dies you will regenerate Health and Mana. As you can see already, the more enemies you attack, the better.


Corpse Spiders is a small Area of Effect (AOE) spell that will deal damage and then releases three spiders that do more damage.

Zombie Wall is another AOE spell that creates a wall of zombies (go figure) that will deal minimal damage to enemies near them. This ability isn't the easiest one in the world to land, and if done incorrectly can kill yourself or a teammate. You will want to try to use this on an opponent who is blocked, stunned, or slowed.

Plague of Toads is yet another AOE spell that releases toads in a cone to run into an explode on the enemy.

Heroic Abilities

Ravenous Spirit is a team fight winner. The damage output by this channeled Spirit is very high. However, while channeling Nazeebo is unable to move. You will want to be sure that when summoning your Ravenous Spirit you hide and stay out of site, as you will become the number one target.

Gargantuan is a strong minion that is summoned and deals plenty of damage. Unlike Ravenous Spirit, however, it cannot be controlled.

General Gameplay

Nazeebo is a great solo laner. He is able to get buffed up with health and Mana due to Death Ritual very quickly early on. From levels 1-10, I recommend being a solo laner, usually top or bottom, receiving some help on maps like Dragon Shrine when it's time to get the shrine. You can leave your lane, but DO NOT abandon it.

Leave your lane to complete objectives quickly, after completing the objective, continue doing your thing, staying in your lane, soaking the experience. If you need to go back and it's feasible to have someone who is sharing a lane come to your lane to continue soaking the experience, do that. Experience is huge at the beginning of the game. You earn more experience from killing mobs than heroes until about level 10. So play it safe and get your experience, killing yourself to get a kill isn't worth the experience lost.

Once you're level 10, it is still a good idea to soak experience, but you have more leeway with moving around. You can go take advantage of a 4v3 team fight. You will get the feel of the balance between objectives and laning, and teaming up or staying spread out.

After you've gotten to 13-15ish depending on the game, you will almost always be grouped up. Winning team fights at this level is big because of the respawn timer and when they are down a hero, the rest of the game is much easier to win.

Level 1 Top

Blood Ritual
Death Ritual

Blood Ritual can be good in terms of regenerating health and Mana, especially in the early game. However, when it comes to late game, this really isn't a very strong talent. I would pass.

Death Ritual in my opinion is really the only option here. Based on the mechanics of our Hero Trait Voodoo Ritual you can see how strong this talent can be. The important thing to remember is attack EVERYTHING. Be sure to use Plague of Toads off cool down and micro manage your auto attacks so that you are attacking all of the minions. The more stacks you get, the harder you will be to kill and the more Mana you will have in the end game.

Demolitionist can also be pretty strong for pushing a lane and towers. This would be a very situational, based on your team comp and which map you are playing, but typically, I would still not suggest this talent.

Bribe is not for you, don't get this talent. Nazeebo is about damage and putting pressure on the other team, and Nazeebo can solo the Mercenary Camps pretty easily after level 10.

Level 4 Top

Spider Cluster
Gathering Power

Spider Cluster can help establish more creep presence and help push a lane more. You will end up with 6 spiders every time you press Q. However, these really don't do that much damage, and this talent should probably be avoided.

I will use Gathering Power every now and then. It kind of depends on who you are playing against. If you are playing against a very tanky team, this would be a pretty solid talent. However, if you are playing against a team with assassins, especially those who can burst you down and cause you to lose your bonus ability damage, I wouldn't recommend this.

Envenom works wonderfully in this Bursteebo build. The damage from this dot can be just what it takes to finish off that hero at the end of a fight. I personally love applying this DOT as they are running away and wait for the notification that the enemy has died out of your sight.

Promote sounds like it could be good, and in early game, it can definitely help to control a lane, however, even with these "promoted" minions, they aren't very strong. When it comes to the end game, this becomes pretty worthless.

Level 7 Top

Fresh Corpses
Mercenary Lord
Calldown: MULE

Gidbinn is the only option you should ever take in this tier. Mostly because it's really good. Not only do your Toads have a larger explosion range, but all of your non-heroic abilities last longer. Zombie Wall will stay up longer, which in turn helps keep the enemy trapped. Also your Corpse Spiders will last 5 seconds instead of 4.

Fresh Corpses the only way this would be picked is if you were using a specific build for your zombies, where you pick Dead Rush as well, and even then, I would still pick Gidbinn, it's just too good.

Mercenary Lord The downtime on Mercenaries is too large for this to really be effective.

Calldown: MULE The only way I could even fathom using this would be to counter the Map Mechanics on Sky Temple or Blackheart's Bay. Even then, if you're in that much trouble that you need to repair your own buildings to win, you're probably not doing enough to win the game anyway, in which case, this really only slows down your death.

Clairvoyance could be used, if you and your teammates are getting ambushed constantly by stealthies, but that would be the only acceptable case. If you are getting ambushed that badly, you need to have more map awareness, and get yourself into better position when someone disappears.

Level 10 Top

Ravenous Spirit

An argument, though weak, can be made for Gargantuan here, especially in this build. The idea of this build is to do as much burst damage as possible. Where Gargantuan is a very strong minion that can do a lot of damage, you cannot control him. In a team fight, being able to control your damage is the most important thing. You can call out who you want to kill to the rest of your team, and do it. Gargantuan does not allow for this.

Ravenous Spirit is a game changer, a momentum swinger. You will need to be careful when using this ability as you are unable to move and become a very easy target. The Spirit does a mass amount of damage and in an equal team fight becomes the huge advantage for your team. You will want to make sure you hide in a bush or behind everyone when you pop this Ultimate. Get this ability and just have fun wailing on your enemies, watching their health fall.

Level 13 Top

Dead Rush
Toads of Hugeness
Ice Block

Dead Rush could have an argument here. However, most of the time, this will be a worthless talent, as your zombies (at least most of them) will get killed during battle before they uproot.

Toads of Hugeness is the talent I recommend here. If you have read this far, and play Nazeebo, this may come to you as some sort of surprise. However, I will explain why I pass on the popular level 13 talents ( Sprint and Rewind). I like this talent because around the time that you get this talent, your toads can pretty much clear a wave of minions. Which also helps with the level 1 talent.

Sprint is used in a lot of builds, mostly for escapability, which Nazeebo lacks. However, for the most part, keeping good positioning will allow you to survive most encounters. You just can't get too greedy. I do understand using it offensively as well, but very rarely should that matter if you apply Envenom.

Ice Block is almost never used on Nazeebo. Again, like Sprint if you keep yourself in good position, you shouldn't have to use this to live.

Rewind is probably the most used talent of this tier, and it is really good. However, it resets your normal abilities, not heroic, and those are on pretty short cooldown anyway. The abilities without upgrades aren't very strong in terms of damage, and with this build, we are looking for more damage.

Level 16 Top

Specialized Toxin
Leaping Spiders
Infested Toads

Specialized Toxin is the only talent in this tier that helps focus damage on a target enemy. The other talents may do slightly more damage overall, but we are wanting to target the damage, and do damage where we want. Voodoo Ritual is a DOT that is applied to anything that you touch, but with Specialized Toxin will double the damage done by that DOT to enemy heroes. This can really help add the additional pressure to the enemies, along with getting that killing blow while they are retreating.

Leaping Spiders wouldn't be bad if you went with the other Corpse Spider buffs throughout, but in this build it doesn't really fit. Also, you can't direct the damage to a particular talent.

Infested Toads are spider infested toads, which means when your Plague of Toads explode, they release the spiders inside. Essentially, this putts a couple more creeps on the board, and possibly more overall damage. However, at this level, your toads alone will take care of the minions.

Stoneskin is similar to Ice Block if you are in position you shouldn't need it. We want to get an ability that does more damage.

Level 20 Top

Annihilating Spirit
Swift Storm (Deprecated)
Bolt of the Storm

Humongoid only use if you picked Gargantuan as your level 10 talent. You won't be able to pick it if you chose the Ravenous Spirit.

Annihilating Spirit is the proper choice here. One of the issues with Ravenous Spirit is the inability to chase someone down, however, now you can. Also, this allows you to drop it from further away, keeping you safer during team fights, since you are unable to move.

Swift Storm (Deprecated) is pretty worthless, if you're a little slower while on your mount, ok. Not worth it with the first two talents available (depending on the Heroic Ability you get).

Bolt of the Storm is just like Sprint it helps you get away, or chase. However, positioning can make this talent less effective and there are better options.

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