BW teamfight healer by Master BW

BW teamfight healer

By: Master BW
Last Updated: Sep 1, 2015
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Build: Super Heals

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Threats to Brightwing with this build

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Nazeebo Don't get stuck in a zombie wall, but if you do blink heal to nearest ally or minion.
Nova Nova can ruin you if you're caught alone with low health. So don't. When hearthing retreat behind the fort first, or at least hide in a bush. Polymorph and pixie dust away.
The Butcher The butcher is actually fairly easy to combat as BW. Polymorph after he uses butchers brand to take away his heals, then he has to wait for the cooldown. If you have friends with you, he'll likely die as they focus him. If not, morph and dust and run.
Kael'thas Stay far away from Kaelthas. His stun can easily get you killed and he does a lot of damage. Luckily he's easy to run away from.
Jaina Jaina's slowing trait make her really difficult to combat as BW who is already slow as hell. Her basic attack does more damage than BW but because of her slower attack speed, BW has more dps. As long as you stay out of her abilities (namely blizzard) and have an escape plan you're good.
Valla It's fairly easy to escape and even 1v1 Valla as BW. She can kill you very easily though. Have an escape plan, make good use of your abilities.
Sylvanas Sylv is very deadly. Her Q auto targets and she can sort of teleport. This means constant attacks and difficult escape. She is the reason BW travels with friends.
Zeratul Zeratul is almost as bad as Illy for the same reason as Illy. His teleport can keep him right next to you as you try to escape. Basically try to same escape as with Illy.
Kerrigan Don't get stunned. Polymorph right after she pulls you. Use pixie dust when she jumps on you.
Kharazim Watch out for the radiant dash, deadly reach combo. Never take him alone. Even if you polymorph and run by the time he is not longer a squirrel he can dash to you and deal a lot of damage.
Illidan Watch out for Illy, his ability to keep up with slow moving BW and deal damage while doing it takes you out fast. BW is really squish. The best thing to do is polymorph him, pixie dust yourself and get outta dodge. Teleport heal to someone nearby if possible (remember you can teleport to minions with blink heal too).

Super healing Brightwing build Top

This is the best healing BW build (and therefore the best BW build. BW is often looked down on for not being as good a healer as say Lili or Malf. Not true. The biggest complaint is the lack of focus heals (until lvl 10). For the talents, every soothing mist talent and every pixie dust talent is chosen. Pixie dust is great for escaping, helping out teammates escape or get the kill and prolonging yourself and teammates during teamfights. Soothing mist is not great if you don't spec into the talents. Without the first SM talent (increased range) you basically have to be right next to BW to get any heals. The increased range helps a lot and means that in most team fights you heal all your teammates at the same time every 4 seconds (faster later in the game). The second talent is the pixie dust spec which increases the healing from SM. These two abilities compliment each other so well this is a no brainer. The blocks, move speed, and increased healing make pixie dust an ability that can now change the tide of battle. Use it right, know when to cast. Great for pursuing or escaping. The other two soothing mist talents (tier 3 and 7) reduces the cooldown of SM by 1 sec after using an ability and stacks the healing recieved from SM when healing multiple targets. This is what makes BW the best teamfight healer. Tier 6 is bouncing pixie dust (very useful as later in the game when assassins are really powerful you tend to pixie dust yourself more than your teammates. The bounce makes it so if you self cast it still goes to someone else, or if you use it on someone else, sometimes you still get it as well (sometimes not if another ally is nearby). The only real split choice is tier 5. 2 different talents for PD. Play around with both. Keep in mind that PD only lasts 4 seconds though. What are the chances of getting hit by an ability in those 4 seconds versus the extra speed bonus? Mostly a matter of preference but I usually go with the extra speed for escape capability. The heroic ability is obvious choice of blink heal. It stores 2 charges and refreshes in 5 seconds. Can be used to escape, focus heal allies that have been taking extra damage, and catch up to your team during fights.

Using abilities Top

Here I'll cover the abilities not covered earlier. Soothing mist and Pixie dust were the only abilities we spec into for super teamfight healing brightwing. But what about polymorph, arcane flare, and phase shift? Polymorph is best used conservatively. Early game BW is fairly often oom. This is not a big deal because you can hearth, wait a couple seconds and phase shift back to your allies before they even realized you'd left. Mainly polymorph should be used conservatively so you can have it for certain instances (the cooldown isn't as fast as blink heal). If the enemy team has a butcher use it after he brands someone. The branded ally can retreat while the butcher is helpless to do anything except retreat himself, though he will likely be killed if in a teamfight. Polymorph Illidan when he begins attacking you (his ability to follow attack is very deadly to poor little BW. Polymorph Azmo when he uses his channel (All Shall Burn). Polymorph Zeratul immediately after he becomes visible. This means he cannot teleport away and will likely die in a team fight. Same with polymorphing Kharazim after deadly reach, leoric before wraith walk or after entomb, stitches after using gorge, tychus when using overkill, muradin when avatar, tassadar when archon, kerrigen when maelstrom, valla using strafe, Illidan after metamophosis, sonya during whirlwind, nova during triple tap, or chen when drinking brew.
Arcane flare is best used on enemy minions as the flare does little damage but can usually hit an entire group of minions. Also useful in teamfights for throwing in a little extra damage, or getting an escape kill if timed right. Arcane flare is your best friend on infernal shrines as any aoe is for killing the guardians.
On another matter. Brightwing, being as squishy as she is, is often found at the back of the line during teamfights. But her short range and area heal make this a bad choice. Try to be directly in the middle of your teammates. Everyone is getting heals and you are safe from harm (for the most part) in a nice little cocoon of ally meat shield. Don't underestimate BW. HE is squishy but don't be afraid to jump in front of an enemy killing blow to save a teammate. You heal yourself every 4 seconds with soothing mist remember? You can throw on pixie dust hop between the enemy and ally and body block to allow your ally to escape. Polymorph also comes in handy here.
BW has great escape capability. Increased speed from pixie dust and 2 teleporting abilities coupled with polymorph make it unlikely for you to die at all 1v1. You might not kill the other guy, but you'll probably get away.

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