Cesium's Monk: A Guide to Balance by Cesium

Cesium's Monk: A Guide to Balance

By: Cesium
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2015
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Build: Cesium's Hybrid Monk, DPS Focus

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Threats to Kharazim with this build

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Sylvanas Heroes with high escape may be challenging to kill
Nova Stealth Heroes
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Zeratul Stealth Heroes
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Uther High CC heroes

Introduction Top

This is my FIRST guide for Heroes of the Storm. I've been interested in providing my opinions on certain heroes (from this game and other MOBAS), and I finally decided to create a guide for a hero I've been waiting for, Kharazim. I was Rank 1 before the recent reset and I’ve been playing in the alpha since the beginning.

This guide is focused on providing Kharazim with a mixture of high damage output (specifically against high health targets) and healing (you should be averaging around 100k for longer games and 40k-60k for short to medium length games). This build is ideal for opponents with a high health pool since our ultimate at level 10 does damage based on their maximum health.
In creating this guide, I wanted to shy away from a straight damage or healing build. There will be plenty of guides for that. Instead, I’d like to provide you all with a guide that will allow you to be an average healer and a solid damage dealer to certain targets.


Skills Top

Rank 1
This talent is essential in every Monk build! The healing it provides is enormous. It is a smart heal that is easily proc'd by using your E to increase your attack speed on a target. You could easily achieve about 100k heals per game with this talent alone.

Rank 4
I feel like this is genuinely a weak tier for the Monk. Sure Foresight offers the ability to gain vision around yourself (revealing stealthies), however, this is not your job. While he lacks skill shots to hit a stealth, your team needs to be away of their surroundings because you are much more beneficial dashing to and healing an ally that a stealth attacks. Our best choice for our build is Healing Wards, it provides a nice, cheap AoE heal on your entire team while your Transcendence will heal the lowest target in the area. This makes killing your team early on very challenging.

Rank 7
For our build, this is a no brainer. If our focus was solely on healing, Echo of Heaven is the obvious choice. However, we are interested in both dishing out a moderate amount of damage and healing a great amount. Here, I like to go with Way of the Hundred Fists. It's wonderful for chasing down targets which is particularly useful since the Monk has no CC. It's a surprisingly great damage buff for the Monk.

Rank 10
I know this choice will be very controversial, and I've received a lot of hate for taking this in game. However, we need to recognize when this spell should be picked and why it should be picked. Seven-Sided Strike attacks 7 times each hitting the highest health hero nearby for 7% of their max health. This ability can hit the same target multiple times and it is highly effective against 1-2 targets. A high health team will be absolutely dominated by this talent. This skill works wonderfully with a bursty team who wouldn't otherwise be able to kill a high health team. Your job is to get in there and soften up your opponents so your team can finish the kills.

Rank 13
This skill allows you to reach slightly further with your E. This allows you to get more heals in with your Rank 1 talent pick.

Rank 16
You will almost always be against some sort of CC on the enemy team. Soothing Breeze removes this CC (silences, blinds, slows, and roots). This talent is essential for saving your team from intense fights and it allows you to counter some of your most challenging opponents who will often have CC. Since this build is focused on bursting down tanky heroes who tend to have a lot of CC, this is an absolutely must have talent.

Rank 20
Finally, our last controversial pick. Transgression provides you with 4 additional hits of your Seven-Sided Strike. It provides even more nuking potential in team fights and you will lower your opponents health even more. That takes our ult to 11 hits at 7% each hit. With this talent, we have the ability to weaken up every opponents in a team fight, providing an entire team with 2-3 hits each of 7%. More than likely, you will catch 2-3 players in your ultimate and deal a massive amount of damage to each of them. It is up to your team to finish off these opponents, and it is up to you to catch these opponents as they try to run using Q to chase them down.

Conclusion Top

Ultimately, your job is to both heal and deal damage. This build is challenge and takes practice because you need to know when to use your last Q charge and when to save it for an escape. I generally will not use both Q stacks in a team fight to initiate, however, I will use one to dive in and one to escape when necessary. You should be keeping an eye on your back line especially if you're against a stealth. Your dash plus your heals may save your back line's life.
    Be Aware in team fights
    Learn when to engage and when to run
    Understand that your damage has limitations and you should be considered with weakening enemies for your assassins
    Use your movement to your advantage
    Don't be afraid to get out of combat and protect your back line

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