Competitive Zargara by Richard Forte

Competitive Zargara

By: Richard Forte
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018
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Build: Map control/Lane control

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Introduction Top

Tired of being stuck in bronze and silver because of garbage teams and annoying genji's and need something to help you out? Or do you just want to brush up on a old charcter? Well this guide is for you as it shows how competive and stong Zagara can be if in the right hands.

How to play

If you never touched Zagara before here's some tips, provide vision with creep , push with zerg , , get camps(level 6) and rinse and repeat is how it works.


Zagara has a nice set of abilities
Used to push and clean-up
Used to push and get health back
Used to push and clean-up
Your go-to vision

Zagara strengths and weakness'es Top

To begin, it should be noted that Zagara is a Specialist. she has certain ways to play to fulfill your way of playing as her. Having a Zagara on your team is a very powerful option for controlling camps and split pushing.


-Very high HP sustainability, with the right talents and knowledge she can last a very long time in a lane before going to recharge
-All of her minions can help push a lane along with your own team's minions, soaking fire from cannons and wasting their ammo.
-With proper creep management, she easily has the best map control in the game, able to put tumors anywhere for a very cheap price.


- are hard to work with. Not only are they a skill shot, but they travel slow and can be very easily avoided if a player sees them coming.
-Zargara has high hp, but she constantly uses mana even though it recharges it still a problem.
-Ai for zerg is really weak her roaches and broodlings are pretty dumb and will just go for whatever target they like, and just go in a straight line.

Talent/build Top

Zagara play style can go either ways when you reach level 10 either map control, or teamfights which this build is for vision and lane control


Push harder
This tlaent is for both builds does damage to mulitple people at once
Good for poke and cleanup
Great for split pushing and vision(Put in bushes on two lanes constantly teleport and push
zargara already has a massive hp pool now constantly heal it faster
Use for extra hunter killer damage
A major need if you want vision late game also good for split pushing

Thank you Top

Thank you for spending your time looking at this, and if you learned something new from this guide tell me. If you like my work check out my other guides on other characters such as The Butcher and other's.

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