Condemn it all to Hell by Aueamil

Condemn it all to Hell

By: Aueamil
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2015
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Build: DPS - Condemn v1

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Basics Top

Early Game (lv 1-7)
These talents should allow you to clear minion waves & start capping Merc Camps

Mid Game (lv 7-13)
Be very careful, probably should stop being in the front line and start popping camps and map objectives.

Late Game (13+)
I have yet to really get owned late game with this build, since i will do a Condemn collection paired with a Falling Sword chaser and usually by time that happens Condemn is back available so i trigger it again. If i get real lucky and can get 7+ collected with Condemn It is an ever ending collection of dmg, heroes or minions.

With Burning Rage's Aura Dmg coupled with Condemn and periodic Falling Sword, even if you get overrun with Minion/Mercs, you should be able to equalize them out of existance. If you can get paired with Sylvanas, you both should be able to burn any Minion/Merc overrun.

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