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Crs Fury "Slam'orino"

By: CrsFury
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015
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Threats to Stitches with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
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Falstad Slippery target, can also dash off your hook even if it lands.
Valla Also another slippery target, she can vault out of hook range and i believe if it lands and she vaults it wont pull her.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Uther Try not to hook and Gorge Uther into your team, 99% of the time it won't end well.
Gazlowe I can't tell you how many turrets block my Hooks...

Introduction Top

Stitches emerges from the Warcraft series and is a warrior class who can absorb a lot of damage for the team and can be very disruptive to the enemy. Stitches has a very unique skill set which one of his abilities is my all time favorite in any MOBA game, Hook.

-Very survival tank
-Can pull a target from afar "Hooking"
-Very disruptive
-Mind games your enemy with your pressence

-Skill shot based with his core ability
-No escape ability until 20
-Hook blocked by structures,minions and mercenaries

Abilities Top

Q (Hook)

This is what makes or breaks a good Stitches player, Hook is a skill shot line that is thrown out in a direction stunning and pulling the first target it collides with. Use this ability to set up or secure a kill for your team.

W (Slam)

Slam targets an area with a cone shape in front of you and on release deals damage to everything in the cone. Using this ability can help you poke enemies in lane or help you wave clear a lot faster.

E (Devour)

Devour allows you to single target cast on a Hero or minion to heal up to 20% of your total life pool. This ability helps Stitches stay alive a lot longer in either lane or a team fight, you can use this ability to bait the team to try and finish you off but heal back up a good amount.

D (Vile Gas)
Vile Gas sets off when Stitches is hit with a melee or range attack, includes tower hits. This passive can help you push a minion wave or trade some damage off to other melee heroes. With the correct talents you can make this passive very powerful.

Talents Top

YES: Heavy slam is the best choice because adding more damage to a pretty low cooldown skill that hits multiply targets is really nice for the tank.

SITUATIONAL:Chew your food is really good if your team only has one tank or if they have a lot of damage you need to heal back up quickly.

NO: Regeneration Master you won't be collecting as many orbs because of objectives and roaming, it takes too many orbs to make it worth the value.

NO: Block won't provide as much survival/tanky for Stitches as much as Chew your food/amp healing will provide.

YES: Putrid Ground adds a very nice amount of damage to your Slam ability combined with Vile gas. Use this to harass the enemy and push the wave harder.

NO: Superiority, This talent needs to be reworked or removed because it won't benefit Stitches at all.

NO: Vile Cleaver, You won't get as many auto attacks off compared to the Slam talent where you can hit multiple targets and disease them.

SITUATIONAL Amplified Healing, Like i said before if you need to be very tanky and if you have the healers for this talent it would be okay to pick this one. Also works with Chew your Food and healing Wells!

YES: Tenderizer is a awesome slow that allows you to auto attack and cripple somebody down as long as you keep up with them.

NO: Toxic Gas, Radius of your passive and duration increased by two seconds not really worth the talent pick.

NO: Last Bite, You have to score the last hit with this ability, most of the time you will not get it on a Hero but it's okay using it on creeps or the mercenaries.

NO: Savor the Flavor will require you to spam your E off cooldown on Heroes maybe when you don't need to use it, it's not worth spending the mana for just two health regen.

YES: Gorge, This skill allows you to make some nice plays and catch people out of position, Usually you want to Hook then Gorge the enemy if they cannot escape once they are released from your belly.

SITUATIONAL: Putride bile is only good if they have a team where they want to jam into your team. It slows and speeds yourself up, allowing yourself to be the perfect wall for your carries.
YES: Relentless, Every CC is reduced by half which allows you to control your character a lot quicker or help you Gorge the right target the moment you need to use that skill.

NO: Indigestion spawns a retchling that you cannot control with pretty low hp.

NO: Helping Hand, As much as I love this talent it can also backfire, you may have a team mate walk in front of you when you try to hook a enemy target. Also if you try to use this talent to rescue a team member it requires you to skillfully aim while hes running or have him stop for an easier job.

SITUATIONAL: Mega Smash, it adds range and arc of Slam which allows you to hit targets farther away. I would only take this if they lack a lot of crowd control.

YES: Pulverize adds a 0.5 second stun on your Slam while increasing the damage 50% more which is amazing in team fights, allows you to interrupt channeled spells easily such as Valla Strafe.

NO:Imposing Presence, requires enemies to attack you for the attack speed reduction, this would be okay if you went pure tank but i never have chosen this one.

NO: Shish Kabob allows you to pull possible two targets but the chances of getting two enemies is pretty low, specially two important targets and not tanks.

SITUATIONAL Fishing Hook adds 50% more range on your Hook which is amazing if your skill with your Q is epic. I switch around this talent with pulverize depending if we need the CC or not.

SITUATIONAL: Hungry Hungry Stitches, This talent is amazing but also requires team coordination. This talent allows you to eat as many enemy targets as fast as you can catch them but also note if your team has strong ults such as Falstads Shock and Awe make sure they know not to cast it instantly and wait for your Gorge to finish.

YES With the lose of Resurgence, It is even more important not to die level twenty and up. Bolt of the Storm can be used to flash forward and cast a hook with potential catching somebody off or using bolt after you have somebody Gorged and bolt away towards your team/Structures. You may look to use bolt to interrupt a target but just be aware that it puts you in a bad spot if your team isn't ready.

Game times Top

Early game Stitches can survive a lane alone or with others very very well. If you decide to stay in a lane until objectives are open, Use your Slam ability to push and poke the enemy heroes and minions. Use Devour around half health or in the middle of fight. Having the presence of Stitches in a lane will pressure the enemy to be on guard for the incoming hooks so make a lot of plays or mind games with them. Now if you decide to roam around the map instead of sitting in a lane, make sure you gank a lane that has CC or with somebody who can follow up a Hook catch such as Uther,Malfurion,Kerrigan is great cc with a Hook. Also note in some maps there are certain spots you can hook somebody and trap them in front of you so look for those awesome spots.

When it comes to objective time, make sure to push the lane as fast as you can then be prepared to hook a target who may not know where you are, just remember when people see or know a Stitches is around they will usually play safer or scared.

Mid game usually is around when you have ults for both sides, make sure to set up for a nice hook and Gorge. Take note to what talents the enemy may have, try to always hook and eat a Assassin,Support that's not Uther, or a squishy Specialist. Remember while you have somebody Gorged they cannot cast or receive heals while inside so you may want to also save Gorge to finish off somebody.

Late game is very very important for Stitches, you should have Bolt of the Storm which can be used with Gorge to pick somebody away from there team. Late game your job is to disrupt as many heroes as possible with your slam stun and Gorge, while also picking people off with your Hook ability.

Final thoughts Top

I hope my first guide was enjoyable and i plan to improve and make many more. If you have Twitter you can follow me @CrsFury. Tweet me any questions there or down below in the comment section. Any requests for another Warrior guide? Feel free to let me know to give me an idea on who is next.

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