Dehaka main build / split push build by Erokage

Dehaka main build / split push build

By: Erokage
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2016
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Have not seen this build on Herosfire yet.

This is BKB 's Talent guide suggestion from when he was last on Town hall Heroes.

Alot of the other builds go for the extra movement speed or health regen. This build focuses on Dahakas ability to split push, thus adding pressure and filling up your essence.

The movement speed is alot of fun but is not needed if you are using your Mount ability correctly.

- The mount ability has a long CD before lvl 20 and you CANT cancel it once you decide to burrow. This makes it even more important that you know where your going first. As such it is usually a good idea to keep it off CD if possible. It can be used as an escape but you can be stunned out of it.

- Drag is also a stun. You can auto atk whilst draging.

- When you use E you can still use D and W. You can also still cap whist in stasis. Talenting into the knockback can allow you to knock enemies out of a capping circle should you be fighting for a boss or merc camp.

- Alt - Click on Mount .. WIll let your allied know how long your mount is on cooldown. This lets them know you will be late or are unable to attend a tribute. (your allies wont be aware of your mount cooldown)

All credit to BKB and Town Heros for their discussion on the latest patch.

All the best.

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