Demolitions Murloc by Murky2

Demolitions Murloc

By: Murky2
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2017
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Build: Demolitons Murloc

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This Murky build is purely solo lane based, go to an unoccupied lane OR kill that lanes reinforcements and spam slime, puffer fish, and/ or get some jungle beasts to help you out. Always use your q ability right in the middle of the towers so you can do slime damage to all buildings and always maximise on the blast range of puffer fish.

March of the Murlocs

Make sure you always have a fort in range of this ultimate for it is very powerful.

Bring Friends!

Any extra reinforcement is good reinforcement even though you're melting the structures alone. One other thing you can do if you have tons of teammates around and are at the core. Suggest using your ult with infinite murlocs to win the game as teammates protect you.

In conclusion this is a pub stomper build, even though you wont be getting many kills you'll do a great deal of damage structure wised.

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