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Demon Slayer Illidan

By: Manbearpig
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2015
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Build: Demon Slayer Talents

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Run Down Top

One thing I've noticed with a lot of builds is that many prefer Hunt builds. Well lets be honest its pretty badass to swoop in and transform and then start slaying everything in sight. The purpose of this build is to build up and farm marksman points. By mid game you are rolling through champions like butter and there isn't much they can do about it. You'll want to vary your lane switch ups taking any and all ganking opportunities that you can. It is crucial that you stay alive so if they don't go down fairly quickly just let them go and keep farming minions.

A major difference in my build to others is you'll notice for the level 4 talent I took the increase damage on the next attack after using dive. This is because this character has high attack speed and once you have Metamorphosis you'll be able to spam the daylights out of it and there will be nothing opposing champions can do except run for their lives. Many prefer immolation and if that is your preference then go for it but I don't like waiting out the 4 seconds to hit it again and you can hit 3 dives in that time frame making this ability provide supreme burst dmg.

Heal is self explanatory

Giant Killer is also self explanatory

Stoneskin is very important in this build. Your burst dmg is going to be very high so blood for blood won't be necessary. Your opposing team will notice how quickly you are taking them out and they will start focusing on you. Other Illidans running Hunt can burst you pretty hard so it is always important to have that shield ready in case you need to escape. Survivability is huge and if you can time everything right you'll be a mad dog on steak going through opposing players.

Toons with stuns and big bursts can wreak havoc on you. Make sure you have stoneskin ready for those battles and you'll do fine. I haven't really run into any particular toon that was very difficult for me to solo down. With the increase dmg from dive and the defensive procs most characters go down fairly quickly.

Thanks for checking out the build. Not very code savvy and this is my first one so if ya'll have any critiques have at it. This build works great for me and my play style and if you like it give it a vote.

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