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Diablo FTW

By: gustavonader
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2015
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Like very much Diablo for his push and grab style. Grab opponents to put them in the line of towers and push them. Normally, you will grab and push to the other side of the TF.

The level one trait is a MUST. You will have to lane a bit to grab more deaths in minions to grow. When you get 100, you will do nasty things to the other team. Remember: if you die in 100, you will get an insta ressurect and they will go to 0 souls.

I like the flames very much. With farter range and with the Firestorm, you will do a lot of damage in the TF. Also, helps very much to kill the minions to get souls.

The Battle Momentum is very helpful. When you are doing damage and damage, you can get your habilities back and use them. Bam, bam, bam!

Lightning Breath is very good, speacilly to spare the opponent team. In TF with no much space, is incredible what it does. And cannot be stopped - saw in many battles people trying and not doing it.

From the shadows is a very good way to grab people who is desperate running away from you. You can stomp and them grab to the opposite side. People get crazy.

I like the flames to come back and do more damage. Also, you can walk to position the flames to come back in a way that hit people that are running.

The bigger Lightning Breath is a hilerious way to kill people. It is bigger as hell!!!

You cannot solo too much with this build. But you can kill people if you get an assassin with you. You can solo too if you have a Nova or a Zeratul with you. It is beautiful and brilliant how you will kill people.


Use your push hability to stun people like Azmodan with ray, Nova with her ult and etc. When Brightwing uses HER storm, please qet in the middle of it - you will do not take damage and can eat her alive.

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