Dominate the Mage Wars brawl with Nazeebo by EjnarH

Dominate the Mage Wars brawl with Nazeebo

By: EjnarH
Last Updated: Jan 9, 2017
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Build: Mage Wars

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How to stomp mages Top

I see almost no one picking Nazeebo on this week's brawl, despite the fact that it makes him a God among Gnomes. Here's a quick primer for the hero that you'll get to pick nearly 50% of the time.

Why pick Naz?:

  • Amazing wave clear and siege. Really hard for the enemy team to keep up with + gives your team great xp advantage and turnin control.
  • Abilities are some of the easiest to hit and have a high impact. Hitting a zombie wall is often a guaranteed kill, if ally heroes are nearby.
  • Your heroic just plain stomps enemies, with minimal targeting required.
  • Great lane sustain from level 4.
  • Basically invulnerable at level 13.

Talents Top

Level 1 Thing of the Deep: Extra range is invaluable for hitting your walls and damage on those mages. Besides, the quests are hard to build up here.

Level 4 Blood Ritual: Powerful sustain that doesn't require hitting enemy heroes. You'll find minions everywhere on this map - just remember to poison them and use frogs/spiders for it if you have to.

Level 7 Dead Rush: Zombie Wall is your most powerful ability for both siege and hero kills. This gives a bunch more damage and gives payoff even if you miss. Many low-health enemies often forget about the uproot and die to it.

Level 10 Ravenous Spirit: Massive damage with trivial targeting. The AoE and siege potential is just icing.

Level 13 Superstition: Reduce all damage taken by 50%! This is brokenly good and even moreso on top of your already strong sustain and good health scaling from Voodoo Ritual. Even at platinum-MMR, I see enemies confused and underestimating me all the time with this talent. You can often just stomp a 2v1 with your heroic while they wait for their cooldowns and try to understand why you just won't die.

Level 16 Ring of Poison: Longer zombie walls with more damage. If your zombie walls aren't already effective against the enemy team, consider Spider Colony instead for double the spiders.

Level 20 Annihilating Spirit: Your heroic wrecks even more. To be fair, I haven't had a game last until I got the chance to really abuse this. For some reason my enemies never picked Naz (not flasy enough?), so the longest game had us crushing the core just after hitting 20.

Conclusion Top

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If you need more specific info on using your abilities, refer to

Stomp well and Brraakn'boh!

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