Drink Up: team fight / AOE heal build by Bueler

Drink Up: team fight / AOE heal build

By: Bueler
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2018
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Hey folks:

I go by Bueler, and have been a casual HotS player for about 3 years. I own all 80 characters and currently have master level or above of 43 kicking around with a climbing gold ranking in HL and TL. Although mages are my first love, I also really enjoy the support role, and Deckard has become my go-to healer recently due his great healing throughput and utility.

This build is intended to be used on maps where fights routinely happen in confined areas and your team tends to be in close proximity to one another. Thus, the talent choices lean toward those most effective when team fighting close up and personal. So without further ado, on to the build.


LEVEL 1: Field Study

Although the reveal and armor reduction provided from Scroll of Identify is nice, in practice the benefits that the 15-30% boost to both healing and damage Deckard receives from Field Study is far superior, and becomes much more powerful in the later game as its synergy with the subsequent talents in the build come into play.

LEVEL 3: Rejuvenation Potion

The small mana bump is nice, but the heal-over-time component of this talent is what really shines - both of which benefit from Field Study's buffs and obviously scale with level.

LEVEL 7: Kanai's Cube

The amount of damage mitigated by this talent is MASSIVE when you are able to consistently land the cube at the beginning of team fights right as the other team starts to unload all of the big abilities. Additionally, many fights allow you to hit 4-5 opponents due to the large area of effect simply by exploding the cube between the enemy's front and back lines.

LEVEL 10: Lorenado

Although I usually choose Lorenado as Deckard's default HL ultimate, honestly, the ultimate you choose for Deckard (HL or TL) should properly depend on your team composition and your confidence in your teammates' ability to capitalize on the opportunities afforded by the ultimate you choose. For example, if you're teamed with, say, ETC and Falstad, Stay Awhile And Listen may be a better ultimate choice, because you can combo this ultimate's sleep effect into ETC's Mosh allowing Falstad to swoop in and wtfpwn multiple enemies with a well placed Hinterland Blast. That said, I still choose Lorenado as Deckard's default ultimate due to its amazing utility to either breakup and shove away opponents when things are going south during a fight, or interrupt and push hapless opponents into your team's greedy clutches when things are going good. Lorenado also requires less reliance on your teammates' skill level to be effective. Thus, is probably the best choice for HL games and/or teams who are not really communicating during the game.

LEVEL 13: Potion of Revival

Potion of Revival's AoE heal is AWESOME in close quarters when your team is fighting bunched up, and helps ease the problems caused by nervous teammates who Bogart heals away from more badly injured members of your team, i.e. the idiot at 80% health that ran through the healing pot you dropped for your tank who is at 20% health will still give the tank some benefit if he/she is anywhere near the greedy bastard you stole the pot.

LEVEL 16: Safety In Numbers

A good case can be made for Scroll of Stone Curse's respectable damage boost. However, I personally feel better as support when I KNOW I can pump out heals essentially twice as fast during team fights. 6 digit healing totals SHOULD be the norm playing Deckard, and this talent is a big reason that's the case.

LEVEL 20: Bottomless Flask

Maybe the best level 20 healing talent of any hero (or at least on par with Lili's Mistweaver). Being able to pre-position flasks in areas you know fights are likely to happen and then throw out new flasks to adjust as fights progress not only makes for gaudy healing numbers at the end of the match, but also allows you to spend your mana primarily on offensive abilities during the late game team fights.


Thanks for reading, and I welcome any and all questions or comments - good, bad or indifferent.


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