EggY's Uther (Updated 5/21) by EggY

EggY's Uther (Updated 5/21)

By: EggY
Last Updated: May 21, 2015
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Hey guys quick overview, if you have more questions watch me live/VODS at or tweet at me .

Disclaimer: Uther is not the easiest support to play. He mimic's Taric from League of Legends in some aspects, but is played differently. You have to very good at choosing who to heal and when because Uthers cool-downs are longer than most supports Heals. Don't drop stuns because you can, drop them because its the right play.

Level 1: Reach
40% Range is pretty sick, being less in the radius of the fight will help out later when you get Hardened Focus at 16. I still do not like Conjurers Pursuit on support characters.

Level 4: Protective Shield
Since you lack a little bit on the heals in theory(because you have such high cooldowns) This is the best choice. Other choices are pretty trash.

Level 7: Clairvoyance
Well there are 2 option really at this level, all based on player preference. Clairvoyance or Cleanse both are good. Personally I like to take Clairvoyance in pug(public) matches because the more you know, the farther you go. Honestly. People are really bad at this game. Give them a little vision, they might make a better choice. If you are playing with competent people/friends Cleanse is really good too.

I also like the choice of Burden of Guilt it could be the best option to take if you notice your team does not have alot of CC. But if you are doing solo-Q it might be best to take CV since it will give your teammates vision and they might make better decisions.

Level 10: Divine Storm

WELL MET. Thats is. Nothing else to take unless you are running a composition that focus's on Divine Shield.

Level 13: Shrink
Egh I dont know I guess it the best, its a shame sprint is gone. I feel there is some merit to Blessed Champion but that would require you to get close to the fight which you might not want to.

Level 16: Hardened Focus

Remember how I have been complaining about the cool down of uther. This kind of solves the problem. Gathering Radiance has some merit, its not terrible but not the best either. Players choice really.

Level 20: Divine Storm

Read level 10. WELL MET.

That is it for this for now. If you have any questions please tweet at me
If you like this guide, please check out my other guides that I have done on support.
My guides are short and simple to help you learn the character in under a minute!

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