Elemental shaman Bruiser OP by Topgear

Elemental shaman Bruiser OP

By: Topgear
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2015
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Elemental Shaman Top

This guys is a guide for range elemental shaman with crazy dps and self heal with a great ways to harass and poke enemies and bring them low before engage in melee.

1. Rolling Thunder cause you gonna use chain'lightning very often so this way your not gonna burn all your mana+ its increase the range of the ability that very nice too

2. Mana Tide restore more mana so you gonna be able to cast spell when ever you need it. A must for self healing with Thrall.

3. Frostwolf's Grace just give you more healing when ability are on CD for more substain! With this build you don't really need to pick Battle Momentum...II'l explain this at level 16 talent!

4. I decide to put Sundering for more cc and Ult breaker but if you guys team up with some hero that got some you can chose Earthquake too...

5. Grace Of Air! For sure everyone pick that one its the best talent in this level

6. Forked Lightning there is where you gonna begin too really shine as Thrall elemental build remember that Q is your lower CD so if you got 2 charges of that spell its gonna come back really rapidly, next thing is that Thrall get a stack of he's passive on EVERY TARGET THE SPELL HIT!!! so if its hit 3 times you get 3 stack and this talent give you 2 charges so you gonna have a lot of self healing even at range situation. Most people take Tempest Fury and its a good talent too but remember you have to be at melee range to be able to use it and its on a longer CD Chain'lightning do a great damage and if you hit 3 enemies with it it does way much damage then 3 attacks at 75% damage! With this build its more effective for clearing minions too...

7. Bolt of the Storm I chose this one cause at level 20 its late game so you don't want to be one shot if you get it by a stunt or something like that and remember late game mean 60sec time respawn and it can cost you the game!!

So thanks you guys for check my guide for elemental shaman as Thrall I hope you found is useful. Let me know :) cya

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