Entangling Tranq Furion by Kinazgd

Entangling Tranq Furion

By: Kinazgd
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2014
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Build: Root Furion

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Threats to Malfurion with this build

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Chen Chen is an awkward person to fight. He can either be very good or bad depending on how he builds, and his slows and flying kick can make him a bothersome foe, but this build is good for holding his storm earth and fire spirits in place (provided he has them).
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Nova Very high burst damage and invisibility can make her a very difficult target to kill solo, but if you're good at noticing the invisibility ripples of where she is you can moonfire and root her in place dealing a lot of damage.
Illidan Illidan has lots of mobility which renders your roots useless to a degree. There is a higher chance of him either escaping or killing you before you kill him.
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What is this build about? Top

As a level 10 Malfurion i'm always experimenting with new builds to find out what's the 'best of the best' buildwise. I've tried many builds and this strange build of utilizing malfurion's roots to output damage and save you or a teammate, or to use it while chasing an enemy by stopping them flat in their tracks while maintaining some healing with Tranquility. With this build you take Conjurer's Pursuit (Strange choice, but to spam the moves you'll need the extra mana regen), Vengeful Roots which is a usual pick for any furion build, Strangling Vines to increase the damage of your Entangling Roots, Tranquility for the team fight turn around heal, Full Moonfire to increase the damage you can do with moonfire while chasing or while they're rooted, Tenacious Roots to make your Entangling Roots AoE larger, last longer, and root for longer. Finally you'll end with the tranquility buff Serenity.


high damage output with Entangling Roots
Healing with Tranquility and Regrowth can save you in teamfights
better chase
good escape

Lower healing output
Moonfire will not hit very hard
no catch up if they get ahead of your root AoE

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