Malfurion - Lord of the night elves by DefGun

Malfurion - Lord of the night elves

By: DefGun
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2016
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Build: Healer

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Build: Siege mode

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Level 4
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Build: CC mode

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News Top

29.09.2016 Various changes to Malfurion. To summarize: The talent Rampant Growth was removed but has been implemented into Regrowth naturally. This is a huge buff as it gives you more options on Level 7 without giving up healing potential. Entangling Roots will be easy to hit as the delay before enemies get rooted was reduced by half and the cast range increased.


Regrowth (Q)
Cooldown reduced from 7 to 5 seconds
Mana cost reduced from 60 to 35
Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds
Periodic heal reduced from 75 to 60
Entangling Roots (E)
Increased range by roughly 12%
Delay before initial root reduced from .5 seconds to .25 seconds
Innervate (Trait)
Added Functionality:
Now causes the target’s Basic Abilities to cooldown 50% faster for the duration of Innervate


Level 1
Harmony (Q)
Level 4
Rampant Growth (Q)
Healing bonus reduced from 50 to 40%
Level 7
Enduring Growth (Q)
12.04.2016 tranquility enhances your mana regen by 1.5/s during its duration.
02.02.2016 innervate and versatile were buffed. The former does give 20% of mana now whereas the latter enhances it to 30%.
12.08.2015 Stay tuned in! With the upcoming patch Malfurion's Rampant Growth will be buffed to 50% more initial heal. The talent might become useful after all but we'll see after some testing.

Changelog Top

29.09.2016: Update on healing table & talent tiers (1, 2 and 3).
21.08.2015: Update on rampant growth and healing table.
02.08.2015: Update on Ice Block

Pros & Cons Top


- ranged support: you can help your team from the backline and you can damage other heroes with moonfire
- good healing
- entangling roots is versatile: you can use it to trap enemies or preventing them to hunt someone
- tranquility can't be countered and it can give your team the edge in a fight


- regrowth is a slow heal
- entangling roots is difficult to use because of the spawn delay

Abilities Top

regrowth: This is your main heal. Remember, most of it's healing is done overtime. If you cast it too late it's of no use and your friend is going to die. You can upgrade it with rampant growth at tier 2 affecting instant heal. Below you see a list of how much you heal on the different levels and how the talents affect your heal:
Level Instant heal rampant growth Heal overtime
1 156 N/A 557
2 162 N/A 580
3 169 N/A 603
4 176 246 627
5 183 256 652
6 190 266 678
7 197 276 705
8 205 287 734
9 214 300 763
10 222 311 793
11 231 323 825
12 240 336 858
13 250 350 893
14 260 364 928
15 270 378 966
16 281 393 1004
17 292 409 1044
18 304 427 1086
19 316 442 1130
20 329 461 1175

moonfire: With this ability you deal your damage and it is awesome to just finish off an enemy. Since it has quite a big range, a low cooldown and low mana cost, just spam it in a fight and kill any enemy on low hp trying to flee. It's also good to reveal cloaked enemies or finding out whether someone is hiding in a bush. When laning it's also your top ability. Even more when you upgrade it with moonburn at tier 1.

entangling roots: This is your CC ability. It's difficult to use because of the spawn time and therefore casting it at the right moment is crucial. When you are attacking an enemy with full hp don't just cast it first. It is not a stun but rather renders the target immobile. So think what happens first in a fight. Two enemies are dealing damage to each other until one of them gets the advantage and the other tries to flee. If you cast it at the beginning it's of no use since the enemy doesn't think of fleeing already. If you cast it when he tries to flee it's too late. You need to cast it at some time in between. This needs practice and of course only applies to a 1v1 when both are on full hp. If you are 2v1 or the other already has less hp than you, cast it earlier. The rule is: the squishier the enemy the earlier you cast it.
In a team fight however it depends on the talents you chose. When you picked vengeful roots along with strangling vines and the enemy team is clustered cast it because you will deal a lot of damage. Otherwise wait again for the right moment. If you'll win the fight they try to flee and you might just prevent that. If you will loose you can use it to ensure a safe retreat for your team.
You can use the ability to prevent enemies from hunting you or a friend. Cast it underneath you or an ally and the enemies will be trapped or loose time walking around it.

Trait Top

innervate: Use this trait whenever you can. Always check if it's no longer on cooldown and cast it on an ally. With practice you will get a feeling how long CD takes. Learn which heroes are mana hungry. E.g. Valla or Kael'thas, they are happy to lane with you at the beginning of a match.

Talents Top

I play Malfurion mainly according to theree different roles. Either I go for a full support as healer, for a siege mode or a CC build. Only pick siege or CC mode when you have another healer in your team. E.g. Li Li, Brightwing or Rehgar. Any other support will not match your heal and it's better you pick healer build.

I marked the talents according to the following code:

red = don't pick, there are better talents in that tier
green = good for playing as a healer or team support
blue = good for playing siege mode
yellow = good for CC build

Tier 1

Shan'do's Clarity: If you go for support build this is really helpful. Since innervate gives mana on percentage and reduces the cooldowns of your target innervate has become really strong trait. This is good when you have mana hungry heroes in your team. It helps a lot during the laning phase but also later on since your allies will always have some mana left.
moonburn: Pick this talent if you want to play siege mode/CC build. It helps you clear enemy minions in no time.
scouting drone: This one can be useful on maps like Blackheart's Bay or Tomb of the Spider Queen. Always place it in hideouts next to Blackheart or altars so the enemy won't see them outright. If you have cloaked allies or Zagara in your team don't pick it. They can scout more efficiently.

Tier 2

rampant growth This talent is not a must have but gives your heal a nice buff. But only pick it if you feel comfortable playing without Elune's grace:.
Elune's grace: Can help you if you have trouble staying alive because you get focused right away in a team fight. With this you can heal from the backline and try staying out of danger. It's even great for moonfire since you can cast it at an even bigger range and it's easier to place your entangling roots. This talent goes well with hardened focus.
versatile This synergizes well if you already picked Shan'do's clarity. 30% mana is quite a lot and if played well prevents your team from running out of mana.
vengeful roots If you go for siege mode this is just great. Whenever your minions get to a tower cast your roots and let your treant do some nice damage.

Tier 3

strangling vines: 100% more damage is quite a lot. But this one is only useful if your good at trapping enemy heroes. It does not deal damage to structures.
calldown: MULE: 4000 hp heal for your towers can be quite annoying for the enemy team. But you need to cast it when the enemy is occupied defending so the repair is effective. This means the talent is of no use if your team behind in overall.
cleanse: Is always a strong talent if the enemy team got a lot of CC.

Tier 4

tranquility: If you play healer build this one is a must. Cast at the right moment it mostly decides the outcome of a team fight. One thing being said. Most use it too late and the squishies, dealing most damage, die anyway and you loose the fight. Keep an eye on your squishies, if they're between 3/4 and half of their hp cast it. Be prepared to get focused. Some teams do that as soon as tranquility is up. If they do cast regrowth on yourself. If they don't use it on your allies.
twilight dream: If you go for siege mode this is a viable pick. This one needs good timing and positioning. For a good effect you need to stand in the middle of the enemy team. Preferably you want to silence their healer. Just keep in mind that it has a short delay, so walking into the enemy team and then cast it is dangerous. Do it already while walking in but of course not to early. If they got lot of CC wait until they used it on your allies. If you walk in and they CC you you are dead.

Tier 5

life seed: For the healing build this is a great talent. If an ally is in range and he is not on full hp he automatically gets the heal overtime. This means free heal without you wasting mana. What do you want more?
full moonfire: For the siege mode a great talent and will synergize well with lunar shower later on. Basically it means you can spam your moonfire for free and you can hit multiple enemies at ease. You won't even really notice any mana use. You cast it for 10 mana while your mana regen is at 4.27/s. Meaning until you cast it again you already gained it back. The 60% increase in size will allow you to hit multiple enemies with ease.
shrink ray: If you want to go more for CC than siege mode this is very useful. Especially if they got one hero dealing crazy damage it helps you win a team fight.
ice block: If you have the problem that the enemy team is focussing you in all team fights it can be worth to pick this because it combos awesomely with Tranquility. Use it right after casting tranquility and you'll become a healing, indestructible ice block. Only down side is that your team needs to stay near to you for the heal and it won't work with skilled enemy players as they will just walk away and kill your team mates who follow them. Furthermore it can be of use if you find yourself out of position to by time. But it only works if your team recognizes that you need help.

Tier 6

hardened focus: This is great if the enemy team is not focussing you. You can use your basic abilities much more often. If you are struggling with staying alive however this is a no go. I would only pick this in a healer build because the other talents in this tier are too important for siege or CC builds. If you can't pick it go for tenacious roots as it helps your allies with escaping much better.
tenacious roots: This again is great if you go more for CC than siege mode. 25% increase in size and time makes it quite hard for your enemies to avoid getting trapped.
hindering moonfire: If you and your team have trouble to finish off escaping heroes this is great talent to pick. Otherwise pick lunar shower when you want to upgrade your moonfire.
lunar shower: This talent will increase your damage output. E.g. at level 20 your moonfire deals 230 damage. If you pick this the first time you use moonfire you deal 230, the next one 265, the next 299 and the last finally 334. After that you constantly deal 334 damage all 2,5 seconds if you keep spamming moonfire. After roughly 7 seconds not using moonfire the stack is reset. I said not using it and didn't mention you have to hit something. If you're up to it you can keep spamming moonfire randomly to keep the stack up. And again if you picked full moonfire your mana won't get depleted and you can one hit clear an enemy minion wave if you picked moonburn. For siege mode this is just crazy.

Tier 7

serenity: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this talent and when you already picked tranquility it's totally ok to go for this one. I just prefer storm shield since it has only 45 seconds CD which means after already having used tranquility in a team fight you can use storm shield again in the next team fight.
nightmare: The 4 seconds of silence is just crazy and even a slow of 50%. If you hit the entire enemy team they're mostly done for it. But I would only pick this when the enemy team does not have strong auto-attackers, like Valla. While it prevents enemies from using abilities they still can auto-attack and you will be dead in no time. If they have strong auto-attackers pick bolt of the storm instead.
storm shield: As already mentioned above I prefer this over serenity. The 100 seconds CD on tranquility is a long long time. Team fights might occur again before that. And if your team walks into a trap this might just save your squishies if your fast enough to activate this before they get bursted down and you can use tranquility.
rewind: Resets the CD of your basic abilities. Which is a great talent but there are better ones in this tier. If you already picked hardened focus don't pick this of course.
bolt of the storm: As already mentioned pick this when you chose twilight dream and the enemy has strong auto-attackers. You can use it in various ways. Either you walk in the enemy team as explained above, use twilight dream and blink the hell out of there once it got activated or if their Tanks block efficiently and you can't get past them blink into the enemy team, use twilight dream, heal yourself and try to escape. You can even use it when you are pushing a lane alone. Once they notice and try to kill you it's great to escape. Just don't pick it in the healer build even if you feel they focuse you hard. Storm shield with your heal should keep you alive and your allies profit more that way.


Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment and rate this guide.

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