Moonfire Spam Artillery Strikes! - Offensive Malfurion by BrbteabreakTV

Moonfire Spam Artillery Strikes! - Offensive Malfurion

By: BrbteabreakTV
Last Updated: Sep 9, 2014
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Build: Moonfire Spam Artillery Strikes!

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Self Introduction Top

Hi my name is Brbteabreak, I started playing MOBA's around Season 1 League of Legends. Since then I've played nearly every MOBA to hit the market and have played competitively in League of Legends as ADC, TOP and MID.

Besides MOBA's I'm a huge fan of Fighting (USF4/MARVEL/UNIEL), Rhythm (osu!, RockBand) and a bunch of other random games.

I also run a YouTube Channel which is currently heavily dedicated to Heroes of the Storm, so if you want to see guides and just general gameplay commentary make sure to check it out over at

Why/Who is Malfurion? Top

Malfurion is the most badass MOFO in all of the Warcraft universe. He was the original Night Elf Druid over 5 millennia ago.

Malfurion has a good range of Strengths.
    Good mix of Offensive and Defensive options through talent choices.
    Fits well on nearly any team.
    One of the strongest laneing phases due to his long range pokes, sustain and seiging power.
    Amazing Heroic abilities.
    Crazy healing output.
    One of the strongest CC's in the game.

He does have Weaknesses though.
    Entangling roots is awkward to use at times.
    Regrowth and Tranquility are HOTs, meaning you are susceptible to burst.
    Moonfire doesn't blow people up instantly, it's high sustain damage.
    No escape skills outside of level 20 talent.
    Both your Heroic abilities require melee range which is exactly where you don't want to be.

Besides that he.
    Has a smoking hot wife.
    Is Swoll as hell for a man that old.
    He's rocking wings on his arms.
    His brother is Illidan.
    He's Chaotic Good, which is the only way to be.
    He's rocking wings on his arms.
    He's rocking wings on his arms and pulling it off.

What is this Build? Top

This build is dedicated to the glorious based Moonfire. A skill which starts off as just an anoyance ends up being one of the longest sustain pokes in the game. You'll snipe hundreds of kills and be able to control objectives amazingly through the use of your constant pressure.

Outside of being a spamming Moonfire machine you also have great CC, decent healing and ridicilous utility through your Heroic Abilities.

Gameplay/Guide Video's Top

As Malfurion is one of my favourite Heroes I have a bunch of gameplay of him.
If you want to see Malfurion's skills in action make sure to check them out.

Early Game Top

At this point of the game you are probably one of the strongest laners out there. You can push lanes at a decent speed, can siege without being in range of towers and no one really has the damage to kill you unless you get locked down in a huge amount of CC.

In a solo lane it's best to sit in lane and this point and try to create pressure through safe pushing in your lane. Use your range to your advantage, you can take on 2-3 people at a time if you play it correctly while taking very minimal tower damage. It will be hard to kill people without a gank or an amazing Entangling Roots.

In any other lane make sure to be matched up with someone who needs mana since Innverate is one of the best traits early game. You can go for kills a lot more often now, and due to your amazing healing and strong CC you can catch people off guard.

Just play early game as a pest, you don't have the damage to win wars yet, but neither does the enemy. Use your sustain and damage to keep constant pressure in your lane which hopefully leads to advantages in objectives and EXP.

Mid Game Top

**** just got real. You now have your Heroic Ability and are ready to destroy.

You've also now unlocked all the Moonfire talents, allowing you to spam harder and faster than you could in the Early Game. You are now able to take on multiple opponents at the same time with some effective kiting, and you are a teaming fighting machine!

At this point of the game you just want to group up with your friends in either ganking or pushing and don't stop. You and your allies will always be at full health and mana, while sporting some crazy chasing power and CC. Don't be afraid to go ham, your Heroic ability does a lot damage and the silence should not be underestimated.

Late Game Top


Alas your time in the glorious Sun does not last forever. The later the game goes the weaker you become, people start to shoulder off your Moonfire spam and in the case of many Carry based roles they can just out sustain you. Your CC is a little to slow now due to many people having more movement options. Your Heroic abilities while still being amazing and some of the best, require you to be in a terrible situation which likely means you'll die.

You still are an amazing healbot and an annoying pest to anyone outside of Carrys, but you aren't the #1 superstar you once used to be in the Mid Game.

Continue to stay with your team, personally play a little more defensive by staying at the back of the teamfights and protecting your carries if possible. Use your Entangling Roots as a zoning tool rather than a CC and make sure to always be using Moonfire and Regrowth.

Alternative Talents Top

Tier 1: They are all relatively weak, you can really get whatever you're most comfortable with or pick depending on what map you're playing on.

Tier 2: Outside of the Treant the shield is also another viable option. The Treant is better early game to help take mercs, siege and you can even do some grimy stuff when being seiged by mercs.

Tier 3: No alternative, the range is a must have.

Tier 4: Both skills can be used. If you're the only support either option is an option, it really depends on where you like to stand and the team comps of both teams. Experiment and see what you like.
If you're one of two supports get the Twilight Dream, usually you have enough healing that it's not needed. Most of it ends up being over-healing anyway.

Tier 5: No alternative, the increased range and reduced mana cost are huge.

Tier 6: While all the talents are super good here, for this build Lunar Shower just outshines everything.

Tier 7: The Tranquility talent is a little weak, but everything else is really strong. The silence increase and slow is crazy if you can land it, the teleport is your only escape option and the shield is a quick nice burst "heal" which Malfurion definitely lacks.

Conclusion Top

Malfurion many not be the best character, but if you like your skillshots and believe in your xxXMLG420SniperSkilzsXxx then check Malfurion out. He's applicable in all maps and team comps and he's cheap as chips.

Moonfire buffs plz Blizz.

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