EggY's Healing Malfurion (updated 5/21) by EggY

EggY's Healing Malfurion (updated 5/21)

By: EggY
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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General Overview Top

Hey guys quick overview, if you have more questions watch me live/VODS at or tweet at me .

Quick Tip: Your D skill( Innervate) don't forget to use it. Its okay to spam it during pre-lvl 10 laning phase, but be sure to choose the correct innervate times the farther you move into the game. Spamming D, might get you into a situation where you just recently used it and your teammate is like "need innervate" and youre a like "sorry bro cool down." Dont be that guy! Save the D for someone special!

Lvl 1: Moonburn

Originally I had thought that Conjurer's Pursuit was best for Malfurion. After playing hundreds of games and realizing that CP is a pretty trash item, moonburn is actually not that bad. It really helps solo lanes if need be and just in general helps with extra DPS on wave clearing when needed. I still stand by my support builds not using Conjurer's Pursuit because I feel if you are good enough with mana conserving/using the well/being mana efficient you do not need this crutch. Also it takes an INSANE amount of globes to make it worth.

Lvl 4: Protective Shield

Its the best choice as of now. Some people still like healing totems, I would be one of those people, but no need to roll the dice. PS is very consistent!

Lvl 7: Enduring Growth

The other choices are really meant for DPS. Mule as any other time mule is taken, is when you have a strategy built around it with your team. Not really good for Random Pub use.

Lvl 10: Tranquility.

If youre building DPS you take the DPS ult, if youre building healing you take tranquility. Not much too it. I have seen Hybrid druid before(everything built into healing but ult) but it's a little so-so. Still need to test Hybrid build a little more.

Lvl 13: Life Seed

Shrink Ray is good, as always, when your opponent has many targets that you should shut down during a team fight, but more than likely-not Life seed will be your choice. Its just damn good.

Lvl 16: Hindering Moonfire[/b]

Some might say [Hardened focus some might say Hindering Moonfire. All depends on your play-style and composition. If youre the only real CC/slow on the team, Moonfire might be very useful and getting those take downs. If youre team has alot of CC/stun/slow, no reason to take it go for hardened focus.

Lvl 20: Tranquility
Rank 2 is awesome. Storm shield has its place if you have a 2nd healer on your team, but not much to say other than, more HOTS MORE HOTS. But Storm Shield is a great choice as well. If you feel your healing is suffice enough. Storm Shield is the choice.

Thank for reading. if you have more question please tweet at me

If you like this guide, please check out my other guides that I have done on support.
My guides are short and simple to help you learn the character in under a minute! All my supports are level 10+ and it is the only classes I play!

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