Everyone is on the little guy 'till... by Whiskeyjack

Everyone is on the little guy 'till...

By: Whiskeyjack
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2017
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Build: Please step into the Zone... I DARE YOU!

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About me Top

Hello Heroes Fire Community, I am Whiskeyjack. I am a casual player (aiming to rank better) who has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the beta release and new to the Heroes Fire Community. I have, so far, accumulated 4938 games so far and I like to play every single heroe that has come into the Nexus and get them to 10 at least. I started playing Nova (lvl 19 atm) and have pretty much worked every heroe there is in the Nexus (except for Cho'Gall). By no means you should think that I am a pro because I am far from it. I just want to share with you all my build of this new heroe and hope to receive feedback from you who reads this to make it a better guide.

Ok, enough with the pleasantries lets get to it.

P.S. Sorry for typos or mistakes on the English as is not my main language.

Probius, the little but deadly probe. Top

So yeah, the bravest probe from SC has come to the nexus and although his spot light video led us to believe he was going to be al pew pew with them cannons, is not. Actually what I've seen so far of Probius is that is a specialist that requires a lot of time to get set up and also needs some skill to land his W-Q combo to effectively make damage.

As you play Probius you will find that he is squishy as he is deadly (imo), a well strategized positioning of your pylons will lead to the demise even of the deadliest of foes.

First and foremost, you need to be using your warp in pylon (D)(no pun intended) every time you don't have 2 of them in place, this is your main source of mana regen (and actually overall will help with the R maximizing damage).

Mainly what you are looking for when playing Probius is to anticipate the location where the action will be. Maps like Tomb of the spider queen or Cursed Hallow are nice maps where you can TRY to set up prior to engagements for maximum efficency, nevertheless, be aware that with this build you are pretty much going to lane and hit that R button (at and after 10) when the action comes your way.

As mentioned earlier in this chapter your main combo will be using your Warp Rift (W) and then land your Distruption Pulse (Q) in the middle of the area where your W landed trying to have an enemy heroe be within it to gather stacks and increase your damage and charges with the tier 1 talent Warp Resonance. Photon cannon should be used on CD availability but do not rely much on it as it has low HP and damage is not that great. Using photon cannon basically is to distract if dsih some damage.

Now, for survivablility you with depend on Worker's Rush (Z) which with the talent of tier 2 Turbo Charged will be usable basically every 20 secs.

Now, last talent choice for me is the one shown above, but you can always go with Construct additional pylons and do more damage using your R. for the previoius talents I think this build will help you a lot.

With this build you will be able to push lanes, get forts and merc camps very very quick.

I will be adding more info to this guide as I continue to play with Probius but so far this is what I can share with you all. I hope it helps.

Leave your comments below. Thanks again for reading!

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