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Field Support + DPS

By: pythonhugs
Last Updated: Jun 21, 2015
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Build: DPS Booster +Healing

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This build focuses on the shielding and dps boosting of allys along with healing and being able to hold your own in a battle. It also allows you to stay out in the battle field for a long time without having to go back.

At the beginning of the game when you cast Empowering Charge you are boosting dps as well.

Then Feral Heart allows you to regain your hp/mana way faster in ghost wolf form so always be popping into ghost wolf form. It's also a 0 cast time so not only can you use it to regen when nothing is happening, it is also perfect for escaping so get used to hitting Z.

Next you get Earth Shield which makes your strategy that you're using more effective.

Then Ancestral Healing which is great when someone is really low health and a lot is going on. Its quick to cast and it heals them a TON.

Healing surge gives your chain heal some extra power. You should be using that to heal, if no one else, yourself so this will make you more useful in team fights and alone.

Lighting Bond is amazing! Now you want to be casting shield on people all the time and never yourself because you always ALSO get the spell. Since you have been running around boosting dps for everyone this way for the whole game anyway, nothing has to change with your strategy and you get even more benefit from helping others. remember not to bother casting it on yourself unless you're alone and fighting.

Lastly take Farseer's Blessing to make your ult more ultier. :)

Just keep bouncing around from objective to team fight... wherever the action is. Always try to stay with others and be buffing dps/shielding and chain healing whenever someone needs hp. Pop into wolf as much as possible to keep your hp and mana up high so you never have to go back to base and don't be afraid to use your ult in big battles when someone is low on health. it comes back faster than you think and if you can heal the guy thats really low and then chain heal everyone else it will be way better than losing a teammate.

good luck.

p.s. dont forget to drink from the mana/healing wells when you're near your own base. this is something i didn't notice for a long time.

also, you can throw down your totem and then give it the shild/dps. i didn't realize i could do that for a while either.

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