For Zakarum by Dawnguards

For Zakarum

By: Dawnguards
Last Updated: Jun 4, 2015
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Diablo Seriously f this guy.He will displace you while you channel your condemn so often you will wish that a ban function is implemented.

Introduction Top

Hello and welcome to my Johanna guide,I find her really fun to play and been doing this build woth great success.You can catch me playing her on my stream - .

What Is Johanna Top

Johanna is the definition of a gimped meat shield.I honestly hope to see some buff's to her in near future otherwise,well I hate to see my Diablo 3 class being so mehh

Extremely high survibility
Condemn does miracles in terms of chasing
Has a somewhat decent blind
Can be very disruptive with both of her ults

Very low dammage even if specced for it(possibly lowest of all tanks)
Horrible early game
Small character size makes her a bad bodyblocker
Really underperforms when behind.
I honestly think she needs some buffs

Talent choices Top

You can basically go with anything here although I would recommend you to stick with Regen master and laws of hope every game.They provide an insane amount of regen and since our base dmg is rather low,we can't really afford to take those gimmicky dps increase talents - hence they have little to no value on Johanna.
Regeneration Master - Well this bad boy with Laws of Hope brings so much health regen it's cray cray.
Laws of Hope - Nice on demand and passive in one skill.The active is actually meh,due to it healing for such a smaall amount it's really nothing to be amazed by.The passive on the other hand is really synergetic with our Regen Master.
Battle Momentum - One of the best talents in the game imo.Grants you cdr on auto's.I'm picking this one up on every Hero who has it.
Falling Sword - I honestly find this skill to be way better than the other option for a simple fact.You have no need to spec into improved version of this to hit all of the opposing team.
Burning Rage - Well this is really tricky.One might go with Hold your ground,which is a very realiable option(one has to do so if he is behind),but I just really like doing some deeps mangggggggg.
Imposing Pressence - jfgnadbgbfgifbgadbfg Self explanatory-really. Other option might be Holy renewal,but it has a very little value.
Indestructible - Proceed to laugh maniacally with your second life as you do no dammage,but serve as a gimped meat shield in a fight.

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