Full Ap/mobility Furion by DaiShiro

Full Ap/mobility Furion

By: DaiShiro
Last Updated: Jun 21, 2015
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How to play? Global things. Top

This kind of talents is best from my opinion why?
Couse you are supporty enough, you can heal your team m8s and yourself easy + you got a good dmg and you can engage in late game , you have to play a little passively in early game stick with team and let them engage then disengage them ... in late game when you get teleport you can egnage with teleport and ulty its like 90% chance that it will be ace for your team if they follow you.

Skills. Top

Use roots smartly and try to hit with roots at the middle of AOE circle of spell couse you can instant root a target, if you see them run you can just probably throw roots like 2 metters before them and you can catch them easly all.
You can spam moonfire so much not in early but in mid/late game like 0/24 for clear minions or a good dps.
Use Heal by important, it means first heal yourself of if you are in dangerous then heal others it dont mean that you should be selfish just you must be alive couse you are 1 of most important in team with this guide you are not a support only anymore. your life worth more then from others.
Ulty you can use for engage same like for disengage just check what the sitation is and do it you can combine it with teleport too its pretty good. teleport can be used to safe life from your team mate or yours or to kill someone .
P.S my english is worst but this guide is the best trust me xD

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